MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021 | How to apply

MMU Entrance Scholarship for international students in 2021 is for those who want to study in Malaysia. In this post, you will be given the information for a successful application.

Before diving into the scholarship details, we must inform you about the scholarship host country, Malaysia.

You will also be guided on how to go about your application into an international scholarship.


Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. They are known for their exotic beaches and rainforests.

The capital, Kuala Lumpur, and it is home to some historic colonial buildings. Malaysia has great weather and is the ideal vacation spot for many. 

Malaysia crisscrossed with amazing sites that you can visit while you are there for your studies or pleasure. Here are some notable sites you could visit – Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Center, Langkawi Cable car, Batu Caves, and many others.

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Livelihood in Malaysia

The cost of living in Malaysia is generally more expensive. And if you are the fun type, beer is expensive. But the student environment areas have affordable apartments and studios that can be rented.

If you are an African student seeking for scholarship opportunity, then this is for you

Malaysians generally speak English but you will have to forgive their accent commonly known as Malaysian English. So, feel free to speak English freely.

How to apply for an international Scholarship?

Effectively applying for a scholarship requires a few key aspects that need to be diligently followed. Here are some of the tips:

  1. Early Research: while applying for any international University, it is important that you start early in researching about them. Know about the organization offering the scholarship and when they commence, their deadlines, and the required documents needed from you.
  2. Respect Deadlines: deadlines are crucial for any scholarship application especially for the MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021.
  3. Qualifications: Do you qualify for the scholarship? … this is a crucial question and it can be found on the websites for the scholarship application. Note what is needed as this is essential.
  4. The organization is key: Being very organized is necessary. When applying, have a file that holds all your essential documents and reflects the ones you have completed and which ones are left. 

Before you submit, make sure you go through your application.

The MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021

The MMU stands for Multimedia University which is located in Malaysia. They offer international scholarships that cover tuition fees of the student who scales through their application process.

The scholarship is open to many degree options except Law. And the scholarship only covers 20 or 50% of tuition fees, all this is dependent on your academic performance.

If you accept this offer then you must complete their foundation studies and continue into any MMU degree program to enjoy the full “Entrance Scholarship. Visit the official website here to apply

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Facts about the MMU?

The MMU has some interesting facts that might propel you towards applying for their scholarship program. Some of those facts are:

  • They are amongst the top 5 Malaysian Private University according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • MMU is amongst the top 200 in QS Asia University Ranking 2021
  • They have received international awards in the academic circles such as Putra Band Awards 2019 where they were awarded silver under the Education & Learning Category
  • MMU has produced Malaysian Firms most preferred IT graduates according to Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific 2017
  • Those who finished from MMU have a 97% Employability rate within six (6) months
  • Lastly, they hold the status of Premier Digital Tech Institution 2019

What makes You Eligible for the MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021?

Eligibility is checked on few fields and they are:

  1. Nationality: The scholarship is open to all nationalities
  2. Course or Subject: All subjects are available except Law
  3. All participants applying must be registered in the foundation program at the university. 

How Can I Apply for the MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021?

To be a qualified participant for the MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2020, you need to obtain admission into the Multimedia University. Here is a list of the required documents needed:

1. A copy of your Identity card

2. Supporting documents on the financial status

3. Copy of student ID

4. Testimonial

5. Record of Participation in Extra-curriculum activities

6. Also, applicants must have a good command of the English Language

Having all these required documents will make your application process smooth and effective.

To apply, Visit the official website

When is the Deadline for the application of the MMU Entrance Scholarship for International Students 2021?

As at the time of compiling this article, the application date for this year has not been made open, but you can alway visit this official website for update 

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I apply for the financial aid of the MMU?

A: To apply for the financial aid program, simply visit this link, go through the steps and fill all necessary applications

Q: Is MMU good for Engineering?

A: Yes, they are. MMU was listed in the Top 200 QS Asia University Rankings since 2017. This means they offer accredited courses and the most sought after engineering degrees.

Q: How do I pay my MMU fee?

A: You can pay through finance counters or you could opt to send an email to the school – [email protected] or fax to 03-83125030 (Cyberjaya) or 06-2327446 (Melaka) for clearance updating purposes. 

Q: Is MMU a private owned University?

A: Yes. It is the first-ever full-fledged private university in Malaysia. 

Q: How many Campuses does the MMU have?

A: MMU has three campuses, sited in Melaka, Cyberjaya and Johor.

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