50+ Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria 2021 (Apply Now)

This first available category of undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria (2021) is for students local students because they are tenable in Nigeria. Eligible Students who can submit the right application before the deadline, and also meet the programme criteria will easily get the financial aids for their dream courses in University, Polytechnics College of Education or study from other institutions in Nigeria.

From the MTN Foundation Scholarships (one of the best local scholarships for undergraduates) to many other national funding programmes such as the Nigerian Award Scholarships .

The Nigerian LNG scholarships; one has the chance to graduate in Nigeria with flying colours without spending anything on school fees and other expenses.

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We encourage you (as a students or parent) not to seat on any of these scholarship opportunities. Head to the application links for currently open portals.

Earlier, the student grants in this list were local scholarships from the Federal Government of Nigeria, a number of oil and telecommunication companies and other brands and individuals who invest in corporate social responsibilities.

Differently however, we are adding other international scholarships for other groups in Nigeria who seek opportunities to build their academic career abroad.

If you are interested in scholarships to Study abroad then, you need to search through the list of 107 Ongoing Scholarships for students from developing nations.

Table of Contents

General Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements in Nigeria

Aspiring scholarship candidates are hereby reminded that funding is designed for students who are academically eligible.

These students may also require to be able to demonstrate financial needs to fully qualify for the awards.

However, it is very important to make reference to what we refer to the general scholarship requirements for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria 2021 and even for the years to come.

Our reference is from some of the popular programs that target undergraduates; the MTN Foundation scholarships and some of the NNPC funded schemes as well as the Federal Government Scholarship programs in 2021.

Most scholarship selection processes in Nigeria utilize Examination processes and we can vouch that they are very transparent.

From previous statistics, over 300,000 students apply for scholarships yearly and only a few scale through the examinations and other selection processes.

Firstly, you may want to look at the failure by multitude and deprivation and rejection but we attribute it to the grade demands.

Most scholarships demand that students should maintain a CGPA of, at least 3.50. Even though this may vary from one scheme to the other, we want you to learn these 12 Proven Ways to Attaining Very High CGPA in Nigerian Schools.

List of Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria 2020-2021

(From undergraduate scholarship schemes – depending on the time of accessing this information, portals are currently open to welcome your application. Here are top in this list)

  • Nigerian Award Scholarship for Undergraduates
  • MTN Foundation Scholarships (Undergraduates)
  • The Bilateral Education Agreement Awards (B.E.A.)
  • P.T.D.F. Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Oversea)
  • Chevron/N.N.P.C. National University Scholarship
  • Chevron Agbami Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Agbami Scholarships Programme.
  • Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme.

Government and Non-Government Scholarships

From time to time, there have been a series of opportunities for undergraduates in Nigeria, including governments, companies, and organizations.

These scholarship schemes vary in their worth, time of application, and offering (with regards to the number of awards per year).

Another distinguishing factor includes the disciplines of their interest.

For instance, some scholarship grants are for students who either study law, medicine, Nursing, Engineering, etc.

Note: It is important to note their application deadlines because some deadlines may not fall within the present time.

Therefore, you need to be alert to the upcoming deadlines and start early to prepare for the next award offer.

Since our goal is to help you know the right scheme, the time and duration, we have divided these articles into the categories of scholarship organizations.

The group ranges from the Federal Government scholarships to individual projects. 

Federal Government Scholarships in Nigeria 

There are various federal government aids for students with high selling potentials.

These Federal government scholarship opportunities entail both local and international scholarships as we describe in the units below:

P.T.D.F. Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Oversea)

Through the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the P.T.D.F. Scholarship Scheme awards performing students for various study levels.

The P.T.D.F. 2021 Scholarship schemes contain scholarship opportunities for undergraduates in Nigeria, Masters Students and those on the postdoctoral level (PhD)

P.T.D.F. Oversea Scholarship in the U.K. for Masters and PhD 2021

This P.T.D.F. Scholarship for Master in the United Kingdom is for students who want to further their studies in the United Kingdom; for Master and PhD.

This application portal has the complete details for the 2021 entry into the free scholarship scheme by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

P.T.D.F. Oversea Scholarship in Germany, France, and China for Masters and PhD

For students who prefer China, Germany, and France for their Masters and postdoctoral studies, this version of the P.T.D.F. Scholarship is your fair fight. 

As usual, this precise detail contains all the guides and requirements for the 2021 P.T.D.F. Oversea scholarship in Germany, France, or China.

Last but not least is the P.T.D.F. Local Scholarship in Nigeria for Undergraduates.

Bilateral Educational Agreement Oversea Scholarships (B.E.A. 2021)

The Bilateral Educational Agreement Oversea Scholarships is a scheme for Nigerian undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students.

This scholarship scheme comes through the Federal Government through its Ministry of Education.

B.E.A. is a fully-funded scholarship with participating countries taking care of tuition and accommodation, while the Nigerian Government supplies the remaining needs.

For complete details on B.E.A. 2021, we advise you to follow this page

Why the B.E.A. 2021?

The Bilateral Educational Agreement Oversea Scholarships (B.E.A. 2021) is one of the surest fully funded scholarships that are sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria, in conjunction with other foreign countries.

Scholarships Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

 Still, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, the Federal Government of Nigeria assists students ( Postgraduate, Undergraduate, HND, and N.C.E.) to continue their studies in various tertiary institutions in the nation.

Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students

This year, over 10,000 international students are provided with the opportunity to migrate and study in Turkey under fully-funded scholarships.

This scholarship is open for both students in their undergraduates’ levels, post-primary school levels and even Masters.

Nigeria, however, is part of the countries eligible for the 2021 Türkiye Scholarships Scholarships and we implore prospective students to apply before the application deadline.

 State Government Scholarships in Nigeria 

In Nigeria, Lagos state has a distinguished record as one of the countries that consider its citizens’ education to the core.

Through the Lagos State Scholarship Board, the state offers various scholarship types for different students (home and abroad).

The Lagos State Government Scholarship schemes are in three distinct phases which include:

1. The Local Undergraduate Scholarships for Lagos State Students 

2. The Local Postgraduate Scholarships for Lagos state indigenes and 

3. Foreign Scholarships for their Students. You can start accessing the information for the 2021 versions of the scheme.

For students from other States in Nigeria, we will keep making updates from your state scholarship boards, with regards to the latest scholarship opportunities from the states.

Do well to bookmark this page to stand informed. Also subscribe free with your email on the box below. doing that will help us mail you directly when scholarship updates are made.

Foreign Government Scholarships

For most developing countries (who are considered the less privileged), some foreign governments offer scholarships to citizens. Some of these foreign government scholarships for Nigerian students include:

Korean Government Scholarships

 The Korean Government Scholarship Program for an undergraduate degree provides international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between the countries. See the SCHOLARSHIP Details.

Google Scholarships  2021

On a yearly basis, Google offers various scholarships for international students around the world who have interests and passion for computer science and tech-related course.

These scholarships vary in their time of application, purposes, and worth. Still, qualified candidates are advised to use this Google’s Official Details, to proceed with the free app to numerous Google opportunities for students around the world.

Note: Most Google scholarships are designed for students coming from countries with a lower level of representation in the tech ecosystem.

Hungarian Government Scholarships

The Hungarian Government offers the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme for international students as an opportunity to undergo a study of all types in Hungary for free.

The scholarship includes tuition-free education, monthly stipend, accommodation, and medical insurance.

But just like other scholarships by both foreign and local governments, you can follow the Official page for the 2020 Hungarian Government Scholarships

Indian Government Scholarships

The Government of India, through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, offers the Africa Scholarship Scheme for undergraduate, postgraduate, and further higher studies.

Selected candidates would be provided with return economy class airfares, living allowance, contingent grant, house rent allowance, thesis expenses, and medical benefits. The deadline is usually in January.

 Mexican Government Scholarships

The Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students is for those interested in studying for a specialization, masters, doctorate, graduate research, or undergraduate or graduate-level academic program in Mexico.

The award includes a monthly stipend, registration fees, tuition, health insurance, round-trip international airfare, and transportation in Mexico. The Deadline is in September.

Australian Government Scholarships for Africans

Australia Awards Scholarships for African Students With 3rd Class. You can proceed with the free online application following the links below:

With this, you should stop being discouraged about your grace, so far this scholarship is offered for African Students with 3rd Class 2021.

There are two categories of Award: Australian Awards Scholarships to undertake higher degree studies in Australia at the Masters’s level.

Non-Government Scholarships

This list of ongoing scholarships for undergraduates in Nigeria comes from non-government bodies and organizations who consider scholarships as part of their corporate and social responsibility.

Oil Company Scholarships

This section will expose you to a good number of scholarship opportunities for undergraduates in Nigeria that are powered by oil companies in Nigeria. 

Some of the oil company scholarships, however, are community-based.

The community-based scholarships offer to selected students from particular local governments or regions.

Mostly, the companies choose parts within their operational areas as a means of giving back to society. 

However, there is another scholarship scheme for the general public, and are still funded by most of the oil companies in Nigeria.

N.N.P.C./Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme 2020 / 2021

The N.N.P.C./Erotron JV Undergraduate Scholarship is offered by the Eroton Exploration & Production Company Limited, Operator of the N.N.P.C./Eroton Joint Venture – O.M.L. 18. This scholarship scheme is not popular among its counterparts but one of the favouring undergraduate financial assistance in Nigeria.

 NNPC/ADDAX Joint Venture Scholarship

This is academic, financial assistance from Addax Petroleum Development (Nigerian) Limited (A.P.D.N.L.) Joint Venture.

It is a scholarship offer in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility. And every year, thousands of students are selected from various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Currently, qualified students are invited to make the best out of NNPC/ADDAX scholarships as one among the list of ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria (2020/2021)

The N.A.O.C. Undergraduate / NNPC/NAOC/OANDO JV Tertiary Scholarship Scheme is another popular scheme for mostly undergraduates who study in Nigeria.

Based on the explanation given above, this scholarship organization offers both the community-based scholarship and one for general students.

This scholarship award is categorized into:

  • Host Communities Merit Award – For applicants strictly from N.A.O.C. Host Communities
  • National Merit Award – This is those applicants from Non-Host communities

 Chevron/N.N.P.C. National University Scholarship

The N.N.P.C./Chevron National University Scholarship is an oil-powered career opportunity for Nigerian students in their second year of full-time study in approved courses in Nigerian Universities. 

Scholarships cover the entire program. But it is a mandate to all the awardees to maintain a certain C.G.P. to continue enjoying the Chevron/N.N.P.C. benefits.

Agbami Undergraduate Scholarships

The Chevron Agbami Undergraduate Scholarships is an effort of the Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (also, Agbami Special Medical and Engineering Scholarship) for Nigerian undergraduate students. 

These are the students in medicine and approved health and engineering courses across all the Nigerian States, including the FCT, Abuja.

The uniqueness of this scholarship is in the fact that all the Awardees receive full funding for their studies.  

2021 Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Scholarship Scheme is the pillar carrying this scholarship scheme.

The Shell Nigerian University Scholarship program offers first-year students in all Nigerian universities the opportunity to study with an annual grant from the S.P.D.C. Joint Venture for the full duration of their course. 

There is no doubt that this program aims to promote academic excellence and improve the skills-base among young Nigerians. 

 Shell/N.N.P.C. National University Scholarship

The Shell Nigeria Exploration Production Company offers the N.N.P.C./SNEPCo National University Scholarship for students in undergraduate courses of Nigerian universities.

The program provides yearly grants to successful applicants, which covers their studies from the second year to the completion of their degree program. 

N.N.P.C./Total National Merit Scholarship Scheme for Nigerians, 2020/2021

Applications are being accepted for the N.N.P.C./Total National Merit Scholarship Scheme For Nigerians, 2019/2020

This Scholarship scheme is for promoting academic excellence and quality human resources development in the Country.

Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships

The sponsor of this scholarship scheme is the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited.

It is another undergraduate scholarship that offers tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme to full time Year 1 Year undergraduates in Nigeria.

This award is also in two categories. One is for the Host community, while the other platform is accessible by every Nigerian undergraduate.

It is also for your interest that we made this list of ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria. The reason does not shift from the fact that we know the real essence of quality education. 

Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Programme

Mobil Producing Nigeria awards annual scholarships to qualified undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities. 

What qualifies a student is his or her admission into any Nigerian Universities irrespective of the state of origin, including the F.C.T. 

Eligible students for this aid must be in their 1st or 2nd year of study of approved courses. 

Nigeria L.N.G. Scholarship Scheme 2021

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited offers the “Nigeria L.N.G. Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme” is for all Nigerian undergraduates in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. 

Students who are in their first years are more favoured in these schemes and are as a result of this; we advise to utilize the annual opportunity.

The award is the payment of a yearly allowance to successful beneficiaries. 

Total Nigeria National Merit Scholarship Programme

Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited, as a body, offers the annual National Merit Scholarship Award (which is known as the Nigeria Tertiary Institutions Scholarships)” to students in Nigeria that genuinely qualify for the seats.

This scholarship is one of those undergraduate opportunities that even extend until postgraduate levels. 

Non-Oil Company Scholarships

2021 N.W.A.G. Nigeria Scholarships for Female Nigerians

Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia offers 37 one-time undergraduate scholarships in the amount of fifty thousand Naira each on any course of study, to female Nigerian undergraduate students (one per state of origin) in Nigerian universities.

M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship

For donkey years, the M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship has been leading among the local scholarships offers for undergraduates in Nigeria.

Who is Eligible for the M.T.N. Science and Technology Scholarship? 

The M.T.N. Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships are for full-time undergraduate students of Nigerian.

So far, you are enrolled in any tertiary institution (accredited public universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education) in Nigeria.

The M.T.N. Foundation Scholarship Awards cover tuition, book allowances, and stipend throughout the academic year.

And so far you maintain the given C.G.P.A.; you will continue to enjoy the scholarship benefits (N300, 000 per session) till you graduate from your current school.

The Deadline for the M.T.N. foundation scholarship application is usually October/November. 

M.T.N. Foundation /M.U.S.O.N. Music Scholarship Awards

The Musical Society of Nigeria always partners with The M.T.N. Foundation to offer the MTNF/MUSON Scholarship program.

This scholarship scheme is for students to attain a diploma course in Music at The M.U.S.O.N. School of Music, Lagos.

The sponsorship of this Musical scholarship covers tuition, book allowance, and stipend (pocket allowance). The deadline is usually September.

M.U.S.T.E. Scholarships

Mankind United to Support Total Education (M.U.S.T.E.) Award 2021 provides funds to take care of the cost of completing the University or Higher degree program.

The duration of M.U.S.T.E. scholarship is within 3 – 6 years, and the award includes tuition and maintenance allowance.

The Deadline varies year to year, but usually October/November.

You should note that showing interest through the comment section will help our team of researchers reach t your needs without delays.

Merry Hearts Scholarship for pre-university students

The Merry Hearts Foundation Inc reaches out to less privileged pre-university youths in impoverished regions of the world in which you are eligible.

The scheme is a little bit different from the types of undergraduate scholarships we have always shared in which adds moral supports as part of its values.

Merry Hearts Scholarship Fund provides financial, moral, material, and intellectual support that assists their candidates.

These material and moral supports equip students with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially.

Young Women’s Scholarship Program

The Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation and the Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora collaborate to award $1000 scholarships to promising female college students of Nigerian heritage in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Globacom G.B.A.M. Scholarships

The G.B.A.M. Scholarships, a significant aspect of Globacom’s youth G-BAM Hi5ive program.

This undergraduate scholarship scheme empowers both the Secondary and Tertiary (University, College of Education, Polytechnic) student community in Nigeria by offering a scholarship of $5 million for 1,000 students. 

The G.B.A.M. is one of the scholarship opportunities that post portal ignore while compiling the list of ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria, but we want you to take your shot this year, as it is about to commence.

American University of Nigeria Scholarships

The American University of Nigeria Scholarships is open to all students who love to further their studies at various levels.

It is one of those scholarship opportunities whose aim is to further promote and encourage bright students in their academic pursuit.

The school’s primary academic partner in the U.S. is Tulane University – a University that supports development efforts around the world.

 Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund

The Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to needy girls entering senior secondary schools in Kano and Katsina states.

These scholarship opportunities are available for girls in those Northern states in Nigeria, where the number of girls out of school is extremely high.

The program supports the scholarship recipients until they graduate.

 Caleb University Scholarships for Lagos Indigenes

Caleb University is a Private Christian University, and currently, it offers scholarships to successful candidates on any of its full-time degree programs. 

Scholarship value and other specific details have NOT been specified by the University or even by the Lagos State Scholarship Board. The Deadline is usually October. 

List of International Scholarships for Nigerian Students in 2021:

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship 2021 for Nigerian Students (Study in the UK)
  2. Erasmus Mundus/IMRD Scholarships 2021 for International Students
  3. Nigerian Award Scholarship (NA) 2020-2021 Application
  4. List of Secondary School Scholarships in Nigeria (2021)
  5. 2021 Swedish Institute Scholarships (Study in Swedish Universities)
  6. Ghent University Doctoral Scholarship 2021 for Candidate from Developing Countries
  7. VLIR-UOS Scholarships 2021/2022 for study in Flanders Belgium
  8. Holland Scholarship 2021/2022 for Bachelor’s or Master’s in the Netherlands [5,000 Euros]

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