Top Cybersecurity Scholarships (Worth $27,000 Yearly)

Discover fully funding cybersecurity scholarships in 2024 with most programs amounting to over $27,000 on stipends on yearly basis. This guide and special links are designed for eligible students in the enlisted program at various study levels.

Cybersecurity is a big deal in the United States and many other nations because it is integral to national security, economic prosperity, protection of personal information, innovation, global stability, military operations, critical infrastructure, and safeguarding against cyber espionage.

Addressing cybersecurity challenges is essential to maintaining the country’s resilience and leadership in the digital age.

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Why Cybersecurity Scholarships in USA?

In summary, cybersecurity scholarships in the USA play a vital role in addressing the skills gap, strengthening national security, fostering innovation, maintaining economic competitiveness, promoting diversity, retaining talent, asserting international leadership, building partnerships, and proactively preventing cyber threats.

These scholarships contribute to building a resilient and skilled workforce capable of safeguarding the nation’s digital assets and infrastructure.

List of Best Cybersecurity Scholarship Programs with Application Details

1. Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service

The Cyber Corps Scholarship Program is a scheme that gets funds from the government of the United States of American and amount to up to 3 year funding for undergraduate students in eligible fields.

Summary of Cyber Corps Scholarships:

  • Amount: $25,000 per year for undergraduates, $40,000 for graduate students.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral.


  • Must be a citizen of the USA or a permanent resident.
  • Full-time student within three years of completing a bachelor’s or doctoral degree.
  • Additional school-specific requirements.

Application Details:

2. Department of Smart Scholarship

The SMART Scholarship Program offers STEM students comprehensive benefits, covering full tuition, annual stipends, and the opportunity for employment with the Department of Defense (DoD) upon graduation.

  • Amount: Varies.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral.


  • Students must be 18 years or older.
  • Citizen of the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.
  • Must complete a summer internship with the DOD facility and work with DOD upon degree completion.
  • Enrolled in a STEM accredited program.

Application Details:

  • Navigate through a rigorous process involving ACT/SAT scores for undergraduates and GRE for graduates.
  • Submission of leadership, teamwork, and volunteering experiences.
  • Access the Official Cybersecurity Scholarship Website for more details.

3. Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) Program Scholarship

The Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) program offers scholarships starting at $2,000 or more to support women pursuing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fields related to information security.

These scholarships aim to empower and encourage women in their academic pursuits, fostering diversity and excellence in the field of information security.

  • Amount: $10,000.
  • Category: Undergraduate and Graduate.


  • Female students in their 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate studies.
  • U.S. citizens or residents studying within U.S. campuses.

Application Details:

4. Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship – Supporting Women’s Education in Cybersecurity

The ISC2 Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarships are designed to inspire and empower women to actively contribute to the expanding field of Information Security.

These scholarships aim to provide financial support, encouragement, and recognition to women pursuing education and careers in cybersecurity.

By fostering inclusivity and diversity, ISC2 is dedicated to promoting the participation of women in the dynamic and critical domain of Information Security.

  • Amount: $5,000.
  • Category: Graduate and Undergraduate.


  • Women pursuing a degree in cybersecurity or information security.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3.
  • Full and part-time students, attending American or international schools.

Application Details:

  • Submit a recent transcript, letter of recommendation, CV, and application essay.
  • Official Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship Website for more information.

5. Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship

In and outside of the United States, there are quite a number of organization that fund graduates who are interested in cybersecurity. Among these popular names include:

  1. Caissa Cybersecurity Scholarship
  2. The Snort Scholarship
  3. The Stokes Program
  4. CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  5. CyberCorps Scholarship
  6. ISSA Educational Foundation Scholarship
  7. NSF-GRFP (National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program)
  8. Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship
  9. Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
  10. Women In Technology Fellowships
  • Amount: Not specified.
  • Category: Graduate.


  • Students pursuing a cybersecurity or information assurance graduate or doctoral degree.
  • Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA.

Application Details:

  • Provide a transcript, letter of recommendation, resume, and essay.
  • Check the Official website of any of the top tech bodies to access information on available scholarships around cybersecurity.

6. Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology

The Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology is yet another popular cybersecurity scholarship for woman in the field and other related fields. This scholarship is provided in partnership with several institutions and you will need to enquire if it is tenable in your own institution.

  • Amount: from $1,000
  • Category: Graduate and Undergraduate.


  • Full-time study in any accredited American University.
  • GPA of 3.0 and pursuing a degree in an I.T related field.

Application Detail:

7. ISSA Education Foundation Scholarship

The ISSA Education Foundation’s Cybersecurity Scholarships are dedicated to fostering the growth and excellence of cybersecurity students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as supporting seasoned cybersecurity professionals.

  • Amount: $2,000 – $3,500.
  • Category: Graduate and Undergraduate.


  • Full-time student studying information security-related programs at an accredited university.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 for undergraduates, 3.0 for graduates.

Application Details:

8. Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Scholarship

The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Scholarship is yet another Supporting cybersecurity skills funding for Intelligence in Cybersecurity Scholarships.

  • Amount: $1,000 – $3,500.
  • Category: Graduate and Undergraduate.


  • Undergraduates entering their third year in the fall.
  • Graduates can’t apply after their second year.
  • U.S. citizens studying within the U.S.

Application Details:

  • Include a cover letter, resume, transcripts, recommendation letter, recent photography, and specify your scholarship of interest.
  • Visit the Official AFIO Scholarship Website for more updates.

9. Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship (Cybersecurity Scholarship)

With the Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship in Cybersecurity, the scholarships of $3,000 are available for individuals pursuing cybersecurity, telecommunications, and electronics studies, with a focus on supporting defense, homeland security, and intelligence communities.

  • Amount: $3,000.
  • Category: Graduate and Undergraduate.


  • Woman or minority students who are American citizens enrolled full-time in a master’s program at an accredited institution.

Application Detail:

10. Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

The Microsoft cybersecurity scholarship is a collaborative program that is Empowering through Microsoft Cybersecurity programs. The collaborative effort involves partnering with four distinguished Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Hampton University, North Carolina A&T State University, Prairie View A&M University, and Virginia State University.

  • Amount: Varies.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral.


11. DOD Cybersecurity Scholarship – Advancing Careers with DOD Cybersecurity Scholarships

The DOD cybersecurity scholarship is in this list as one of the government-funded learning program for eligible students in that category.

  • Amount: Varies.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral.


12. WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship – Enabling Education Through WGU Cybersecurity Scholarships

  • Amount: Varies.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral.


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These are what other prospective students are asking about the cybersecurity scholarship programs summaries of what you need to learn before getting started:

Q1: What are cybersecurity scholarships, and why are they important?

A: Cybersecurity scholarships are financial awards provided to individuals pursuing education and training in the field of cybersecurity. They are crucial for addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals, enhancing national security, fostering innovation, and promoting diversity in the cybersecurity workforce.

Q2: How do cybersecurity scholarships contribute to national security?

A: Cybersecurity scholarships contribute to national security by ensuring a steady supply of skilled professionals capable of defending critical infrastructure, government systems, and military operations against cyber threats. They play a vital role in strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity resilience.

Q3: Can you provide information on the Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program?

A: The Microsoft Cybersecurity Scholarship Program is not covered in the initial list. For specific details about this program, including eligibility criteria, benefits, and application procedures, it is recommended to visit the official Microsoft website or contact Microsoft directly.

Q4: What is the importance of diversity in the field of cybersecurity?

A: Diversity in cybersecurity is crucial for bringing varied perspectives and approaches to addressing cyber threats. Cybersecurity scholarships often aim to promote diversity by providing financial support to individuals from underrepresented groups, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Q5: How do I apply for cybersecurity scholarships, and what are the common application requirements?

A: The application process for cybersecurity scholarships varies, but it typically involves submitting an online application with details about the applicant’s educational background, goals, and achievements. Common requirements may include transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes, essays, and, in some cases, standardized test scores.

Q6: Are there scholarships specifically for women studying information security?

A: Yes, there are scholarships tailored for women studying information security, such as the Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) Program. These scholarships aim to support and encourage women pursuing degrees in the field of information security.

Q7: How do cybersecurity scholarships contribute to economic competitiveness?

A: Cybersecurity scholarships contribute to economic competitiveness by producing a skilled workforce capable of securing businesses, industries, and financial institutions from cyber threats. This, in turn, promotes economic stability and ensures the country’s resilience in the digital age.

Q8: Are there cybersecurity scholarships available for graduate students?

A: Yes, several cybersecurity scholarships are available for graduate students, including the Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship, Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship, and others. These scholarships offer financial assistance to those pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in cybersecurity.

Q9: What is the role of public-private partnerships in cybersecurity scholarship programs?

A: Public-private partnerships play a crucial role in cybersecurity scholarship programs by fostering collaboration between educational institutions, government agencies, and private sector organizations. These partnerships enhance the overall cybersecurity ecosystem, combining resources and expertise for effective cybersecurity education and training.

Q10: How can I stay updated on the latest cybersecurity scholarship opportunities?

A: To stay updated on the latest cybersecurity scholarship opportunities, regularly check the official websites of scholarship providers, subscribe to newsletters, and follow reputable cybersecurity organizations. Additionally, keep an eye on announcements from educational institutions and government agencies involved in cybersecurity initiatives.



These cybersecurity initiative serves as a comprehensive guide to prominent cybersecurity scholarships in the United States, catering to various academic levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Featured scholarships encompass the Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service, Department of Smart Scholarship, Scholarship for Women Studying Information Security (SWSIS) Program Scholarship, Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship, Graduate Cybersecurity Scholarship, and many more.

Each scholarship is meticulously detailed, providing essential information such as eligibility criteria, application procedures, and benefits.

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