Why Searching for Job in 2019 when you can Blog? (Learn Blogging)

Blogging job doesn’t require more certificate than your ability to read and to write. Instead of struggling for Jobs Out there, here is the simplest ways to get paid by your through blogging job.


From 2019, struggling for Job will be one of the habits of the unskilled; not for people who can read and write with their hands.


The case of job scarcity shouldn’t be promoted to gain our news headline anymore. It has become prevalent and the best way to chess the darkness is to light the candle.


We can’t keep screaming at the dark situations that has clouded the minds of so many young people. We should be thinking industrialization and Job creation.


In our list of digital factories, Blogging has proven to be one of the most lucrative and legitimate web activity. In this book, we’ll go through the basics and advanced inputs that will help you increase your reach (if you have skills, ideas and or businesses that needs audience), make money through affiliates and become an employer of labor through blogging.


As literates searching for job, you have probably been confronted with “no Replies” rejections and stressful roaming in a crowded Street.


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But instead of losing confidence in yourselves, I want you to take control of your own destiny.


But that reminds me, why have you relied so much on a process that involves such intense competition and possibly an unknown selection methodology?

Why searching for job when you can blog and make money?

This is a time to bend your heads down and learn how people create cash flow with little or nothing and without lobbying around any formal recruiter.


Get This Skill!

Blogging provides you with some set of varied opportunities (both online and offline), and this piece will not just help you get started, but teach you the hacks and principles; just in case you want to change the change from this year.


Even if you still believe in pursuing jobs, you can start by enriching your resume with what you can offer (via advanced skills)


Look deeper into your life and judge your destiny with a wider perspective.


Challenge yourselves with what you’re good at.


I chose blogging and other web services since 2013, and yet to regret the path is has paved for me.


I is true that trials and rejection is prevalent in both choices, but on a larger scale, you stand to be embraced with a wider scope of freedom should remain focused and committed to the niche and type of digital products that you might be creating with your blog.


Still Need a Job?

Even today’s employers need candidates with creative and meaningful qualities. Just imagine your company planning to hire an internet marketer to help them diversify?

You can seal the deal and still maintain your work position.


I believe that your destiny is in your own hands now.


In this guide, we did not just show bloggers how to turn lucrative, but considered folks who’re yet to understand what blogging is all about.

The skill-oriented blogging and refining of talented hands. Adding blogging job to your skills will equally be a paying employer.

Understanding  Blogging Job

This is vital for several reasons. In 2017, I created a new blog for a client who didn’t just fail to continue from where we stopped as the builder and hosting provider, but asked me to tell her what to do with the account.

That was very hilarious because I’d assumed that everyone knows that a blog needs regular update with contents.

In a more confusing manner, some have confused blogging blog with just having a website. But this hovers on definition only, because in an actual sense, there is no lone separating the two web resources.


Can I make Money Blogging?

The right question should be if you can learn how to make money blogging. But the truth is that there is more to a profession than just learning how lucrative it is.


The amazing Offer

If you want to learn how to start your own blog and start making money from the comfort of your homes, feel free to leave a comment below. We will send you a link to a complete guide on the blogging job.



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