How to Set Up a Landing Page with GetResponse In 5 Minutes

A landing page is the web page that appears when a person taps on a particular sales link from an email, social media site, or even an SMS text message. Typically, landing pages stand in the middle of a sales funnel as every link and effort at a certain point leads to it.

In this guide, you will learn how you can set up a landing page with GetResponse. In essence, landing pages are specifically built to sell or advertise a product.

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To further convince a prospect to complete a goal (which might be landing a sale or generating a lead), sales pages are categorized with a “call to action” “button” illustrating to the prospect the next step in action. It is safe to say that landing pages are ideal for converting. 

With GetResponse, you can create a landing page from scratch or use pre-existing templates. Following the construction of a landing page with GetResponse, you can use it to retrieve email addresses when people subscribe to free materials or even purchase an item from you.

Afterwards, you can continue to send promotional messages to their emails as they have already signed up for your newsletters.

Types of landing pages

Unlike home pages and other web pages, landing pages are designed to achieve a particular goal. This means that everything on a landing page points directly to achieving a goal.

Based on their characteristics, there are two types of landing pages. While they may appear similar in features, each is designed to produce different results. They include;

  1. lead-generating landing page.
  2. sale-generating landing page.

Landing Page for Lead Generation

This refers to landing pages that are designed to achieve the aim of generating leads (while leads may often include email addresses, it is a general term for contact information).

Oftentimes, prizes or special offers are attached with an option to be gotten when a prospect signs up for the newsletter on the landing page.

However, care has to be taken in ensuring that the attached prizes are of interest to prospects as it guarantees a higher conversion rate.

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Landing Page That Generates Sales

A sale-generating landing page, as the name suggests, is intended to convert prospects into customers by allowing them to purchase item(s).

If random prospects from social media, ads or referrals are interested in purchasing the specific product(s) or accessing the specific service(s), they will be directed to a landing page.

Special offers, promos, and mouth-watering discounts can be used to draw prospects to a sale-generating landing page and complete the conversion process.

The best part about a sale-generating landing page is that it provides the algorithm necessary for retargeting.

This means that information regarding prospects who entered a sale-generating landing page but failed to purchase the item will be available for email retargeting.

Perhaps, a special discount or one-time offer might be enough to convince them to achieve a specific goal or target.

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How to Set Up a Landing Page with GetResponse

Note: To set up a landing page means that you are designing the features, pricing and other information about an already existing service. You can also use a sale page to sell you physical products and goods such as clothes, shoes etc.

As a content creator, I use sales pages to sell my digital products such as eBooks and other educational resources such as our skill-oriented online courses.

That said, let’s start setting up your sales page.

The first step in setting up a landing page with GetResponse is by signing up to get a response by visiting the GetResponse official website.

You can also learn how to sign up with Getresponse here or proceed with setting up your first landing page if you already have a Getresponse Account.

Before you get started, kindly read these critical reasons why you need to upgrade your Getresponse Account to enjoy complete access.

You can sign up for the free or paid versions; each comes with its own attributes and services. To sign up for the GetResponse free program, select “sign up for free” on the homepage.

GetResponse offers three programs: one free and two paid. While the free program offers a lot of amazing services, it gets better with the paid programs. 

After signing up and confirming your email address, proceed to the main dashboard. Select “Create Landing Page” to proceed to the next level.

You will be redirected to another page with different options. GetResponse comes with a lot of free high-class templates. You can use any of their templates to construct an ideal landing page or choose to build one from scratch.

To use a template, pick from any of the available templates or select the ‘build from scratch’ option from the page to build your personalized landing page.

Afterward, you can proceed to input your details in the landing page creator and customize the effects to produce optimal effects.

How to use the GetResponse landing page creator.

Having reached the GetResponse landing page creator section, the next step in the process is customizing your landing page.

The landing page creator allows you to customize the page by editing texts, pictures, and the entire outlook of the page. Here, you can add your personalized logo and include a product description of any sort. 

When customizing with the landing page builder, make sure to pay attention to the details. After customizing, proceed to tap on the mobile phone icon at the top left of the dashboard to preview the page.

Select the settings option to edit the title and description of the landing page. Please make sure to pay attention to details when working on a landing page.

The title and description must fit the details of the preceding link.

The final step is setting up the landing page URL settings. Here, a generic URL will be generated for the particular landing page. You can decide to use a URL shortener to shorten the link or choose to use it as it is.


Setting up a landing page with Getresponse is an easy task, to say the least. However, attention should be paid to details when setting it up. The availability of a vast array of templates to go with whichever your preference might be makes it even better.

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