List of Schools (Universities) that Accept Third-class Students Abroad

These schools (Universities) that accept third-class students abroad are your go-get when you consider travelling abroad for your studies. These are Schools in the world that accept both international and indigenous students who want to further their academic pursuit with third class honors in their first degree.

Did you graduate with third-class? We are aware that so many factors must have prevented you from giving your best to academics during your first degree.

You can start applying for opportunities that will make sure that you are not just accepted to further; but that you may be funded through scholarships.

Any Hope for 3rd Class Graduates Abroad?

Yes, there is an established fact that your career life did not end with your first degree. That is why you are given chances, at all level, to prove yourself worthy of better certificates.

Even in these developed countries, when students struggle through the courses they have opted to settle for, they come out with less than desirable grades and are forced to live with that.

Those candidates without good networks in the top government affairs are just left to face their shortcomings; most especially when there is no fund for further studies.

This has been like this since ages past, and to an extend most students that graduated with third class feel stigmatized or segregated among their colleagues in the workplaces, schools and many others.

But there is good news for graduates with a 3rd Class and Pass, OND or HND (with Nigerian graduates as an instance) holders with big dreams or those with good results in their  courses; who are still searching for opportunities to proceed with their higher level studies.

There are courses to be considered in order to ensure that they achieve their goals, regardless of the class of degree or course previously studied.

Pre masters courses are also open  for students who desire  master’s degree but do not have the academic records required for direct entry.

The programmes take between one and four terms to complete (one year = 3 terms), depending on the student’s academic level and English skills. On successful completion of a Pre Masters, students are usually guaranteed entry to a master’s degree course in most of these schools also.

What is Third-class?

Collins Dictionary defined a third-class degree as   the lowest honours degree that can be obtained from a British university. For those who are not there yet; third class honour in your first degrees do not imply that you are third-class. It only showcases a grade of your academic performance.

Can I get Visa with Third-class?

Definitely, so far you have gained admission to study abroad, you are eligible to apply for your Student Travel Visa and stand a chance of passing the interview test.

These schools (Universities) that accept third-class students abroad also know the kind of segregation that most certificate bearers faces in different parts of the world, so they have set out serious follow-up and attention on ensuring that these candidates get assistance to its acceptable manners.

List of Schools (Universities) that Accept Third-class Students Abroad

Can I continue with my Masters with Third-class?

While some schools require that you obtain your Postgraduate diploma certificate, some nations have open policies that favour continuation without further proves.

Even as we consider high flying grades as one of the high-selling attributes for winning scholarships and being considered to study abroad, we know that most intuitions in the world accept and even offer scholarships to international students with third-class in their certificates.

Are there Scholarships for Third-class students?

As an international student, there are several scholarship opportunities designed to cater for your academic needs, irrespective of your CGPA.

Australia Awards Scholarships for African Students With 3rd Class

If you graduated with 3rd class and you seek to pursue your Masters degree, Australia now Awards Scholarships for African Students with 3rd class. And the good news is that you are eligible to apply for scholarship awards that can fund your stays through the study years.

The scholarship awards comes in two distinct categories:

List of Schools (Universities) that Accept Third-class Students Abroad

a). Australian Awards Scholarships:  to undertake higher degree studies in Australia at the Masters level.

b). And Australia Awards Short Courses:  to go for short term, and targeted professional training courses, in Australia and/or in Africa. These course has a range of development-focused sectors that offer immeasurable values in the marketplace.

How to Apply for this Scholarship

If you are interested in any of the Australian schools that accept international students with third class, you can access this page for more information.

Other Schools (Universities) that accept third class students from all over the world, are included in the list of schools that offer scholarships and you can use this link to access the opportunities before the next academic session.


The grade with which you graduated cannot place any limit on your academic journey. It only takes your courage, determination and good plans to scale through the odds of poor initial performances from your former schools.

For instance, from what this journal has been focusing on, it must be very clear to you; that you don’t just stand a chance of being accepted by these prestigious institutions for your further studies but also great chances of being funded through fully funded scholarships.

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