MIT Admission Transfer And Acceptance Rate | Tuition Fees.

The MIT admission transfer, acceptance rate, and tuition fees are relatively for all students who aspire to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We suggest you read until the end of this article. You can also use the below information to estimate your likelihood of being able to transfer to MIT.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the prominent and best institutes in technology and innovation in Europe.

What is the full meaning of MIT?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Founded in 1861 in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States, MIT adopted a European polytechnic university model and stressed laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering.

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Transfer Requirements for MIT?

MIT requires a minimum of 0 credits. MIT requires a number of completed documents for consideration. The table below summarizes the most important pieces of information:

Admission ItemRequired?
High School TranscriptRequired of All
College TranscriptRequired of All
Essay or Personal StatementRequired of All
InterviewNot Required
Standardized Test ScoresRequired of All
Statement of Good Standing from Prior Institution.Required of All

In addition to the above requirements, MIT also requires a minimum number of credits completed to apply to be a transfer student.

What are Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Transfer Deadlines?

Many universities accept transfer applications during each semester. For this reason, we break down MIT transfer deadline by fall, winter, spring and summer.

Closing DateReported Deadline
Fall Transfer DeadlineMarch 15
Winter Transfer Deadline
Spring Transfer DeadlineNovember 15 
Summer Transfer Deadline     

Waiting until the last minute to finalize your application could result in a silly mistake.

We recommend you complete your application at least 1 week before the required deadline.

In fact, take a full 2 day break from looking at anything related to your application and then come back to look for errors. I bet you’ll find a few.

When are decision dates for Massachusetts Institute of Technology transfer applicants?

If you applied to transfer to MIT on or before the reported deadlines then you should have your decision date by the notification dates in the below table.

DeadlineNotification Dates
Fall Transfer DeadlineMay 1
Winter Transfer Deadline
Spring Transfer DeadlineDecember 15
Summer Transfer Deadline

Note this data is current as of 2019 and to the best of our knowledge this hasn’t changed.

What is Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s transfer acceptance rate?

In 2019, MIT received 538 transfer applicants. The school accepted 23 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for MIT is 4.28%.

This indicates how hard it is to transfer into MIT. You can use the free information below to predict your chances of getting accepted into MIT.

What are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology transfer GPA requirement?

MIT requires a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and also

MIT requires a minimum college GPA of 3.5, this is on a 4.33 point scale.

Additional Transfer Info. For MIT

MIT has noted the additional policies: Transfers must submit no less than two semester’s worth of credits.

Transfer credit is assessed by each academic department on a course by course basis.

International transfer students are not eligible to enter during the spring semester.

Will you enjoy transferring to MIT?

There are a lot of reasons to transfer to MIT. Maybe your plan has always been to attend community college, and then move to a four-year college to save money while completing your degree.

Maybe you had a bad experience at your first school – don’t worry this is more common than you think.

Or perhaps you’re drawn to Cambridge…

Regardless of your reason for transferring, you’re already enrolled at another college or university so you know that the most important element in your college experience is the people and community

Finding success at MIT is dependent on feeling comfortable – will you be able to find a place to find a home and grow?

These are the questions that numbers and data cannot answer, but Campus Reel can.

MIT Transfer Statistics

It is said that more than 700,000 students transfer colleges every year. At MIT, 4.28% of the entire student body are transfer students, so if you want to transfer from your current school, you won’t be alone. Apply for your transfer now.

MIT Transfer Fee

Massachusetts Institute of Technology fees can vary across students, disciplines, etc.

The cost of a normal 4-year education at a good number of private universities is enough to make just about any student blanch.

The MIT transfer tuition fee is not quite distinct from the normal Massachusetts Institute of technology fees. The only difference is that a fee of 75$ would be added to the MIT transfer tuition fees.

MIT Transfer Tuition Fee varies for an academic year, the normal cost of tuition fees at MIT, located outside of Boston is $51,520.

Add board and room, including other fees, it reaches $70,240 annually. This is not different for transfer students, but an extra 75$ for the transfer application fee.

MIT Transfer Tuition Fee may vary from the normal fee. You pay the transfer application fee only in the transfer year.

Thereafter, the transferring student goes ahead to pay the normal Massachusetts Institute of technology fees.

Final Verdict: How to transfer to MIT

Let’s wrap up everything we’ve learned. If you still have questions about transferring, check out the MIT website for more info.

MIT accepts 4.28% transfer applicants, which is competitive.

To have a shot at transferring into MIT, you should have a current GPA of at least 4.17 – ideally you’re GPA will be around 4.34.

In addition, you will need to submit comprehensive test scores.

The below tables show the SAT and ACT breakdown of MIT students.

25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage
25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage
SAT Math760800780
SAT Reading700790745
2018 Total SAT Score146015901525
ACT Math353635
ACT Reading353635
2018 Total ACT Score707271

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s average SAT score is 1525. To be a competitive applicant for Massachusetts Institute of Technology your SAT score should come close to the average – for the ACT you should be aiming for the equivalent.

MIT Scholarships

The most common type of aid is the MIT Scholarship. If you receive one, it is a grant that does not need to be repaid.

Our scholarships are awarded based solely on financial need and come from our endowment, gifts from MIT alumni and friends, and MIT general funds.

60% of our undergraduates receive MIT Scholarships. The average grant was $50,483 for 2019–2020.

All students who apply for financial aid and fill out the CSS Profile⁠ are automatically considered for an MIT Scholarship.

Note: If you are awarded an MIT Scholarship, we will ask you to fill out an annual Student Information Review Form so that we can match you with the right scholarship from the right donor.

Our scholarship donors often take an interest in learning about the recipients, so we may also ask you to write to your donor and thank them for their support.

First Year Grant

We provide low-income first-year students with a grant to help with the extra expenses that come with the transition to college, such as sheets and towels for your room, or a warm coat to make it through a Boston winter.

The First Year Grant of $2,000 is divided equally between the fall and spring semesters and will credit to your student account along with other financial aid once you are registered for the semester. The grant is for first-year students only.

Other scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants are forms of financial aid that do not need to be repaid.

Beyond the MIT Scholarship, undergraduates may receive scholarships and grants from government and private sources.

Federal grants

MIT administers four federal grant programs that you’ll automatically be considered for when you apply for financial aid each year.

1. Federal Pell Grant

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

3.Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant

4. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

In conclusion, if you’re considering transferring to MIT then we at Jobreaders highly recommend that you watch the school’s videos on Campus Reel. For more information, these are real students with real stories.

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