How to Discover Quality Affiliate Products

There are amazing products everywhere and you don’t need to seek too far.

Every affiliate program has a defined audience. When you market to the right audience, you will earn massively.

Selling an affiliate product to the wrong audience is as good as not selling at all. For instance, getting 1000 people to sign up for a per-per-lead affiliate program.

But think about this:

The company wants to make sales, and gathering subscribers who may not end up buying from them will lead to automatic suspicion.

And you know the result. You will get your account banned, and having so many people like you will get your countrymen to suffer backlisting.

In our subsequent lessons, you will be learning several rules and regulations that you should never dare to break if you truly desire financial success as an affiliate marketer.  

Method One: Start with your Niche

Niche here simply means your business niche (if you already have a business or render services) or the particular area of your business which you can take online.

  • If you already have a web development skill, or intend to acquire such skill, then your business niche should be web development.
  • If you have influence, experience or desire for fashion, then your niche is fashion.

The list goes on. It is based on the outcome of the decision above that you can decide to jump into any of the following affiliate programs.

Check whether these products/brands use affiliate marketing (you can find this on their website). You can also search online with keywords like [Jobreaders Affiliate Marketing or How to Join Jobreaders Affiliate Marketing]

Let’s assume you are a blogger and you use a plugin such as Elementor.

If you love Elementor and want to genuinely recommend the products for others, you can search [Elemento Affiliate Program or How to Join Elementor Program]

The list goes on and on. And you can repeat that with all the products you currently use for your business.

All you need to do is look out for all the products and services that you use (such as software, streaming platforms, websites, eCommerce store, etc.).

Method Two: Select from Affiliate Marketing Marketplaces

Just as we have an app store for IOS devices, Google play store for Android devices, and Microsoft OVI store, so also great technologies are powering various affiliate marketing platforms.

Most popular among these platforms are:

  1. Impact Radius.
  2. CJ Affiliates, etc.

These affiliate marketplaces have certain criteria in common.

Applying and getting approved for these platforms can be very demanding at all times; and for good reasons.

With these affiliate marketing platforms, you can find high-paying affiliate programs.

Some can pay you as much as $100, $200, and even $1200 for any sale or sign-up that you bring.

Method Three: Select from E-commerce stores.

There are several eCommerce stores powered directly by Affiliate Marketing Technologies.

An eCommerce store is a website that is dedicated to selling products or services online.

The most popular affiliate platform that adopts eCommerce technology is Clickbank while in Africa, you see Expertnaire, Selar, Jobreaders, and many more that will surely spring up.

For Jobreaders Affiliate Program, our goal is to help you earn income while helping others learn. You can sign up to get started right now.

Signing up gives you access to our free short training that will help you earn sustainable income helping us educate others with profitable skills.

How to Apply for Affiliate Programs.

You can see we have two models here; the marketplace model that manages several programs, and the eCommerce model where you can pick a product and start selling immediately.

In the eCommerce model, you can place a product to sell or just register and promote an existing product to earn commissions.

You might have to pay some registration fees to sign up with these platforms. It depends on the platform.

Earning these products can be very profitable, and the reason is that do not need to own a blog or a platform to sell.

Platforms such as Clickbank, Expertnair, and Jobreaders Affiliate Program want you to sign up and sell their products.

You may have no issues with the registration since it is all designed with a pay-per-sale affiliate marketing model.

For other programs such as Getresponse, Semrush, Canva, Big-commerce, Wix, etc. you need to understand why they may not approve your application.

The products owned by the later companies are designed for special services and such reasons require that whoever is becoming their affiliate may have to first become an experienced user.

And also, be able to demonstrate the qualities that we are going to deconstruct in the subsequent lessons.  

Why Will Your Affiliate Application be Rejected?

This has happened to us; and through experience, we know exactly why your account may be rejected, that is if it’s not already rejected.

Not Demonstrating Authority

To find these profitable affiliate marketing programs, apply, and get approved, you must do some simple things like setting up a blog, setting up a video platform where you demonstrate authority.

These high-paying affiliate programs come from serious business platforms online such as email software, web hosting, eCommerce site builders, chat plugins, and video/music streaming software.

The companies want to ensure that you don’t abuse your privilege, and also make sure that you have what it takes to promote their platforms.

This partnership is designed for bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencers. So if you desire to start earning a legitimate lifetime salary in thousands of dollars by working on your blog or just using your smartphones or laptop to create video content, then you need to sit head up!

How To Apply and Get Instant Approval for Affiliate Marketing

Note: The best way to get into these big affiliate marketing platforms is to create a platform where you teach or share vital information that relates to their products or their services.

As explained, previously, before you apply for any of these programs, you need to own a content platform. The platform here may be a blog, and it may also be your vlog or a traceable track of the influence

The second requirement is the educative content that you’d create around the product.

Let’s say you endeavor to become an affiliate marketer around web development and web hosting services or email marketing.

To make money from software and platforms that build or host email marketing systems, websites, and related tools then you need to sign up for their affiliate programs.

To get approval for such programs, you’ll need to have written quality content that explains, compare hosting platforms, services, and so on.

For Example:

  • Best Website Hosting Companies in 2022
  • 10 Most Affordable Email Marketing Software for Small Business
  • 7 Uncommon Hosting Features You Never Know About
  • 20 Best Hosting Companies for Bloggers in 2022

The list of contents you can create goals on

Signing up and getting your respective affiliate links for the companies will help that when a prospect read your post or watches your video and decided to purchase using the link you leave, you earn a commission.

Trust me, you can earn as low as $50 and even as much as $1500 for a single time that someone signs up using your link.

However, it depends on the type of products and the offer by such a company. In any case, the amount of money (i.e., commission) varies from one platform to another.

It has a series of videos that clearly explains how you can earn from affiliate marketing with clear illustrations, processes with real-life stories, strategies, and examples that will blow your mind, and force you back into the position of financial authority.