Marist College Acceptance Rate, Cost and all Requirements

Marist College Acceptance Rate | $25,000 Scholarship Guide

Aspiring students must pay attention to the Marist College Acceptance Rate, and SAT/ACT requirements with a number of demands that make up this review.

As an aspiring student who is vying for any degree in a reputable college, you will be learning about the available faculties and courses with headway to getting started.

To get started with an application for Marist admission ( irrespective of the academic season), students are advised to adhere to the specific course requirements as well as the general Marist admission requirements.

Before we proceed with enlisting these guides, let us learn a bit more about the institution.

The Marist College

Marist College is a private university in Poughkeepsie, New York. This school was founded in 1905 by the Marist Brothers as a religious institute that became a secular institution in 2003.

A wide range of art and science courses are offered at Marist College with over 47 bachelor’s programs and 11 master’s programs with doctoral and certificate programs available.

In Italy, Marist College has a branch that offers up to 50 programs with lots of broad options. Marist is a Member of NCAA’s Division 1 and has sponsored collegiate sports.

Marist College Acceptance Rate

The Marist College Acceptance Rate review is a close view of the ease of offering admission by the University. It also reveals your chances, as an aspiring student of the noble college.

Over the web, there is a slight disparity with respect to the actual acceptance rate at Marist College. But data from the Department of Education show that 60% is the acceptance rate.

Publication by US also backs 60% as Marist College acceptance rate, and further reveals that 72.4% is the acceptance rate for early applications.

What 60% implies as a Marist acceptance rate is that for every 1000 applications, about 600 will be offered admission.

The implication is that Marist is relatively selective among other top universities in the United States. However, it accepts more than 50% of the applicants while many applicants may as well not be eligible for admission, for various reasons.

This review clearly answers the popular question as to whether Marist College is hard or easy to get into. On the same note, your chances of getting admission will be 100% based on how you understand the admission criteria in the next section of this review.

Admission to Marist College

Irrespective of what is popularly published as the Marist College acceptance rate, the school is a highly selective liberal art institution.

Marist is well known and reputable for its leadership in technology within and outside the four walls of its various classrooms.

There is a general admission requirement at Marist College and there are criteria that are specific to study level, courses and whether or not you are an international student.

In this section, we are breaking the various Marist College admission requirements into their separate demands.

Before we dive into the requirements, here is a list of admission programs that are open for domestic and international students at Marist College:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Transfer Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Summer Pre-College
  • International Students
  • Adult and Returning Undergraduate Students
  • Marist Florence, Italy Campus
  • Military and Veteran
  • Non-matriculated and Visiting Students

Note: Marist College also offers scholarships and other forms of aid for students from low-income homes.

Before you get started with this admission application page, you may also like to proceed below, with learning the Marist College admission requirements.

Marist College GPA Requirements

For Marist College admission big emphasis is on GPA ( your previous school transcript). Currently, SAT/ACT are not mandatory but applicants who desire to increase their chances may include the score (between 1210 – 1360 SAT and 26-31 ACT).

To stand more competitive for Marist College admission, students must rank in the top half of their graduating class and hold a recalculated average of 88-99. Consequently, the minimum GPA required for undergraduate admission at Marist is 3.7.

Aside from this required GPA, the candidate’s leadership qualities and demonstrating involvement/impact in extracurricular activities is a great plus for consideration.  

Admission Requirement for International Students at Marist College

As an undergraduate and graduate student, you will need to submit the previous GPA (evaluated transcript) as part of the admission requirement.

A GPA score above 3.7 is on the competitive side, however, you could compensate with other requirements.

Secondly, as an international student whose native language is not English, you will need to submit any of these: Duolingo scores., TOEFL or score from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Note: Good GPA, English Language Test, and SAT/ACT are not the only grounds upon which admission will be granted by Marist College.

Your social impact and previous extracurricular activities could boost your chances of landing a dream admission at the prestigious college.

Marist College SAT Requirements

As at the time of creating this review, SAT/ACT are not part of key admission requirements across various departments and faculties at Marist College.

However, for students who desire to include any of these scores in their application, here is a breakdown of their expectations:

  • a) Aim to get a score ( between 1210 – 1360 SAT and 26-31 ACT).
  • b) Submit all the necessary additional documents needed for admission, early enough.
  • c) Create a compelling POS, based on its true significance with the application.

Scholarships at Marist College

Marist College is a school of thought that exceptional students from all socioeconomic backgrounds should not be stopped by cost.

Therefore, Marist College scholarships are designed to enable eligible students to take advantage of their innovative curriculum, world-class faculty, beautiful campus and nationally-ranked academic opportunities.

Here is a list of scholarships opportunities at Marist College:

  • 1. Merit Scholarships
  • 2. Alumni Scholarships
  • 3. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship – Transfer Students
  • 4. Fusco Music Scholarship
  • 5. Theatre Scholarship
  • 6. NCAA Athletic Scholarship
  • 7. Bro. James Kearney Scholarship for the Blind
  • 8. Dollars for Scholars
  • 9. Gilder Lehrman Institute Scholarship for Incoming Freshman History Majors
  • 10. The Otto Sussman Trust Scholarship
  • 12. The Jonah and Joan Sherman Scholarship for Volunteer Outreach
  • 13. Marist Brothers High Schools Scholarship
  • 14. Endowed and Outside Scholarships

How much is Marist College Scholarship?

Marist College awards over 12 different scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students. Some of these scholarships are more like research grants while some undergraduate scholarships award up to $25,000 annually, to qualified students.

To learn how who is eligible for any of these scholarships, when and how to get started with an online application, kindly visit the College Scholarship list page.

Note: All international students who are eligible and are admitted to the Marist College graduate program are awarded financial aid in the form of tuition and scholarships.

It is also worth noting that tuition scholarships in the form of need-based aid are awarded to undergraduate students for their great academic performance and good competitive score on GRE with a number of defined criteria.

Marist College Tuition and Fees

The average tuition for a resident student at Marist College is $43,900. However, there are a number of other fees that make up the projected total cost per year in the school.

For example, Freshman housing is $10,750, orientation fee is $100 with other fees that make up the total billable cost of $61, 810.

Additionally, a source from Us educational board shows that after some financial aid is applied to qualified students, the total cost may amount to about $30,000 per year.

In this guide as well, we have included relevant links to the various scholarship opportunities and the official website for your personal validation.

FAQ About Marist College Acceptance Rate

Here are answers to what aspiring students and guardians are asking about these topics:

  • a) Marist College acceptance rate.
  • b) Admission requirements by Marist College.
  • c) Marist College Tuition.
  • d) Scholarships and other financial aid, for local and international students at Marist College.

Is Marist College hard to get?

The admissions are indiscriminate and also have an acceptance rate of 46%, Marist is relatively easy to get into, with a general minimum GPA requirement of 3.7 rating.

ACT/SAT scores are not mandatory for many programs/students, your application will stand out when you meet 80 to 97% of all the enumerated criteria for your specific course/program.

How much is Marist College’s application fee for international students?

With your online payment means, you will complete the final stage of the application with $50, as the application fee. Note: Paying the Marist Application fee does not guarantee your admission and is only a fee to for processing your application.

How much is Marist College’s application fee for international students?

With your online payment means, you will complete the final stage of the application with $50, as the application fee. Paying the Marist Application fee does not guarantee your admission and is only a fee to for processing your application.

How much are room and board and tuition at Marist College?

Here is a breakdown of the cost of board, tuition with room at Marist, based on the previous session:

Tuition & Fees    $43,900.00
Room & Board (double occupancy)$10,750.00
Activity fee$1,000.00
Health Insurance (10-months)$850.00
Orientation Fee$1,000.00
Sub Total Billed:  $57,500.00

Kindly Note: These figure do not fully summarize the what it takes to study at Marist for 1 or more years.

Below is a continuation of study expenses at Marist College:

Books & supplies  $2,000.00
Documents (Visa, passport, ISIC, permesso)$400.00
Meals (self-prepared)$5,000.00
Sub Total Non-Billed: $11,800.00
Total ’22-’23 Cost of Attendance:    $69,000.00


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