Major Medical Supply Company – Review and List of Services

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Major medical supply company represents numerous of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of different types of medical equipment and supply across the health care industry in the United State.

Irrespective of your medical needs, the USA medical supply company can assist you in getting the right product and pieces of equipment to meet up your health care needs.

The major medical supply company provides a complete range of medical products that keep the medical practice running smoothly and providing the best result which includes quality care for patients.

From the onset, the Major medical supply company has provided the highest level of customer services, which makes their customer believe that their solution can be proffered by the company.

The companies trained staff is well equipped to perform more than simply take order task, the major medical supply companies were known to be reliable when it comes to the supply of medical equipment’s.

They also help you define your need, make a good decision by providing educational articles, discuss your choices, and help design an affordable medical supply plan.

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The Need for Major Medical Supply Company

All Health services in most developing countries need to choose appropriate supplies.

In other words, equipment, and drugs, are needed to meet priority health needs and to avoid wasting limited resources by making sure that the health facilities have adequate supplies.

This is so essential because it will make people have confidence in health services and health workers. 

Making the products to be cost-effective will go along way in making it to be affordable to the customers

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A lot of useful information is available about essential drugs, and the World Health Organization and other organizations have produced prototypical lists of essential drugs. 

Until this moment, less or no information was available about medical supplies and equipment. 

The fact that there is a much range of different products and items to choose from and the specifications for supplies. Equipment is much less standardized than for essential drugs. 

In other to address the challenge, ECHO made available selecting medical supplies for basic health care.

A classical list of vital supplies and equipment, in 1995. 

The prototypical list of some vital supplies and equipment has been updated to reflect changes and developments since 1995.

It covers laboratory supplies, supplies and equipment for community care, and essential drugs. 

The presentation of the list has been rearranged to show the necessary supplies and equipment required for different primary health care activities. 

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How do hospitals get their supplies?

Purchasing supplies by hospitals through a group purchasing organization or negotiating directly with distributors or wholesalers.

This has made medical supply and equipment manufacturers, as well as distributors, to become more dominant online.

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What is the supply chain in the healthcare Medical industry?

The regulation of the flow of medical goods and services from manufacturer to the patient is handled by Healthcare supply chain management.

The resources needed to deliver goods or services to a consumer is referred to as the supply chain.

Managing the supply chain is typically a very complex and fragmented process in healthcare.

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What is the basic medical supply equipment?



Blood infusion set.

Cannula, intravenous (separated)

Catheter, Foley.


Dialyzer, hemodialysis.

Enema bag and enema bucket.

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Below is the list of the Major Medical Supply Company:


The Medtronic is the largest medical scheme company in the world. 

It has a workforce of over 90,000, operational in 150 countries, Medtronic is at the lead of medical technology. 

In the economic year 2020, the company was able to generate an impressive sum of $28.9bn in revenue, a decrease of 3% year-on-year. 

A reduction in revenue was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which really affected the company’s Q4 2020 results. 

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The effect of Covid-19 is estimated to continue to have a confrontational impact on significant aspects of the business. 

However, the company remains committed to optimizing innovation, improving R&D productivity.

Which also involve driving growth in emerging markets, clinical evidence generation, and assessing our R&D programs.

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Johnson & Johnson

These organizations emerged as the second plugin the major medical supply company in 2020. 

Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices includes a wide range of goods used in the Interventional Solutions, Orthopedic, Surgery, and Eye Health fields. 

Then in 2019, the division made sales of $26bn, and a reduction of 4% compared to 2018. 

The decline in revenue for Surgery and Orthopedics was as result of a fall in sales for the division.

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Furthermore, a decrease in growth was offset by a cosmological performance for Electrophysiology, Contact Lens, and Energy and End cutters. 

Looking forward, the company plans to arrange by improving its pipeline of innovation and managing its portfolio.

Thereby, focusing on the smooth execution of acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

This is another major medical supply company that has proven its worth based on delivery.

The medical diagnostics company Thermo Fisher Scientific is made up of four key fragments;

Life Science Solutions, Analytical Instruments, Specialty Diagnostics, and Laboratory Products and Services. 

The company’s revenue raised by a healthy 5% in 2019, safeguarding the company’s position in the top 3 of this list. 

Growth was motivated by high-impact innovation and new product launches. 

Continuous innovation and plans to leverage its scope to more emerging markets remains the company’s commitment.

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Abbott took the fourth plug in the 20s biggest medical device companies. 

It was founded over 130 years ago, the headquarter is in Illinois, and delivers medical devices and healthcare solutions to more than 160 countries. 

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The company is well known for creating breakthrough products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and branded generic pharmaceuticals, With over 107,000 employees worldwide.

Therefore, in 2019, Abbott’s sales increased by an outstanding 5%, with a cosmological performance from the glucose-monitoring system, Freestyle Liver, and heart valve treatment Mitral Clip. 

Furthermore, the company plans to continue to deliver maintainable growth, sustainable success, and a sustainable future.

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Philips is a branch out Technology Company with over a hundred years in business.

The division makes up to 42% of its global revenue and is made up of three key areas;

The Diagnosis & Treatment, Connected Care, and Personal Health. 

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Furthermore, In 2019 Philips’ health business generated $19 billion in sales.

This was down by 8% on a year basis driven by steady growth from all divisions. 

Hitherto, Philips has a strategic plan to further boost growth, by focusing on capturing geographic growth opportunities, driving innovation solutions, and reinforcing M&A, organic investments, and partnerships.

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GE Healthcare

The GE healthcare is another major medical supply company that has met a lot of target.

A fundamental to the top 10 is the leading global medical technology and life sciences companies, GE Healthcare. 

With an all-encompassing portfolio of products, GE Healthcare is generally acknowledged for its imaging, ultrasound, software, and life care solutions. 

GE Healthcare sales raised by 1% in 2019, driven by strong performances by Life Care Solutions, Services, and Ultrasound, partially offset by Imaging. 

In 2019 GE Healthcare unveiled a string of deals to expand its presence in the growing fields of 3D printing, surgical robotics, and virtual care. 

In a press release president and CEO of GE Healthcare, Kieran Murphy commented “Healthcare’s next chapter will be written in part by emerging technologies like 3D printing, robotic surgery, and virtual patient monitoring”.

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Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers sits in eighth place on the list of top medical device companies. 

The Headquarter is in Germany, Siemens Healthineers is the medical technology branch of automation and electrics conglomerate Siemens. 

In 2019, the company’s sales increased by an impressive 14% supported by all segments with very strong growth for Imaging and Advanced Therapies.

The economic year 2020 marks the beginning of the second phase of the Siemens Healthineers Strategy 2025.

With growth plans for all three core segments: Imaging, Diagnostics, and Advanced Therapies. 

Its cross-segment priorities are to increase market share across geographic growth markets.

To increase market share gains with leading healthcare providers, and to drive forward the company’s digital transformation.

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Fresenius Medical Care

It’s a German-based international healthcare company, Fresenius medical care takes seventh place. 

It’s an organization with over 300,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Fresenius has been a leading provider of products and services for dialysis, hospitals, and outpatient treatment. 

In 2019, the company’s medical care division raised by a steady flow of 1%. 

The attainment and incorporation of home dialysis treatment, NxStage, greatly boosted the company’s performance. 

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In the annual general meeting of the company, it was stated that Fresenius’ stable business model has helped keep the company on track.

Most especially for growth, even in face of the significant challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is in the tenth place and it’s an American multinational healthcare services company.

The company has grown and covered over 100 years of experience and about 50,000 employees.

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It is extensively recognized for providing pharmaceuticals, medical products, and services that help healthcare providers. 

Then in the 2020 economic year, the company’s medical segment revenue fell slightly.

With retrogressive growth down of 1% owing to the confrontational effects of deferred elective measures related to Covid-19, primarily on products and distribution. 

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Becton Dickinson & Company

These are commonly referred to as BD and are one of the major medical supply company.

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Becton Dickinson and Company is an American multinational medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems, and substances. 

BD’s medical partition raised by 8% in 2019. The growth cut across divisions and regions. 

Most of the investments in research and development led to the efficacious launch of 25 major products in 2019. 

Wherefore, the company planned to continue investing and developing a healthy channel of new products.

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