How to Make Money with JobReaders by Promoting Knowledge Products.

How to Make Money with JobReaders by Promoting Knowledge Products.

To get started I want you to learn the formula that works effectively, tests and trusts that can help you make lots of money by just helping others learn new skills. Affiliate marketing is very simple; grab the link and start sharing. Anyone that buys you get your commission.


That sounds interesting but it means more than that. If you desire to make any substantial amount of money with Jobreaders you need to master some skills, learn how selling online works and also be able to repeat the processes you learn here.

That way, you will be creating a decent income stream for yourself. To kick off please learn the complete affiliate marketing circle that must be completed:

Step One: Sign Up

To join the growing community of Jobreaders Affiliate Marketing you need to sign up. the method was shared in the earlier section of this series. In case you’re yet to sign up kindly click this link to fill out the registration form.

Upon approval you will proceed with step two, to pick a product and start promoting using the methods we share in the subsequent lessons.

Step Two: Pick a Product

Products here means Jobreaders online courses, eBooks (premium or free copies), demo courses and masterclasses.

Remember: You can only pick a product when your Affiliate Partnership gets approved. In the next lesson, you will be learning how to pick products to start promoting.

These products include how to make money online, business automation skills, website development courses, Digital ads (Media Buying) etc. these are topics and information that are highly dependent and your advantage is that you will be promoting actionable training that will help your audience get a result.

Before we proceed with the various methods you can follow to get your affiliate products to people who are more likely to need them, here is one important tip for you.

Share Free Materials: Free eBooks, Free courses and other free knowledge products here at Jobreaders will increase your chances of making more sales. The reason is that the free materials will help your prospect understand the quality of information and benefits of each of the courses.

You can as well decide to start based on the percentage commission offered on the course. You will see the percentage on each of the products to know how much you will get when sold.

Also, you can start with more affordable products, depending on your audience, their prior information about the skills and based on your personal preferences.

Step Three: Start Promoting

There are various ways you can promote different courses, eBooks and other materials to people who are more likely to need them and buy instantly.

Although in some cases buying don’t just happen. For this reason, we are teaching you all that move the needle.

Start with a Goal

How much do you want to make in one week, one month etc.? having clear goals will help you put in the right effort to achieve them.

Assuming you make a plan to earn three hundred thousand for the first three weeks. You need to ask these questions.

  • How many courses (of N5000) can I sell to make N300,000 in 3 weeks?
  • How Many courses (of N10,000) can I sell to make N300,000 in 3 weeks?
  • How Many eBooks (of N20,000) can I sell to make N300,000 in 3 weeks?

If you have an audience who can only afford eBooks, repeat the same question judging from the amount in commission to each of the eBooks you can sell. Then you will have a clearer goal to start.

For example, there are courses that cost N20,000 with a 50% commission on the sale. This means that on each course of N20,000 sold you will be earning N10,000.  Based on your goal you need to sell up to 30 copies of this course in three weeks to earn your N300,000.

I understand that your goal will be bigger than this but whatever the case may be, let’s jump right into it. In the next lesion you will start learning how to promote the right way and keep earning income even while you sleep.