10 Most Reliable Job Websites in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates

Getting a job is almost always the major thought that occupies the minds of fresh graduates who in most parts have already started clicking for most reliable job websites even before they graduate from the universities.

With a minimum of 500,000 fresh graduates produced from Nigerian institutions as at 2015, and not more than 251, 000 jobs available (according to stearsng.com), searching for jobs doesn’t just become a necessity, but also a vital skill for graduates who seek to be well-positioned and stay ahead of the teeming competitors.

Note that the above statistics do not include Nigerian graduates from foreign universities who come home in search of greener pastures, or key sectors in the economy that shed their workforce.

A typical instance that shows a ‘hunger games-like’ nature of the given situation in the country’s employment index is in 2018 when 700,000 graduates applied for 500 advertised position in the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). 2,000 of the applicants had first-class degrees!

There are many websites with the claim of offering prompt and reliable information on job offers around the nation, but based on our meticulous research and reliable sources we bring to you the 10 most reliable job websites in Nigeria.

In no particular order, these 10 most reliable job websites did not make it to the list due to their search engine optimized contents or site ranking, but also due to the practicality and testimonials that have accorded their services.

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You must understand that despite the teeming demand for job opportunities by the unemployed, and the rigorous scrutiny to recruit candidates with decent level of employability on the side of the employers, there are several websites that pretend to link the bridge effectively for both parties, but are nothing short of fraudster who will spare nothing to exploit their non-suspecting preys.

The essence of this piece is to help you stay guided in your efforts, and keep you out of possible troubles can be associated with searching for vacancies on job website.

Are you ready for the 10 most reliable job websites in Nigeria?

Hot Nigerian Jobs. www.hotnigerianjobs.com

Reputed to be one of the oldest job websites on the list, Hot Nigerian jobs has a plethora of job vacancies both from government agencies, Parastatals, and private employers. As a familiar kid on the block, this site segments jobs into different sectors and industries. We are sure it is a good move to check them out.

Job Readers. www.jobreaders.org

A striking uniqueness of clicking this URL aside others as a fresh graduate is that the site is structured not just too promptly notify you with apt and reliable information, but is also geared towards educating and equipping you to stand out in the competition.

One popular word that has come to dominate the worries of most HRs around the country is ‘unemployability’, which defines the gap between the education and skill-set of an average graduate and the required competence fit for the jobs.

While some organizations tend to curtail this by offering mentorship and further trainings to new entrants, others tend to approach the matter by not employing incompetent candidates due to the time and financial constraints involved.

Jobreaders tends to breach this gap by offering educative contents and courses on their platforms to help fresh graduates become equipped for the current demands of the labour market, and avoid the risk of being turned down at interviews despite being academically qualified but less competent.

Check us out, we also have stuffs for startups and entrepreneurs.

Jobberman. www.jobberman.com

If there was no jobberman on this list, then the list isn’t accurate. Here is arguably the foremost job website in the country, and one to reckon with continental wise.

With thousands of jobs listed on her platform across different industries and sectors, Jobberman goes beyond notifying you on available vacancies to also review your CV, offer career advice, and connect you to professional courses.

With a habit of timely updating her platform of job vacancies across the countries with adequate description of given peculiarities and demands, Jobberman is a seamless link between employers and prospective employees.

If you’re seeking for job opportunities whether as a fresh graduate or an old kid looking for better climes, you definitely want to try this site.

My Job Mag. www.myjobmag.com

Having been around for up to a decade now, this easy-to-use site categorizes job vacancies by state, education, field, industry, title, and even date, which makes it easy to navigate.

Inclusive of featured listings from industry giants and top brands, this site hosts hundreds of available offers which are reliable and prompt.

NG Careers. www.ngcareers.com

With an Alexa ranking of 134 in the country, this site which is popular among numerous job seekers creates a seamless link between employers and their choice prospects.

With complimentary services such as company and CV reviews, or even training courses, NG Careers helps employers reach out to a wide range of job applicants.

Jobzilla. www.jobzilla.ng

Yeah! The name right? We present to you the job portal with a name that reminds us of the fictive giant reptile, Godzilla! We can’t really tell what influenced this choice of name, but maybe they wanted to subtly pass a message of how strong, definite and reliable they are as a job listing website, which they have come to be (at least they made it to our list!).

Also note that its job posting feature is free!

Joblist Nigeria. www.joblistnigeria.com

With a very active Facebook page this site is reputed to daily update her platform with job vacancy news. Job list Nigeria also has a uniqueness of providing information for both graduates, undergraduates, and professionals such as internship opportunities, professional trainings, and scholarship offers.

Clicking on this site is a step in the right direction!

Naira Careers. www.nairacareers.com

According to currentschoolnews.com, Naira careers is “a media and publication site covering the entire value chain from recruitment, career development programs, advertising and marketing in different industries such as Banking, Information Technology, Oil and Gas etc.”

You get updated with recent opportunities and their sources which enables you choose which best fits your pursuit or portfolio.

Job Gurus. www.jobgurus.com.ng

With over 700 thousand jobs listed and categorized by sector and location, recruiters over the country utilize this platform to not just create awareness of their offers, but also accept, track, and evaluate several applications.

This site also features additional functions like aptitude test practices, CV services, and relevant EBooks. You definitely want to check this site out, don’t you?

Naija Hot Jobs. www.naijahotjobs.com

So the last (but not the least) on our list of 10 most reliable job websites in Nigeria is this unique job portal with wide range and coverage; effectively linking the employers and prospective employees.

 It also features special offers that keep you promptly updated via SMS notification, or e-mail alerts. This is definitely a good site to check out and explore.

There are definitely other reliable websites in Nigeria that can help you with authentic updates concerning jobs, but the above mentioned are our top 10. Other notable mentions include but not limited to;





We sincerely hope that by utilizing these job portals, you will find a suitable offer and build your dream career in no distant time. Feel free to use the comment section below to give us feedback or express your view about the list. Did we miss something?

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