Just before You Launch that Blog: Listen to these Instructions

Before you move into that BLOGGING business, I want you to listen to this. Don’t waste your money again. You can’t jump into blogging to succeed without proper orientation.


However, in this guide, I want to make it simple, with an illustrative story to hep you understand where we’ve been and where we are going to. There is more to blogging  than just traffic.


Just before you launch it, Try to know these things:

1. Your motivations

2. Your source of information

3. Your audience


Knowing these will prevent you from jumping out the same way you jumped into the career.

I was once a victim of these unpreparedness and I don’t want you to be.


Listen to my Story

In 2013, I created about 3 different blogs

They all faded into thin air with their potentials, and nothing on earth was heard of them.

Those were blogs that got me glued to my table every minute of my life, then.

In fact, I’ve never been involved with blogging like I was in the past.

I almost became useless.


But in 2014, after my Industrial training with the Nigerian Television Authority, Kano, I got more energized to share.

I was inspired with something I hated most; the hunt for Job among scholars in Nigeria.

I came up with a blog that has become my name till date. My audience has always been youths in Africa (and their career well-being)


In just about 6 months, I was already boasting of being a blogger ( having seen the monthly chuck from the ads)

But unfortunately, I lost the hustle to mere technical shortcoming and its consequent frustration.

Of a truth, I did not have someone who’d speak to my mind on my chosen path, then.

I depended largely on the things I read from other bloggers.

But last week I saw the auction to the domain name with charges. It was about $2,000.


I felt like crying looking at what I had already lost in just few months.

But that taught me a very big lesson. The moment we move into professions with positive motivations, we always dig deeper than merely wanting to make money.

It’s true I’ve lost so much over the past one year.


Get Started with the Right Motivation Today


But I’ve decided to genuinely sell my experiences to aspiring web entrepreneurs who intend making money from their blogs.

If you have been blogging without much oil on your lips, I want to teach you how to Blog to your Bank, without losing your name.

But it all hovers on the amount of value you’re positioned to give out


Feel free to order our Blogging Manual (BlogtoBank) if you truly want to learn the genuine hacks to making money without violating  policies

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