Affiliate Marketing | 3 Proven Formulas to Make Money (7-Figure Blueprint)

This post will take you through the practical and proven ways you can make money with affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home, and simply put, we have enumerated the strategies that works, the rules and regulations plus a clear-cut step-by-step guide that will help you create a 7-figure affiliate marketing business in less than 30 days.

You probably have heard or read so much about affiliate marketing but this post is focusing on the ‘How’; starting with understanding what affiliate marketing is all about to a number of things you must understand if you intend to build a recursive and sustainable income stream using this business model.

Let’s begin by understanding affiliate marketing as an internet-based business model that reward affiliate(s) for promoting products and services owned by Marchant(s).  

As an affiliate marketer, your role is to research and discover products and services with higher potentials, learn and understand the products and services and then recommend them to people who are more likely to make use of them.

The process of researching, recommending to others, getting paid and repeating the processes with single or multiple platforms is what makes the affiliate marketing business and you are about to unravel the mystery.

Module 1: Understanding Affiliate Marketing 

With an affiliate marketing business model in place, no one should have to struggle to earn enough money to live a comfortable life.

This is a recent realization for me, and I want you to benefit from my years of trial and error; the experience and proven result blueprint.

If you had come in touch with me, you’d understand how passionate I am about sharing strategies and teaching.

After a failed affiliate marketing venture, I’d developed the habit of conducting intensive and extensive research before investing.

It led me into an unintentional debt that threatened my peace for a long time, but I can now say that I was privileged all along. 

I’m privileged to have failed before.

First, this work is designed to prevent you from making the kinds of mistakes I made that got me drowned in a financial mess.

Earning $7-figures from affiliate marketing is not even the hallmark, so clickbait was never the intention behind choosing this title.

There is no limit to how much you can earn using these strategies, and you can replicate the system across multiple platforms, niches, and accounts.

Meanwhile, there is a saying that if you want to keep something from a certain group of people, you must put it in writing.

Because you are reading this masterpiece, it is assumed that you are not among those who dislike reading.

People, by default, pay less attention to what they are not paying for, which has an impact on the quality of information available for free on the internet.

Most content creators understand the critical aspect of how people perceive money and have begun charging exorbitant prices for valuable content.

Anyway, that is a topic for another project, but if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must establish a standard and be able to learn the following:

  1. Right affiliate product/platforms to choose from  
  2. Ideal platform for every affiliate business
  • The target audience (those who are most likely to pay for the products/services)
  • The right content you need to create in other to drive massive traffic and get many users to sign up, buy or subscribe – depending on the type of affiliate marketing, terms and conditions and what the brands do not want you to do.

To be honest, there is a lot of “how and why” questions that you must correctly answer by following the links in this material as well as adhering to the methods we share.

As some of our job titles imply, we tested these platforms before recommending them to you – you can sign up today and begin building your own virtual office. 

To begin, I’d love you to understand a few basics about Affiliate Marketing. 

From there, we look at how to make some crucial decisions and start hitting the market very hard. 

Let’s also assume you have a genuine desire to earn real money online by doing some work.

Enough with the contemplation, planning, and procrastination. Let’s go in and crush it.

Affiliate Marketing Basics 

In this section, you will learn what affiliate marketing is all about, how it works, and who can participate in it.

In this business model we have three parties:

The Merchant: The creator who needs to sell something (software, website or ecommerce product creators).

The Platform: The point of contact between the affiliate marketer and the merchant. This includes the end-users who purchase the products and services.

 The Affiliate: An affiliate marketer does not have a product or service. He only copied a tracked link of affiliate products and services.

Now here is the relationship: When the affiliate marketer (which is more likely to be you) copies links to these affiliate products and shares them in groups, through ads, one-on-one conversations, etc., he/she starts earning money whenever any sale is recorded.

Let me rephrase: Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a marketer (third party) creates publicity that generates leads or awareness for a product or service.  

The publicity created generates leads and traffic to the company’s products and services, and the affiliate marketer earns the agreed commission.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a business model where companies pay marketers commissions based on the sales or traffic generated from their advert for a particular product.

Module 2: Affiliate Marketing Types

Affiliate marketing comes in a variety of forms. In terms of marketing and payment methods, each type has its own qualities. The various types of affiliate marketing are listed below.

Pay-per-click advertising.

Marketers who use pay-per-click marketing earn commissions based on the quantity of traffic their unique referral link generates for the affiliate product (website).

Google AdSense, for example, pays bloggers a reward depending on the number of clicks generated by the advertising on their site.

Marketing on a pay-per-sale basis.

Pay-per-sale marketing is a sort of affiliate marketing in which marketers are compensated based on the number of sales generated by their link.

PPS necessitates a well-thought-out advertising strategy as well as the capacity to secure prospects who are interested in the products.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank and Expertnaire are common examples, where affiliate marketers promote publicity for a product or service in exchange for a percentage of the commissions.

Advertising on a pay-per-lead basis

Pay-per-lead marketing

Marketers who use pay-per-lead affiliate marketing get paid based on how many sign-ups or leads their unique referral link generates.

PPL does not have a decent reward system. Each affiliate marketing network has its own set of fees.

Where To Find Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs

There is no better way to discover profitable Programs/platforms than to answer a number of basic questions about affiliate marketing.

To start off, understand what affiliate marketing is all about, and how you can earn income through affiliate marketing.

I recall how I learned about Adsense in 2013 and jumped into blogging.

Frankly, I failed, I lost money, and even procured huge debts in the process.

After a while, history repeated itself and would have continued in that loop. However, I realized the importance of investing in knowledge. By doing a few things I learned along the way, my first blog ranked off in just three months and increased my earnings by 100%. Some of those strategies I used will be shared in this manual.

Without further ado, let’s study the number of ways to find profitable marketing programs.

Select Affiliate Marketing Programs.

To start making considerations on the type of affiliate marketing program, kindly go through this manual – 50+ Critical Things You Must Know About Affiliate Marketing.

Method One: Consider Your Niche

Niche here simply means your business niche (if you already have a business or render services) or the particular area of your business which you can take online.

  • If you already have a web development skill, or intend to acquire such skill, then your business niche should be web development.
  • If you have influence, experience or desire for fashion, then your niche is fashion.

The list goes on. It is based on the outcome of the decision above that you can decide to jump into any of the following affiliate programs.

Select From Affiliate Marketing Marketplaces

Just as we have an app store for IOS devices, Google play store for Android devices, and Microsoft OVI store, so also there are great technologies powering various affiliate marketing platforms.

Examples of these affiliate marketing platforms are-

  • Impact Radius.
  • CJ Affiliates, etc.

These affiliate marketplaces have certain criteria in common. Applying and getting approved for these platforms can be very demanding at all times; and for good reasons.

With these affiliate marketing platforms, you can find high-paying affiliate programs.

Some can pay you as much as $100, $200, and even $1200 for any sale or sign-up that you bring.

For this reason, people who are not smart on the internet try to beat systems and cash out without working for the money.

For a time, those tactics worked but recently, more and more measures have been put in place to thwart the efforts of those who intend to beat the system and the consequences are dire. You can lose your entire earnings and even get blacklisted from that platform entirely.

If you intend to make money with affiliate marketing in 2022, you must study the most genuine process and follow all regulations.

Select from E-commerce stores.

There are several eCommerce stores powered directly by Affiliate Marketing Technologies. The most Popular among the ones in the United States is Click bank. In Africa however, the most popular is Expertnaire.

These are mostly online stores where information products are sold. These information products include online courses, e-books, webinars, event tickets, and lots more.

As usual, it’s a hub that helps these content creators make more sales and also help the affiliate earn huge commissions from recommending the products (online courses, e-books, etc)

How to Apply For Affiliate Programs.

You can see we have two models here; the marketplace model that manages several programs, and the eCommerce model that manages itself.

In the eCommerce model, you can place a product to sell or just register and promote an existing product to earn commissions. To sign up with these platforms, you have to pay some registration fees.

Earning from these platforms can be very profitable. You do not need to own a website or a platform to get approval and sell your products.

For other programs such as Getresponse, Semrush, Canva, Big-commerce, Wix, etc you need to understand why they will not approve your application.

For real, these are platforms where you can easily earn $10+ monthly if you get these things right.

Why Will Your Affiliate Application be Rejected?

This has happened to us; and through experience, we know exactly why your account may be rejected, that is if it’s not already rejected.

1. Zero Platform: To find these profitable affiliate marketing programs, apply, and get approved, you must do some simple things like setting up a blog, setting up a video platform.

These high-paying affiliate programs come from serious business platforms online such as email software, web hosting, eCommerce site builders, chat plugins, and video/music streaming software.

The companies want to ensure that you don’t abuse your priviledge, and also make sure that you have what it takes to promote their platforms.

This partnership is designed for bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencers. So if you desire to start earning a legitimate lifetime salary in thousands of dollars by working on your blog or just using your smartphones or laptop to create video content, then you need to sit heads up!

How To Apply And Get Instant Approval For Affiliate Marketing

As explained, previously, before you apply for any of these programs, you need to own a content platform. The platform here may be a blog, and it may also be your vlog or a traceable track of the influence

The second requirement is the educative content that you’d create around the product. Let’s say you endeavor to become an affiliate marketer around web development and web hosting services. To get approval for such programs, you’ll need to have written quality content that explains, compare hosting platforms, services, and so on.

Examples of these topics include:

  • Best web hosting companies
  • Best email marketing software
  • Cheapest hosting plans
  • Best hosting companies with web security

 The list goes on and on.

When a user buys, signs up, or subscribes to any of the affiliate products listed on or in your work, you’ll keep earning your commissions.

Trust me, you can earn as low as $50  and even as much as $1200 for a single person you successfully bring into a platform.  Isn’t this amazing?

Anyway, how much you can earn as commission varies from one platform to another.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, we recommend this complete walk-through online course. It has a series of videos that clearly explains how you can earn from affiliate marketing with clear illustrations, processes with real-life stories, strategies, and examples that will blow your mind, and force you back into the position of financial authority.

Module 3: Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing (Rules)

There’s no denying that affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business, but it’s not without its drawbacks. You must also take the required precautions to safeguard all of your efforts.

I have a story of a failing affiliate marketing firm that ruined my goals by putting me in a ludicrous amount of debt.

You can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing, but if you try to beat the system by ignoring or omitting any of these principles, you will never achieve your goal of being a well-paid affiliate marketer.

Another truth is that earning money from outstanding affiliate programs does not require years.

I ventured without following patterns, and I’ve sworn to keep you from making the same mistake that cost me over $10,000 in affiliate payments; I believe it’s wiser and destiny-inclined to keep you from making the same mistake that cost me over $10,000 in affiliate payments to the dreaded phrase “payment denied”

Without going too far back in time, let’s take a look at some of the costly mistakes you should avoid, and we urge that you continue the same path and become more innovative with your business.

I understand you’re looking for results.

However, keep in mind that you are benefiting from personal experience and knowledge that has been tested and proved.

We’ve also engaged with the support teams of many affiliate marketing platforms, and we’ll continue to share more updated ideas, platforms, and payment methods through Jobreaders’ YouTube channel, Facebook pages, and private mentorship groups.

Before we get started, keep in mind that while affiliate marketing is a successful Internet business, it also comes with a set of rules and regulations that must be followed.

So, if you want to make money while earning commissions, stay away from these deadly blunders.

a) Lack of understanding

How do you plan to sell something you have no experience with? Rather than enrolling in every affiliate marketing scheme available, pick one (email marketing, web design, page builder, etc.).

Here’s what you should do:

Utilize the Premium Platform (since that is what you sell)

Acquire the abilities (be it email marketing, web hosting, search engine optimization, or page design).

Recommend it to your friends and family (you can now help them)

b) It’s a low-priority item

Some affiliate marketers are more concerned with selling products and making money than with assisting customers.

Even if your goal as an affiliate marketer is to make money, following rule one will protect you from the wrath of poor affiliate marketing priorities.

c) Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions

There is a separate page with terms and conditions for each affiliate marketing platform. Before you sign up, make sure you read and understand all of the terms and conditions.

This will assist you in comprehending the programs do’s and dont’s. Allow me to elaborate with a specific example.

SEMrush is an excellent SEO plugin that helps you figure out what your prospects are looking for online (so you can better target them with advertisements) and also help bloggers find more profitable materials for their site.

This software includes an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn up to $5 for each person you suggest who signs up for a free account and up to $200 for each person who signs up for an SEO plan.

You can win $1000 by inviting 200 of your friends and relatives without having to do anything.

However, you may not have anticipated what will happen if more than half of the people you suggested do not sign up for the plan.

The bottom line is that you might not get compensated. Instead of recommending your products and services to people who are unlikely to utilize them, focus on referring consumers to this software and other affiliate connections.

The upside of actual marketing is that if just one person signs up for a SEMrush Premium Account, you’ll make $205.

Why waste time promoting low-potential individuals when you can make a lot of money by focusing on the right people? As you can see, this company is great for those who can follow the engagement principles we discussed earlier.

It’s also perfect for people who can research platforms and generate instructive content for users, as well as those who can offer some of these professional services.

To assist you win, I propose that you pay close attention to the keys in the next chapter, where I presented our formal recommendations before diving into the process in the third section.

Module 4: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing 

There are two ways you can make money from affiliate marketing. The first method is through content marketing (eBooks, blogs, and vlogs, as in YouTube videos). 

The second option is through services, and you are about to hop in. 

Content Marketing Method 

In this section, you will refine all that you’ve learnt with a very clear picture of how you can make money as a young or new affiliate marketer. 

Let’s look at how you can make money with affiliate marketing. In this section, you will read several real stories that change the way you pursue digital marketing. 

First, let us look at what it truly takes to make money with affiliate marketing and why it is necessary to gain influence in any market of your choice.

Remember, you gain influence when you provide value for a long time. You can as well search for better ways to command your market. 

The scope of this tutorial is hell-bent on teaching you how you can start earning huge commissions as an affiliate marketer. 

On the other hand (if you are a creator or a service provider), you can leverage affiliate marketing technologies to recruit affiliate marketers who will make life easy for you by helping you sell. 

This piece focuses largely on how to make money from affiliate marketing as an affiliate marketer. 

Do you need to design your affiliate website or do you intend to grow your business with affiliate marketing? Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].

Affiliate Marketing Tactics 

What if I told you that affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online ventures today? Would you agree with me that you can finally secure the path to financial stability as an affiliate marketer? However, this is very feasible. We have an actionable plan to make this possible if implemented correctly.

Prerequisites To create a sustainable cash flow from affiliate marketing, you need to avoid starting an affiliate marketing business without first understanding and mastering the platform or niche on which the affiliate is based. 

You first need to master the platform to be able to create content around it. This content will make people interested in the product or platform that you’re marketing and make them buy it, making money for you in the process.

So, to get started, you’ll need to follow our Affiliate Marketing Plan. Follow the next few steps to get started.

  1. Acquire Fundamental Skills

When you first start out in affiliate marketing, you should learn the fundamentals of the product you want to sell as an affiliate.

The reason for this is that you will need to create content around these products and services. This content will revolve around the use of the products, the ways these products can help your business. 

The only way you can get this knowledge is by knowing how to use the products yourself. That way, you’re not just selling an affiliate product you have no information about.

  • Set up a Solution-Based Blog

I strongly advise you to not jump into blogging with the hope of making money with affiliate marketing. Since I don’t want to predict the outcome of such an unguided business, I must inform you that I spent over 5 years before I realized my mistakes in early 2019.

Because it costs me time and resources to blog without purpose, and you, for the fact that you have this material, should never repeat my mistakes.

Instead, take a seat for some hours and think of a solution that you want your blog to proffer. 

When people are getting values and clear-cut answers to their questions through your blogs, you’re directly boosting your influence. 

With this, you can recommend products and services with your affiliate links.

So then again, CONTENT IS KEY and I’m about to show you some of the examples.


There are so many needs out there. 

Businesses are searching for ways to increase sales; you can create a business blog to address that. 

So many people are struggling to lose weight—you can set up a blog to address just that. 

The numbers of people who want to emigrate as students and families are skyrocketing everywhere in the world—you can set up a blog to tackle wrong emigration information. 

The list goes on and on. 

While creating content (articles, eBooks, and videos) that teaches people any of these, you can recommend platforms, software, products, and opportunities for your audience with links to your affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing places us on a lifetime salary, so long as our content is read and watched by people around the world.

You can start it today!

Start today by taking positive actions and starting to change your financial narrative from this moment.

There is quite a lot to learn, and the reality is that from the comfort of your home, great office, or even from your school hostels (as a student), you can earn income in dollars and get paid right into your local bank accounts.

So, if you want to be this well-paid affiliate marker who decides how much and when to be paid, I invite you to the next section, where you’ll be learning about the strategies that help us win.

Remember, we intend to help you win as well. 

Step One: Select a Niche

Picking a niche is just like choosing a business line. This process is very important because you cannot promote every kind of product. 

For instance, one may choose to write about business software, while another may choose to promote health apps and products. The list goes on into infinity. 

Once you are sure of the right type of affiliate marketing to venture into, then you proceed with step two. 

Step Two: Create Information Products 

Information products are those written or video products that thoroughly explain a process, product, or service. Another instance: let’s assume you are known for your graphics and for giving valid business and skill tips. 

On the other hand, 

 Canva is a graphics software that is used for designing high-quality graphics such as flyers, posters, ID cards, business cards, wedding invitation cards, etc.  With Canva one does not need to pay graphics designers again, and it helps you design any kind of graphics in just a few clicks and a drag-and-drop feature. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can create information products in forms such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and eBooks.

You can create topics for different users, such as:

  • How to Design your Wedding Invitation Card with Canva in 4 Minutes 
  • How to Design an Amazing Business Card with Canva 
  • 3 Ways to Design an eBook Cover with Canva
  • Need a Flyer for your Business? Here is How to Save Cost with Canva 
  • Review – Graphics Designers or Just Canva Pro

The list of tips you can create from this single software has no limit. Perhaps, you need various topics to be able to attract several users with different interests.

Why do you do this?

When you write well enough to explain with illustrations, or simply make a YouTube video teaching people how to use this platform, you will leave a link for them to pay to subscribe to the software. 

In this case, your affiliate link, and since you have so much content for so many possible users, you will keep helping them learn and also keep earning huge commission from all their fees. 

Isn’t affiliate marketing a blessing to mankind? 

Meanwhile, you can also use this link to purchase your first Canva Pro account and start designing amazing graphics for your businesses or this affiliate marketing project.

Step Three: Promoting Affiliate Products

Now that you’ve created informational content around these affiliate marketing programs, what next?

Content shared on your blog, YouTube, or embedded in eBooks is mere winks in the dark when it is not accessible to several paying prospects. 

So, to get your content to millions of internet users who are more likely to learn, buy your affiliate products, or sign up for the affiliate services that you promote, you must leverage the internet in various forms. 

However, in our subsequent module, you will learn, in more clear detail, how to promote affiliate products to earn a living.

There are free methods of getting many people to learn from your content, but there are better options if you need faster results.

Platforms where you can share your affiliate links include: 

  • WhatsApp Contact/Channels and Groups 
  • Facebook Pages/groups
  • Paid Google Ads (YouTube Ads and AdWords)
  • Blog Post Optimization (Long terms)
  • Sharing your Content on Instagram or Running IG Ads 

Lesson One: How to Set Up Google Ads to Sell Anything 

Lesson Two: How to Set Up Facebook/Instagram Ads in 5 Minutes 


Service Rendering Method 

Rendering digital services such as becoming a web developer, email marketing service provider, ecommerce site designer, etc., allows you to earn an income for life. 

Module 5: Promoting Affiliate Products 

Before hopping in, let’s rub our minds together. There are quite a couple of guides out there and lots of great means of earning just enough money from affiliate marketing. 

However, if you intend to create serious cash flow from this business model and also be able to keep it a sustainable source of income over time, then you need to pay attention to the pitfalls (that not many people are willing to tell you about) and also the real cost of starting.

There are various ways you can help millions of people all over the world make some cool cash without so much stress. 

Freeway to generate sellable knowledge about affiliate products by sharing links on social media and recommending them to people you know.

One can also see the idea of productization and content marketing as a way of creating useful information about affiliate products. 

By helping people know about the platforms and the products, as an affiliate, you are creating chances for more interested users who are more likely to convert.

Whether you intend to render services or only drive useful traffic for your affiliate business, using knowledge-based products such as eBooks, blogs, and video reviews makes the journey seamless.

So let’s look at some of the approaches.

Using an EBook to Promote Affiliate Products

Because this is an eBook that you probably paid for, you need to understand what it looks like a secret—of course, it isn’t any secret. 

Just like blogs, YouTube channels, and other content platforms, the ideal business model is that we share information and get paid for sharing that information. 

First, you need to know what knowledge you want to sell via the eBook.

Is it how to lose weight, how to design a blog, how to sell products faster online, how to collect and send business emails, or what? 

All you need to do is to carry out genuine research and find the best tools and products. Test these products and learn how to use them.

That’s all. 

Write an eBook and leave referral links to your recommended products and services. 

Since you are sure of the products, software, or services that you review, all you have to do is to recommend a product. 

Let me give you just one example: One can write an eBook about email marketing that is titled “4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Sales by 200% Using Email Marketing.”

With your affiliate links, you can recommend the best email marketing platforms. 

When you sign up using our link, you will get all the rewards for a new user that we have invited, and we will also earn our commission when you start using the platforms. 

That explains how you can use an eBook to make massive sales of your affiliate products.

You can also sell this eBook for a price, but so long as people keep reading and using your links to sign up for these platforms, you will keep making money by earning a commission. 

How much you can earn depends on several factors, but below are the most pronounced:

  • The quality of information in this book needs to cover the needs of these prospects.
  • The language: Use simple terms and sentences that your readers can understand.
  • Your marketing must be precise, even if you decide to run social media adverts with your affiliate links.
  • You must not advertise like me or your mentors – you can be more creative when you think of ‘how can I sell more?’

You can add as many as you like in our private groups and also get to learn from my team and other users.

How Can I Create An E-Book? 

It costs nothing to get your first eBook ready because you can summarize a 10-year experience in just one day, week, or month and hit the publish button. 

Interestingly, you don’t need to spend any money to get your first eBook sold; simply click the link in the lesson below to become the latest author in town. 

EBook Lesson: http://how to publish an ebook

How to Promote Affiliate Products 

Promoting affiliate products is done by promoting knowledge about the products. 

Whether you choose to do your affiliate business with eBooks, video content, services, or by creating content on your blog, to reach more people who are more likely to buy.

However, the idea remains the same: If you truly want to become a 7-figure affiliate marketer, your goal should be to reach even more people via your educative content on those platforms, not just links.

With this strategy, your target audience will learn better and faster, trust your work, and be able to buy or sign into programs without you begging.

Let us look at the various ways you can start your affiliate marketing business like a pro.

Promoting Affiliate Products with a Blog 

Most well-paying affiliate platforms listed here won’t accept any partnership applications when you haven’t demonstrated proficiency in your niche.

In other words, you need your new blog to have some quality content on those platforms. 

Cost Estimation

We have made serious calculations for the basic requirements.

To set up a blog with Bluehost, you can start with as low as $36/year; and to set up a blog with Namecheap, you can start with as low as $24/year.

It is very simple and you can do that right now. 

To further help you understand blogging and learn how to create a lifetime income stream blogging, below are several resources that will put you through. 

With all these, it is guaranteed that in less than 30 days you have built up a business that will continue to pay you for the rest of your life. 

Note: Blogging is a comprehensive affiliate marketing strategy for various reasons, some of which being that you can as well integrate your YouTube videos and links to eBooks to maximize your earnings.

There are more than 10 ways you can be earning a lifetime salary from your new blogs and we have documented every process in this detailed online course. 

Promoting Affiliate Products with Video Contents 

This is yet another strategy that works like magic, and all you’ve got to do is to select a niche with several platforms, study them by using them as we suggested, and go ahead with the right content research that will help you create amazing content.

Your goal with this channel is to teach people how to use digital platforms, products, and services and do it in such a way that they will love to sign up using the link you share. 

For instance, you can decide to share insights, tips, and guides on the use of a great platform such as Getresponse.

This is an all-in-one platform that helps with the following:

  1. Creating a Webinar 
  2. Landing/Sales Pages 
  3. Sending of Bulk Emails
  4. Collecting Email Accounts, etc. 

Below are samples of some of this content that we create to guide users and also open doors for our earnings whenever any user decides to sign up after following our guides:

  1. 5 Easy Steps to Set Up a Webinar in 4 Minutes 
  2. How to Sell Any Product with a Sales Page 

How it happens is that in the course of the tutorial you will introduce users to the platform with every step-by-step procedure (how to signup, how to use it, its competitive advantages, etc.).

We are only helping the developers get visibility and also helping business owners learn about the tools that can transform their businesses.

It’s a two-way thing, and in the end, when anyone needs or loves the platform, both of us enjoy it, because as they sign up to that platform using our link, we get paid. 

Your content will keep circulating and you’ll keep earning commission ($100 per head or 33% of anything they pay using the Recursive Affiliate program).

You can repeat this method on as many platforms as possible.

The cost of setting up a YouTube Channel is free, and with the guide below you will get started now.

YouTube GuideHow to Set Up a YouTube Channel in Less than 5 Minutes 

Promoting Affiliate Products with WhatsApp 

From Backlinko’s results, it is very clear that WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide as at the time of compiling this article. 

WhatsApp is ranked as the most used mobile messenger app in the world. More than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp.

For this reason, WhatsApp messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach prospects, but you need more contacts who can view your products.

Yes, it really is that simple. 

Many platforms/products don’t require you to have a website; you can earn money by sharing affiliate links in your WhatsApp group or any social media platform. 

When people patronize these products via your links, you earn our commission.

Invest in your future with digital skills.

This section has a collection of our previous work; online courses and practical eBooks.

These are digital products and knowledge systems carefully designed to inform you and also take you through genuine processes to success. 

Accessing any of these materials automatically qualifies you to join our private virtual forum where all your questions are answered by verified authors and Jobreaders contributors worldwide. 

Module 6: How Do You Get Paid As An Affiliate Marketer?

There is a minimum or no barrier to affiliate program entry-it doesn’t matter if you are a master, a business person, or even a school dropout, you have the opportunity to make money online.

One of the things people worry about is how they will be paid after earning their commission, particularly in this part of the world where we are restricted from accessing several digital platforms.

You need to create an account with any of the payment processors even before you sign up as an affiliate marketer.

We will be reviewing some of the most popular and accepted means of payment by most affiliate platforms mentioned here.

  • Bank wire transfer: This is one of the most widely accepted means of receiving payment from affiliate platforms, even in other currencies, right into your bank account. Speaking from a Nigerian perspective, we have challenges such as the bank may charge on inward remittance and the exchange rate for your money may be low. However, there is a solution. If you are earning your commission in US dollars, for instance, I recommend you open a domiciliary account with your bank in dollars. This way, you will receive your payment in dollars and then trade with BDC operators. That’s all there is to it. Google Adsense is one of the platforms that use direct bank transfer for paying publishers at the end of the month.
  • Paypal is one of the world’s largest online payment processors, and many affiliate marketing platforms use it to distribute payments earned by affiliates. In this case, all you need to do is to get a working PayPal account to receive your money. Creating a PayPal account is completely free, and there are no ongoing fees. Getresponse uses PayPal as a payment option.
  • Stripe is another popular global payment processor that many digital entrepreneurs use to receive payments online. Stripe is available in so many countries of the world as it lowers the cost of sending and receiving payments/gifts abroad.
  • Payoneer is a highly reputable cross-border payment processor that is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, affiliates, freelancers, and Amazon sellers. One of the reasons you need to create a Payoneer account is that many advertising platforms now have a direct integration method, which is making it a more popular means of getting payments online.
  • Pingpong is also a widely used payment system online for affiliate marketers and a myriad of other internet business owners.

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What Are You Waiting For?

This post is written with you in mind to help you learn tested ways to make millions helping businesses around the world.

We believe that applying these principles will help you learn the various ways you can make money with affiliate marketing right now.

It is, however, not to be considered financial advice as the content is solely for informational purposes.

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