20+ Current Scholarships for Secondary School Students in Nigeria 2022

This list is for the best scholarships for secondary school students in Nigeria – for which most of the applications are towards 2022 academic sessions.

This post is dedicated to highlighting the current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria and their requirements.

Students can apply for the following Paid Scholarships for Secondary School Students in Nigeria. We select these scholarships from previous programs and we believe that you are qualified to apply.

To ascertain your chances, we advise that you go through this content, to know all the available scholarship opportunities for secondary students in Nigeria.

Secondary school scholarships in Nigeria are for every student that qualifies for the listed awards. We encourage you to go through this post; to learn more.

Here at Jobreaders, we envision your career as becoming a solution, job creator and we can only achieve this by helping you attain quality education.

You can also use this link to access a list of other local and international scholarships for students from this region. 

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List of Secondary School Scholarships in Nigeria

Below is a list of the ongoing current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria for students who are interested in these relevant opportunities.

Also, we have written an article on the high Schools Do well to review it, you may find your choicest school there.

  • NLNG Post-Primary and Undergraduate Scholarships 2022 for Nigerian Students
  • Peace Corps Nigerian Girls Scholarship 2022
  • FCT Scholarship 2022 Nigerian Students
  • Intelsat/XinaBox Space STEM Scholarship Programme 2022 for Young African Students
  • Agbami Undergraduate Scholarship 2022
  • TNRI Scholarship 2022 Young School Leavers
  • 2022 N.W.A.G. Nigeria Scholarships for Female Nigerians
  • M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship
  • M.T.N. Foundation /M.U.S.O.N. Music Scholarship Awards
  • M.U.S.T.E. Scholarships
  • Merry Hearts Scholarship for pre-university students        
  • Young Women’s Scholarship Program
  • American University of Nigeria Scholarships
  • Caleb University Scholarships for Lagos Indigenes
  • NNPC/ADDAX Joint Venture Scholarship                                                     
  • 2022 Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme
  • Shell/N.N.P.C. National University Scholarship         
  • Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Programme
  • NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2022 for young Nigerians

Before I discuss in depth the current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria and their application processes, you will know for a fact that a good attitude towards academics can help secure scholarships. Review these recommended habits that will improve your academic success

1. MTN mPulse Hackathon 2022 for Young Nigerians

As the world settles into a new normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic, MTN mPulse is looking to enable young students, passionate about making a difference to build innovative solutions that are relevant now & beyond in the MTN mPulse Hackathon. 

About the Award

Promising solutions in the identified submission categories will be supported by MTN to achieve their full potential with expected widespread adoption and social impact. Before you submit your entry below, first go through the rules


  • Competition is open to primary & secondary school students
  • Applicants must be resident in Nigeria.
  • Solutions to be submitted should be either mobile apps or websites (web apps)
  • Participants must upload a completed Indemnity Form by Parent / Guardian covering the use of their solutions, data, photos, etc. (by MTN Legal Contracting). Click here to download the indemnity form
  • Ideas must be original, innovative, and solve an actual problem.
  • The solutions being developed & submitted should fulfill one or more of these categories:


  • Support home-schooling, remote education, and continued learning (e.g. home-schooling solutions)
  • Enables delivery of group interactions remotely (Community engagement platforms).
  • Ensures verified & accurate information reaches even the most remote locations.
  • Aids efficient distribution of food, products & services
  • Top 10 participants would be rewarded with gifts and access to a 6-weeks online Bootcamp with TechQuest STEM Academy and receive the needed support to refine their solutions and launch
  • Top 3 winners would have their impactful solutions funded for immediate deployment to flatten the curve as well as have access to our pool of volunteer Staff Mentors, who together with TechQuest, the STEM Academy, would provide mentorship via leveraging their functional, business & technical skills to further refine their innovative solutions for greater impact to the underserved youth segment.
  • Websites and web apps should be hosted on the internet. Consider hosting your project on free hosting platforms e.g. 000webhost, hostinger, 5GBFree, Freehostia, etc.
  • The deadline for submission of entries is usually around December.
  • Participants must have successfully linked with their parent(s) on the mPulse website

Selection Criteria:

  • Technical Ability: 45%,
  • Usefulness: 25%,
  • Creativity: 30%

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

A specific country: Nigeria

Award Numbers: Not specified

Award Worth: Lots of scholarship awards and cash prizes. See details below

How to Apply: Apply by clicking the “Submit entry” Link below

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Award Webpage (see3rk below) before applying.

2. MTN Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition 2022 for Nigerian Primary & Secondary School Students

MTN Nigeria invites all primary & secondary school students between the ages of 9 and 15 to participate in the MTN mPulse Spelling Bee competition.

About the Award

This competition which aims to help students in Nigeria, improve their English spelling and vocabulary, promises to be an exciting one with lots of exciting prizes to be won. Over the years, they have continued to remain on our list of current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria.

Type: Contest


  • Spelling Bee portal opens for practice tests at 8 am on 2nd October .
  • Round 1 Competition runs from 8 am on 19th October 2020 to 11:59 pm on 11th November.
  • Competition is open to only boys and girls in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria who are between 9 and 15 years old.
  • Participants must be resident in Nigeria.
  • Participant’s phone number used for registration must be on the mPulse tariff plan. Dial *344*1# to migrate your phone number to the mPulse tariff plan.
  • Participants must have successfully updated their profile on the mPulse website
  • Participants must have successfully linked with their parent(s) on the mPulse website
  • Practice tests can be done multiple times but each Quiz round can be taken ONLY ONCE.
  • Make sure you are using a 3G or 4G LTE network for best performance
  • If you have any questions, refer to our All You Need to know page to get your questions answered.
  • Terms & Conditions apply

Selection: There are 3 stages of the competition.

  • The first stage will be done on the mPulse website and is open to all students resident in Nigeria who are between 9 and 15 years.
  • The top 1,000 from the first round will be invited for the second round of the competition which will also be done on the mPulse website.
  • The 3rd stage and grand finale will be done online via live video conferencing.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

Value of Award:

1st Prize


  • N2 million scholarship grant
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 smartphone
  • mPulse Goody Bag


N300, 000 cash prize


  • MTN Education Suite – ICT Devices
  • 10 MTN Hynetflex Routers
  • 10 Laptops
  • + Internet Data (for 90 days)

2nd Prize


  • N1 million scholarship grant
  • 1 smartphone
  • mPulse Goody Bag


N200, 000 cash prize

3rd Prize


  • N750,000 scholarship grant
  • 1 smartphone
  • mPulse Goody Bag


N100, 000 cash prize

4th – 10th Place:

  • N100,000 scholarship grant
  • mPulse Goody Bag

11th – 20th Place:

  • N20,000 scholarship grant
  • mPulse Goody Bag

How to Apply: Click the PLAY button below to participate but first go through the Rules of the game (see at bottom of the page in the link below)

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

3. Yamaha Piano Scholarship Programme 2022 for Music Students in Middle East & Africa

Yamaha Music Gulf FZE, a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, is for tertiary music students from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America who are eligible for the piano scholarship program.

About the Award 

The online-based program provides financial assistance to students who are pursuing a full-time degree or diploma courses in music institutions.

Type: Grants


  • Applicants must be born between 1 January 1999 and 31 December 2004.
  • Applicants must be students of a music university, conservatory, college, or any other music institution.

Eligible Countries:

The Middle East –

  • Bahrain,
  • Iraq,
  • Jordan,
  • Kuwait,
  • Lebanon,
  • Oman,
  • Pakistan,
  • Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Syria,
  • UAE,
  • Yemen, and others

    Africa –
  • Algeria,
  • Angola,
  • Burkina Faso,
  • Congo,
  • Egypt,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Gabon,
  • Ghana,
  • Ivory Coast,
  • Kenya,
  • Madagascar,
  • Mauritius,
  • Morocco,
  • Mozambique,
  • Nigeria,


  • Rwanda,
  • Senegal,
  • South Africa,
  • Sudan,
  • Tanzania,
  • Tunisia,
  • Uganda,
  • Zambia, and
  • Zimbabwe;

    CIS –
  • Armenia,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Georgia,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Moldova,
  • Turkmenistan,
  • Ukraine,
  • Uzbekistan.

Number of Awards: 9

Value of Award

Auditions will only be done via recorded video performances of the applicants. Nine students will be selected and granted a one-off scholarship of $1 000 each.

How to Apply

  • Only applications from eligible countries will be accepted.
  • Applicants need to register their details with a distributor(link is external) in their country and send newly recorded videos of two pieces played on an acoustic piano to Yamaha Distributor in his/her country before 30 November. Applicants should play on acoustic piano only.
  • In each video recording, candidates will have to mention their name, institution name, and the piece that they will be playing. For example, at the beginning of each video, before playing, they should mention: “My name is …, student of … and I will play…” (Speaking in their mother tongue is accepted).
  • All recordings must be newly made and dates should match with the application period.
  • The format of video and audio should be in widespread use and should be in good quality.

Audition repertoire

  • Piece number 1: Applicants should contact Yamaha distributor in their country for the information.
  • Piece number 2: Free choice piece. (Note: A copy of a music sheet is required for evaluation purposes).
  • The duration of both pieces should not exceed 20 minutes.

The winners are announced every year, and we recommend you check the official website for application guides for the year.

4. Globacom GBAM Scholarship 2022

The Glo G-BAM scholarship for 1000 Students to win $5 million in scholarship awards. This award is quarterly where 250 students win $5,000 each as a scholarship. See more details below;

IMPORTANT! Currently, Globacom GBAM Scholarship 2022 is not yet available online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across.

However, you can leave a comment below this post if you want us to notify you whenever any of this scholarship portal reopens.

You can subscribe to a Glo G-BAM plan and also apply to be a G-BAM scholar and fulfill your academic dreams with $5 million in scholarships for 1,000 students. Be on the G-BAM platform and you could be among the 250 students to earn $5,000 scholarships every quarter.

To be eligible for the Glo G-BAM Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:


  • You must be a Glo G-Bam Hi 5ive customer (To migrate, dial *100*5*1#)
  • You must recharge at least a cumulative of N500 in a month.
  • You must be enrolled in either a secondary school or a tertiary institution in Nigeria

Glo G-BAM Hi 5ive

Keep your peeps tight at 5k/sec calls to 5 friends on Glo. To Register Friends, Dial *101*1*FRIEND’S NUMBER#

Glo G-BAM Weekender

Chat all you want with Free weekend chatting. Text ‘Chat’ to 20805 and enjoy free chatting with friends from Friday 6 pm to Saturday at 6 am and Saturday 6 pm to Sunday at 6 am.

Glo G-BAM Bonus

Earn N500 Free airtime upon SIM activation and recharge. The bonus of N100 on activation (N50 to any network and N50 to Glo) PLUS a bonus of N200 each on 1st and 2nd recharge of N200 or more within 7days of activation.

Glo G-BAM Social

Socialize with your peeps like never before with Free Facebook browsing between 1 am and 6 am every day.

Glo G-BAM Nites

Own the night with G-BAM and share everything with your crew with Free Night Calls. Use N200 or more in 7days and enjoy free calling to all Glo numbers for the next 7days between 12 midnight and 5 am for the next 7days.

Glo G-BAM Scholarship Online Application & Questionnaire

You must complete and submit this questionnaire online to be considered for the award of the Glo G-Bam scholarship. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted, so you have to fill out the form online.

You should note that Globacom will verify any information you provide and if they are found to be inaccurate, your application will not be processed regardless.

Again, If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about Globacom GBAM Scholarship 2022, kindly subscribe to our newsletter from our homepage.

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5. NLNG Post-Primary and Undergraduate Scholarships 2021 for Nigerian Students

The NLNG Primary school and Undergraduates scholarship are for eligible high-performing basic six pupils in Nigeria and those who are in the tertiary. But it is one of the known as one of the current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria

Check out Now: How to Apply for the NLNG Primary School Scholarship for Nigerian Students.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

Universities: Universities in Nigeria

About the Award

The Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme started in 1998 as part of Nigeria LNG Limited’s Corporate Social Responsibility to Nigerian Citizens to enhance human capacity development.

The Management of Nigeria LNG Limited wishes to invite interested First Year undergraduates in Nigerian Universities to apply for the 2021/2022 NLNG Scholarship Award. 

The purpose of the Nigeria LNG Scholarship Award Scheme is to promote academic excellence among students in institutions in Rivers State and the rest of the country being one of the current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria.

Type: Post-primary, Undergraduate

Selection Criteria: 

  • Post-Primary
    Prospective pupils are admitted onto the scheme based on an excellent performance at the annual National Examinations Council’s (NECO) Common Entrance Examinations.
  • Undergraduate
    Beneficiaries are selected through a rigorous and transparent selection process organized in collaboration with the Aptitude Test Department of WAEC.


  • Undergraduate
    Applicants must be first-year undergraduate students in a recognized Nigerian university
  • Post-Primary
    Applicants must be high performing basic six pupils in the company’s host communities and the oil-producing states

Number of Scholarship: Several

Value of Scholarship

  • The scholarship recipient will receive the payment of a yearly Scholarship allowance as beneficiaries in Institutions in Nigeria.
  • The award has undergone several value reviews from N30, 000.00 at inception to N50, 000.00 and then to a value of N 100,000.00.

Duration of Study: For the duration of the program

How to Apply

Only qualified applicants shall be short-listed for the selection tests.

The following candidates need not apply

  • Beneficiaries of other scholarship schemes.
  • The second (200L) to Final year students.
  • Part-time students.

Official Website

6. Peace Corps Nigerian Girls Scholarship

Peace Corps Nigerian Girls Scholarship 20212 The Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation (PCNAF) established its first scholarship program for Nigerian girls in 2003.

The scholarship recipients were selected from each of the six regions of Nigeria, giving the program a well-rounded national scope.

The program targeted girls enrolled in the final level of junior secondary school (grade 9) and supported the scholarship winners for the full three years needed to complete their secondary school education.

Building upon the success of the inaugural program, PCNAF launched two new scholarship programs for female Nigerian students:

The PCNAF’s Nigerian Girls Scholarship Program for secondary school girls in northern Nigeria, and the Young Women’s Scholarship Program for college students in the United States.

This scholarship article describes the Nigerian Girls Scholarship Program.

PCNAF is collaborating with the Kano-based Inclusive Community Education and Development Association (ICEADA) to implement the program.


Each scholar will be chosen based on her academic record, financial need, and service to her community.

Eligible groups

Needy girls entering senior secondary school in Kano and Katsina states of Northern Nigeria.

Participating Institutions

Any accredited secondary school in Kano and Katsina states

Number of Awards

Not specified by providers.

Scholarship Duration

Full three years needed to complete the senior secondary school education (i.e. until graduation)


This program provides financial assistance to needy girls entering senior secondary school in Kano and Katsina states of northern Nigeria, where the number of girls out of school is extremely high.

The program supports the scholarship recipients until they graduate.

Method of Application

If you fulfill the eligibility as on this page, then contact Scholarship Provider for more information via the address options under Contact below

Deadline: This program has no specific deadline. It is an ongoing project.

Visit the Official Website for more details

7. FCT Scholarship 2022 Nigerian Students

The FCT Scholarship Scheme has been in existence since the 1980s. It has witnessed several transformations from being a Unit under the office of the Head.

Department of Education under the office of the Secretary for Education to a Unit known as the Education Support Scheme as established in 2006 by the then Minister of FCT, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai.

FCT Scholarship 

This is to notify all students of FCT origin studying in accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Oversea, pupils and students in primary and secondary schools.

DME centers, parents, and the general public that Scholarship Application Forms for 2021/2022 Award Session are now available for sale.

FCT Scholarship Application Forms for 2021/2022 Award Session


  • The sale of forms usually commence from April and May
  • Interested applicants can obtain the Application Form from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm daily
  • Prices for the various categories of application forms are available at the Scholarship Board
  • Payments were made to “FCMB” Branch through the following “Account Number: 1816951011”
  • Application Forms are issued on presentation of bank tellers.

Note: As at the time of preparing this article, the continuation of this particular scholarship was not ascertained.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should obtain the Application Format:

  •  FCT Scholarship Board
  •  Junior Secondary School
  •  Zone 3, Wuse
  •  Abuja.


  • All completed Application Forms should be returned within two (2) weeks from the date of purchase.
  • Students in part-time and private institutions are not eligible to apply.

We want you to visit the Official Website for the FCT scholarships, for current updates.

8. Intelsat/XinaBox Space STEM Scholarship Programme 2022 for Young African Students

Intelsat is sponsoring scholarships, each worth hundreds of dollars, for 20 students in Africa to access XinaBox’s dedicated space STEM kits.

And also educational programs, which culminate in students designing, building, and launching satellites into space.

Eligible Field(s): All things space

Type: Training


Intelsat is sponsoring 20 XinaBox Space STEM program scholarships, with successful candidates meeting the following criteria:

  • Between 15 and 18 years of age
  • Born and currently living on the African continent
  • Demonstrates a passion for, and knowledge of, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • Has a clear interest in all things “space”
  • Access to the internet, and a smart device for virtual workshops, i.e. can run a browser-based collaboration tool (camera not essential)
  • Browser skills
  • Proficient in English (the first program will be delivered in English)

Eligible Countries: African countries

Number of Awards: 20

Value of Award: The scholarships are each worth hundreds of dollars.

How to Apply

Students with an interest in the scholarship who meet these criteria are encouraged to apply before the deadline.

The application process requires completing an online form, a space quiz, and submitting a short explanation building the case for why you should be selected for this unique program. Apply here

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

9. Agbami Undergraduate Scholarship 2021/2022

Agbami Undergraduate Scholarship 2022: Agbami Undergraduate Scholarship 2022 is out. The Scholarship is designed for Nigerian full-time 100 and 200 level undergraduate students from any state.

This page will guide you on the eligibility requirements, deadline, and other relevant updates. Take your time and read carefully before applying the steps.

Scholarship Award Requirements / Eligibility

Applications are invited from FULL-TIME, 100 and 200 level undergraduates from any state of the Federation, studying any of the under-listed courses in universities within Nigeria:

  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Nursing
  • Engineering

Visit the Official Website for details

10. TNRI Scholarship 2022 Young School Leavers Application Portal Updates.

TNRI Scholarship 2022: Nigerian Renaissance Initiative, TNRI Scholarship 2020 worth N500, 000 for young school leavers is currently up for the student to apply.

This page will give you an insight into how to go about the registration process. Stay focused and read through.

The Nigerian Renaissance Initiative (TNRI) Scholarship has been set up by an anonymous donor to run every year to enable secondary school graduates with university ambitions that would have otherwise not been able to achieve their educational aspirations due to financial constraints.

This is to inform all JAMBITO’S and O’level holders that the TNRI scholarship application is currently ongoing.

Admission seekers and O’level certificate holders can apply for the TNRI Scholarship. Application is free and you can win and see yourself through the higher institution. To apply for this Scholarship:

How to Apply for the TNRI Scholarship

Application is open to all so if you know someone or you can say yes to the 3 questions then please send in your applications.

Applicants are to email the committee a 400 worded essay stating how they deserve to be the recipient of the 2015 TNRI Scholarship.

Official Website

11. 2022 N.W.A.G. Nigeria Scholarships for Nigerians Girls

Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia offers 37 one-time undergraduate scholarships in the amount of fifty thousand Naira each on any course of study, to female Nigerian undergraduate students (one per state of origin) in Nigerian universities.

Official Website

12. M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship

For several years, the M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship has been leading among the local current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria.

Who is Eligible for the M.T.N. Science and Technology Scholarship? 

The M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships are for full-time undergraduate students of Nigeria.

So far, you are enrolled in any tertiary institution (accredited public universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education) in Nigeria.

The M.T.N. Foundation Scholarship Awards cover tuition, book allowances, and stipend throughout the academic year.

And so far you maintain the given C.G.P.A.; you will continue to enjoy the scholarship benefits (N300, 000 per session) till you graduate from your current school.

The Deadline for the M.T.N. foundation scholarship application is usually October/November. Read up to apply here

13. M.T.N. Foundation /M.U.S.O.N. Music Scholarship Awards

The Musical Society of Nigeria always partners with The M.T.N. Foundation to offer the MTNF/MUSON Scholarship program.

This scholarship scheme is for students to attain a diploma course in Music at The M.U.S.O.N. School of Music, Lagos.

The sponsorship of this Musical scholarship covers tuition, book allowance, and stipend (pocket allowance). The deadline is usually in September.

Official Website

14. M.U.S.T.E. Scholarships

Mankind United to Support Total Education (M.U.S.T.E.) Award 2022 provides funds to take care of the cost of completing the University or Higher degree program.

The duration of the M.U.S.T.E. scholarship is within 3 – 6 years, and the award includes tuition and maintenance allowance.

You should note that showing interest through the comment section will help our team of researchers reach your needs without delays.

15. Merry Hearts Scholarship for pre-university students  

The Merry Hearts Foundation Inc. reaches out to less privileged pre-university youths in impoverished regions of the world in which you are eligible. This enables it to make the list of current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria.

The scheme is a little bit different from the types of undergraduate scholarships we have always shared which adds moral support as part of its values.

Merry Hearts Scholarship Fund provides financial, moral, material, and intellectual support that assists their candidates.

These material and moral supports equip students with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially.

Official Website

16. American University of Nigeria Scholarships

The American University of Nigeria Scholarships is open to all students who love to further their studies at various levels.

It is one of those scholarship opportunities whose aim is to further promote and encourage bright students in their academic pursuits.

The school’s primary academic partner in the U.S. is Tulane University – a University that supports development efforts around the world.

How to Apply

  • Complete an AUN application form freely available at aun.edu.ng.
  • Candidates must meet minimum entry requirements (5 Credits on WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or any other O’Levels examinations including English and Mathematics, plus a score at the minimum or above the cutoff point on 2018 JAMB UTME).
  • Candidates must have been accepted into AUN and must present the acceptance letter on the exam day.

17. iReach Scholarship Competition 2022 for African Secondary School Students

Win a full scholarship to study secondary school in Switzerland! Students from Africa are invited to compete for International Baccalaureate scholarships (students from any curriculum can apply).

ILC Africa encourages the best and brightest students to compete for this opportunity. 

Application Deadline:  Usually 29th February

Eligible Countries: All African countries

To be taken at (country): Secondary School IB Studies in Switzerland

Field/Level of Study: Secondary School

Selection/Eligibility Criteria 

  • Passport holder of an African country,
  • Between 14-17 years old,
  • Proficiency in English, and
  • Must attend secondary school and
  • Earn competitive grades

Number of Awardees: 1

Value of Scholarship: $200,000

Duration of Scholarship: 2-3 years

How to Apply: Fill out Google Interest Form

email [email protected] to get the Google form link

Name of Award Provider: ILC Africa

18. Caleb University Scholarships for Lagos Indigenes

Caleb University is a Private Christian University, and currently, it offers scholarships to successful candidates on any of its full-time degree programs. 

Scholarship value and other specific details have NOT been specified by the University or even by the Lagos State Scholarship Board.

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

Type: Undergraduate

Eligible Groups.

  • Citizens of Nigeria indigenous to Lagos state

Fields of Study.

All available undergraduate level courses offered at Caleb University, including the following:

1). College of Environmental Sciences and Management.

  • B. Sc. Architecture

2). College of Pure and Applied Sciences.

  • B.Sc. Microbiology and Industrial Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry
  • B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Statistics
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Physics with computational Modeling
  • B.Sc. Physics with Electronics

3). College of Social and Management Sciences.

  • B.Sc. Accounting
  • B.Sc. Banking and Finance
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication
  • B.Sc. Political Science
  • B.Sc. International Relations.

Official Website

Oil Company Scholarships

This section will expose you to a good number of scholarship opportunities for undergraduates in Nigeria that are powered by oil companies in Nigeria. 

Some of the oil company scholarships, however, are community-based. The community-based scholarships offer to selected students from particular local governments or regions.

Mostly, the companies choose parts within their operational areas as a means of giving back to society. 

Are you interested in studying law in Nigeria? Tap here to learn about all the processes, from application to graduation in 5 minutes.

Read: Study in Nigeria: An Overview of The Process From Nigerian Universities

However, there is another scholarship scheme for the general public that is still funded by most of the oil companies in Nigeria. As you read through, you will discover current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria funded by oil companies.

19. NNPC/ADDAX Joint Venture Scholarship                                                

This is academic, financial assistance from Addax Petroleum Development (Nigerian) Limited (A.P.D.N.L.) Joint Venture.

It is a scholarship offer in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility. And every year, thousands of students are selected from various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Currently, qualified students are invited to make the best out of NNPC/ADDAX scholarships as one of the lists of ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria (2021/2022). Specifically designed to support students of secondary schools in Nigeria.

The N.A.O.C. Undergraduate / NNPC/NAOC/OANDO JV Tertiary Scholarship Scheme is another popular scheme for mostly undergraduates who study in Nigeria.

Based on the explanation given above, this scholarship organization offers both a community-based scholarship and one for general students.

This scholarship award is categorized into:

  • Host Communities Merit Award: For applicants strictly from N.A.O.C. Host Communities
  • National Merit Award: This is those applicants from Non-Host communities

Visit the Official Website for more details

20. 2022 Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Scholarship Scheme is the pillar carrying this scholarship scheme.

The Shell Nigerian University Scholarship program offers first-year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the S.P.D.C. Joint Venture for the full duration of their course. 

There is no doubt that this program aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills-base among young Nigerians. 

Visit the Official Website for more details

21. Shell/N.N.P.C. National University Scholarship    

The Shell Nigeria Exploration Production Company offers the N.N.P.C./SNEPCo National University Scholarship for students in undergraduate courses of Nigerian universities.

The program provides yearly grants to successful applicants, which covers their studies from the second year to the completion of their degree program. 

Visit the Official Website for more details

22. Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships

The sponsor of this scholarship scheme is the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited.

It is another undergraduate scholarship that offers tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme to full-time Year 1 Year undergraduates in Nigeria.

This award is also in two categories. One is for the Host community, while the other platform is accessible by every Nigerian undergraduate.

It is also for your interest that we made this list of ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria. The reason does not shift from the fact that we know the real essence of quality education. 

Visit the Official Website for more details

23. Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Programme

Mobil Producing Nigeria awards annual scholarships to qualified undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities. It remains one of the most applied current secondary school scholarships in Nigeria.

What qualifies a student is his or her admission into any Nigerian University irrespective of the state of origin, including the F.C.T. 

Eligible students for this aid must be in their 1st or 2nd year of study of approved courses. 

Visit the Official Website for more details

24. NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2021/2022 for young Nigerians 

The NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2021/2022 application is currently ongoing and all the eligible and qualified candidates are hereby advised to submit their application, in line with the guides and descriptions that are contained on this page.

The management of the NNPC is pleased to announce the 2022 TOTAL/NNPC Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates.


To qualify for this scholarship, the candidate must:

  1. Be a Nigerian undergraduate student in a recognized tertiary institution.
  2. Be a 200 Level or 100 Level student of the institution.
  3. Show proof of SSCE or Equivalent Certificate.
  4. Show proof of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) score.
  5. Show proof of Admission letter from the University and Matriculation Number
  6. Show proof of A-level or Equivalent Certificate (for direct entry students)

Please Note:

  • Students with less than 200 score in UTME need not apply
  • Students with less than 2.50 CGPA on a 5-point scale, or equivalent
  • 300 level students and above need not apply
  • Current beneficiaries of similar awards from any other Company or Government Agency need not apply

How to apply?

To apply for the NNPC Total Scholarship, students are to visit this official link, to start their free online entry.

Official Page

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