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Michigan Education Association is the best labor union for all college faculty, public schools, bus drivers, etc. This union stands as a representative to its members to help them achieve their goals.

The MEA, headquarters is located at East Lansing, Michigan is a union representing more than 157,000 teachers, departments, and education support staff throughout the states.

It is usually referred to as a “teachers union” its membership includes college faculty, custodians of public school, bus drivers, and paraprofessionals, and others. 

It stands as a representative of the people working in the neighborhood public schools. Both those in charter schools, and employees in private organization.

The MEA work or duty is to serve its members’ employment goals, it also enhances public education. It sees all of these goals have a closely related goal. 

A policy was put through its elected Board of Directors, advocates for policies it judges to be best for student success, for their civil rights, and quality of life for everyone. Just like other public-sector unions.

What is the Michigan Education Association?

It is a self-governing education association, representing almost 120,000 teachers, education support professionals, and higher-education employees around the state.                           

What are the Benefits of the Michigan Education Association Membership?

Here are some of the benefits a member will enjoy at MEA;

  • The MEA advantage is that members enjoy discounts
  • Legal service for unemployment cases, certification issues, and retirement issues
  • They represent matters about your collective bargaining agreement.
  • One of the benefits found in their collective bargaining agreement
  • The ability to attend both local and regional MEA-sponsored pieces of training
  • The Assistance in obtaining National Board Certification
  • They have training and consultation regarding special education issues
  • Advice on employment-related statutory rights

Here are some membership categories of the Michigan Education Association:

Student MEA membership

Michigan Education Association represents student’s teachers and other students who are preparing for career education, providing lower- the cost to access too many benefits of MEA membership. 

You can also learn more here, and also how your student membership can assist you to save money when you get a job and register as a fully active member of MEA!

MEA- retired membership

There is a commitment to continuity! Upon retirement, a lot of school employees want to continue receiving the benefits of MEA membership and be a part of an organization that helps to advocate for retirees and urge involvement in public education.

Most MEA members have already paid off part of their retired dues obligation through MEA’s “All-Inclusive Membership”. You can also learn more by visiting the official website www.mea-retired.org.

Bargaining Unit Substitutes

This is available to educators who have worked at least a day as a substitute. This should also go through the local bargaining unit if substitutes are recognized in their contract.

If substitutes are not properly known in the local unit, the person can be registered as a miscellaneous substitute. 

The amount of the dues shall be one eighth (1\8) of the full-time MEA membership dues and 25 percent of the full-time NEA dues per month.

official website

Frequently asked questions

What does the MEA provide for teachers in Michigan?

The MEA was formed by the NEA Educators Employment Liability program, to protect their members from personal financial liability against some incidents arising out of their educational duties. For instance student injuries and charges of malpractice.

How much are Michigan Education Association dues?

The Michigan Education Association dues are $36 and the NEA membership dues are $15.

What is the aim of the Michigan Education Association?

The mission statement of the MEA is to make sure that the education of our students and the working environment of our members are of the highest quality and standard.

What is a Michigan Education Association number?

An MEA Number is a number assigned to a piece of equipment or assembly that has been approved for use by the MEA Division in New York City. 

The Equipment Acceptance and materials (MEA) Division was created in the year 1969. The agency having jurisdiction was the Board of Standard and Appeals (BSA).

How do l cancel my Michigan Education Association membership?

For one to be able to cancel his or her MEA membership, you must submit in writing (sign and dated by the member) through mail to MEA at P.O. Box 51, East Lansing, MI 48826, or via mail to [email protected] 


The MEA work or duty is to serve its members’ employment goals, it also enhances public education.

The Michigan Education Association is a cooperation that every teacher should register for, as a member to help them achieve a particular goal.

Are you a teacher, bus driver, or public school custodian? Become a member of this great union today!

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