How to join Jobreaders Affiliate Program

Getting Onboard with Jobreaders Affiliate Program

This short course and module will teach you how to register/sign up with Jobreaders as an affiliate marketer. Jobreaders is an eLearning platform with a big vision to promote the culture of skills and high-quality service provision as strong economic solution in Africa and other developing nations.

To signup as an affiliate partner you are enrolling to become part of the solution and your sole goal will be to help others learn profitable skill. You will keep making money as you transform lives with knowledge.

Follow the steps above to sign up for Jobreaders Affiliate marketing program:

Step One: Start the Registration

To sign up as a JobReaders Affiliate partner, simple tap this link:
You will be redirected to the affiliate areas where you will be filling your affiliate details.

Step Two: Fill the Necessary Details

Fill in your information to get started.

Use a valid email address; you may require an authentication email to proceed with your registration.

We advise you [select] choose to be receiving details via email during the registration. Jobreaders Affiliate Team will update you with tips and new techniques to reach the right audience, change lives and earn decent income.

Approval Period

You may have to wait for up to 24 hours ( or even less) to have your account activated to become a partner. First, you will e redirected this to this free online course that you are already taking.

If you are already talking the course, don’t worry, filling the correct information duding registration and following the guides in the illustration at the end of this course, you will get approval in less than within 20 – 48 hours during work days and up to 3 days if you are registering during weekends.

It may take less longer than that.

a). We want to go through your application details for community compliance before approval.

b). We need to learn more about how you intent to promote Jobreaders knowledge products.

Step Three: Start Changing Lives, including yours.

Jobreaders’ goal is to change lives through knowledge sharing and vocational skill acquisition. We want to help more people solve more problems and also earn a better income doing what they love.

In the next modules you will be learning all the tools and techniques that will help you join this affiliate marketing ( if you are new to affiliate marketing) and be able to earn decent income from where you are right now.