Make Money Promoting Jobreaders Affiliate Products

There are various ways you can promote affiliate products by driving traffic into your landing pages. The landing page is a well-designed single page that explains the products and collects prospects’ contact (such as email and phone numbers).

With these contacts collected, you can continue educating your audience about the products and also market more courses and eBooks to them.

So, you will be learning how to promote your affiliate products using various methods and you can pick from any of the methods to start earning income for yourself.

Step One: Pick the Course Creative

A creative is a graphics design that explains the course). You can redesign yours or head over to Creatives insider your Affiliate areas, to choose from a number of Creatives that describe the courses.

Step Two: Create a Landing Page

You need a landing page so that your marketing efforts will not be wasted. What I mean is this, with a Getresponse landing page you will be able to collect people’s emails addresses, phone numbers and names when they show interest in any of the courses or eBooks as you include on the landing page.

When you are done creating the landing page the next things will be the email follow up, or WhatsApp follows up.

We advise: even though you want to make more sales, don’t keep posting or sending emails and WhatsApp messages that only tend to sell. Spend more time educating the audience on the need for what you are promoting.

Step Three: Drive Traffic into the Landing Page

When we say traffic on the internet, we are referring to the number of real users that will visit the page. For example: when you share the link to your landing page to your friends on WhatsApp, Telegram or maybe Groups; if they are interested in the creative and text explanation you make, they are going to visit the page, and of course, they will sign up with the emails and phone numbers.

If they don’t buy now, they will buy later when you keep up with the right follow up methods.

Secondly, our marketing team takes care of the sales when these people sign up with our free courses and other resources.

The most effective way is to make money with this affiliate marketing as a beginner by sharing free resources such as free courses, free eBooks and programs that are free here at Jobreaders. With that, they will get to understand Jobreaders and also make up their mind to invest in knowledge.

If a user gets into our website using your free affiliate link, you will get paid a commission whenever they decide to make a purchase so long your cookies duration is live.  

However, you can proceed with promoting premium courses and other materials if you have an audience or are ready to go for people who are more likely to purchase courses right away.  

General Tutorials

These are different videos that will teach you the direct application of all that you’ve learnt about affiliate marketing, Jobreaders Affiliate partnership and how you can start making money now from the comfort of your homes.

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