5 Proven Ways you can Make Money Blogging

There exist other great options but this piece is concerned with proven ways you can make money blogging – platforms and strategies that we have tested over the years.

We have also learnt some of the peculiarities that each of the platforms shares, their differences and how you can set up a blog that will generate stable income as a reward for your efforts.

A blog in its original form is like a diary of some sorts, shortened from the word ‘weblog’, these weblogs allowed users to ‘log’ the details of their day in diary-style entries.

Blogs usually allow readers to comment so as their popularity grew, more communities grew around these popular blogs. Now, these blogs have become lucrative businesses through which their owners make money daily.

In simple terms, blogging is writing, photography, and other forms of media that can be self-published online.

In the early days, blogging was made to make diary-style entries and other simple forms of writing, from daily life experiences to poems or other short forms of writing that were just posted to the internet for fun and as a hobby.

Blogging has come a very long way since then and its scope has broadened, many businesses now incorporate blogs into their websites.

The label of blogging includes frequent updates, informal language, and the opportunity for the readers to engage in or start a conversation.

If you’ve not yet created your blog and you need to know how to do so, follow our complete step-by-step tutorial to get you started.

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Today I’ll be showing you the 5 surest ways you can make money through blogging. These methods have been tested and trusted. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

By Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is the name given to the procedures through which a person (an affiliate) makes money by marketing another person’s (or company’s) product.

The affiliate simply looks for affiliate products to promote through their blog, in doing so, they get a percentage of the profits of said products.

Like many bloggers, you too can make money from your blog using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing/sales create a huge source of revenue for most of these big-name bloggers, for instance, blogs in Nigeria like Invoice Blog, Ventures Africa, SMEdigest,  etc all make huge sums of money from affiliate sales alone.

Like these blogs named above, you too can make money from your blog using affiliate marketing.

The percentage of the profit an affiliate makes is called a commission. These commissions vary from seller to seller and also depend on the kind of affiliate program you sign up for.

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Make Money Through Advertisements.

As the name connotes, blog advertising is a way through which you can make money from your blog by allowing people to advertise on your blog.

There are many advertisement programs that could help you do this, of which Google Adsense.

If you have decent traffic on your blog, you can sign up with Google AdSense, so far you meet all their criteria for signing up.

This is the strategy most upcoming bloggers use when they start to monetize their blogs. However, keep in mind that when it comes to advertising with your blog, you’re not limited to selling banners and ad spots, most of which have less relevance these days.

When approaching advertising, consider other areas of your blog which you could rent out. These could be either space on your pop-up box, social media headers, and so on.

For you to make money through advert placement on your blog, you have to think outside the box (quite literally).

Make Money Through Sponsored Posts.

The ways in which you can make money from your blog are really not limited to ads alone. Writing sponsored posts for deserving and reputable companies is one way in which you can make money.

As your blog starts to gain more relevance, you will receive multiple requests to create sponsored posts each day. Sponsored posts are a type of native ad, it rests somewhere between a blog post and a normal traditional advertisement.

Sponsored posts are often made to look like articles written about a product or service of the company sponsoring the post.

On many occasions, one might not realize that he or she is reading a sponsored post.

Unlike traditional whose main objective is to get the viewer to buy stuff, sponsored posts are entertaining, engaging, and educational.

This is the reason why many companies look for relevant blogs in certain fields and contact them to make sponsored posts on their blogs.

All you have to do to cash out with sponsored posts is to make them engaging and always expose the sponsored nature of the post to your audience.

However, as lucrative as this may be, the main goal also should not just be to make money from your blog.

You should also educate and entertain along the way, it’s what will give you a sure reader base.

More importantly, you have to screen the requests you receive. Don’t just go around making sponsored posts for just about everybody.

The integrity of your blog is something to be guarded.  If you get requests from Ponzi schemes, scammers, spam sites, or MLM companies, it’s best you decline as you don’t want to be associated with such names.

By Creating a Business Directory

To make money from your blog through this method, you need to check, what type of products or services, your audience frequently asks for recommendations on.  

Create a comprehensive list based on those requests and then meet relevant businesses to sign up for your business directory.

Selling listings to local businesses is by far the most popular way to monetize your directory.

The concept is simple, small businesses want to go online, but not all of them can afford a website.  

To meet this need, create a list of businesses, the services they offer, and their contacts.

Once this is done, people can see their businesses and reach out to them.  They in turn will pay you money to be on your list.

Although this is not the only way to make money from a business directory, it’s the most common way.

By Creating Premium Content.

This is one of the common ways through which bloggers make money. You too can make money from your blog using this method.

Premium content can be any type of content that you charge for. It can be either an e-book, a blueprint, a white paper, a downloadable guide, tutorials, online courses, and so on.

These contents are then hidden behind a paywall. You create awesome content, put them behind a paywall, and then make your audience pay for access to this content.

Payments could be one-off or monthly, depending on the type of content you’re creating.

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These are five of the many ways through which you can monetize your blog, so yes! Blogging can be your full-time career.

There are many more ways through which you can monetize your blog.

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