10 Most Powerful Passports in Africa (2021 Ranking)

From globally accepted sources, we compile this list of the 10 Most powerful Passports in Africa in 2021, for Africans and potential travellers who may want to leverage them for visa-free countries. 

To begin with, you cannot dispute the importance of learning the strengths of passports that is the solution that this article stands to provide.

As you aspire to travel, the need to keep you need to get this right-hand information.

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What Makes a Passport Powerful?

Unlike the ranking for currencies, the number of countries a passport can take you without a Visa is simply what makes it powerful.

And in this list, we are only interested in the most powerful passports in Africa for 2021.

Every three (3) months, Henley Passport works hand in hand with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to bring to the world the complete statistics of how many countries a passport can enter.

And like I have stated, these figures help us in the ranking of most powerful Passports.

Note: These may change over time due to the dynamic nature of policies and competition among countries.

A country with a weaker passport today might improve their stands in months. But as at the time of compelling this list, here we are.

List of 10 Most Powerful Passports in Africa

(Here is a list of strong Passports in Africa)

  1. Seychelles Passport
  2. Mauritius Passport
  3. South African Passport
  4. Botswana Passport
  5. Namibia Passport
  6. Lesotho Passport
  7. Eswatini Passport
  8. Malawi Passport
  9. Ghanaian Passport
  10. Nigerian Passport

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Most Powerful Passports in

Africa 2021

Here we are explaining the number of countries that these African powerful passports can access.

This list starts with the Seychelles Passport that can travel to 151 countries globally, to that of Nigeria that can only access 46 countries visa-free.

Seychelles Passport

The Seychelles (Passport) has taken the lead as it tops in the most powerful passports in Africa.

This travel document can enter one hundred and fifty-one (151) countries in the world without the need for a visa.

Significantly, Seychelles is the one (if not the only) small country on the list.

With just about 97,625 country population, the Seychelles Passport is the strongest in Africa, as at the 2021 ranking.

Seychelles, according to history, is home to rare animals in the world such as Aldabra and tortoise.

Mauritius Passport

The Mauritius passport is second in this list as it takes the bearer to one hundred and forty-two (142) countries around the world.

South African Passport

The South African document is the third most powerful country in Africa with the capacity to take holder to one hundred and one (101) countries in the world.

First, you should not forget that these are countries that one can travel to (or enter) with a passport without another Visa.

Botswanan Passport

The Botswanan Passport is one of the less powerful passports in Africa, judging from the 2021 ranking in that it can only help one travel to eighty-five (85) countries in the world.

Namibia Passport

The Namibian Passport can travel to 77 countries without Visa.

According to Telegraph, Namibia is one of the few African countries that consider

conservation key to national development.

Most significantly, more than 40 percent of the country is protected.

Firstly, in their articles about things you do not know about Namibia, it is in record that Namibia has a lot of spaces.

Secondly, it is the only African country with a female leader.

And finally, although this is not all you can know about the African country, Namibia is the home of the world’s oldest Deserts. 

You can learn more amazing things about this country here.

Lesotho Passport

This passport ranks 6th in this list of powerful passports in Africa and it can only travel to 76 countries in the world.

Lesotho is another neighbouring country with South Africa and has about 2.125 million population as of 2019.

However, this is according to the World Bank Statistics, and it is subject to your further verification.

Eswatini Passport

Firstly, Eswatini is an African country that is formally known as Swaziland. The passport can travel up to 74 Countries visa-free.

Eswatini with just about 1.148 million was able to make it to this list of African strongest Passport owners.

The Southern African country is surrounded by neighboring

sisters like Mozambique and South Africa, with a unique set of inhabitants and culture.

Malawi Passport

Based on previous data, the Malawian Passport can ride up to 73 visa-free countries. Malawi is a beautiful country situated in southeastern Africa and has over 18.53 million people.

The country drives a considerable amount of its national revenue from the export of tobacco, tea, and sugar with a good number of other agricultural products.

The Ghanaian Passport

Ghanaian booklet is among the strongest Passports in Africa. However, it can only take holders to sixty-five (65) countries in the world.

The West African country is rated one of the fastest-growing economies with about 30.42 million population (as at 2019)

Nigerian Passport

The Nigerian Passport can only help holders travel to 46 visa-free countries in the world.

According to World Bank statistics 2019, the Nigerian population as at the time of creating this content has reached 201 million with 250 ethnic groups.

Nigeria, popularly, is the largest and most populous black race in the whole world.

How can I get the Most Powerful Passports in Africa in 2021?

For instance, every country has some laws and policies that decide their citizenship. 

Moreover, the year 2021 may not change the norms.

Globally obtaining a national passport is similar to becoming a citizen of the country.

There are many ways to get passports, and we encourage you to reach out to the country through any legal means for questions and adequate guides regarding the document.

Secondly, and most importantly, you need to learn the legal steps to becoming a citizen of the country.

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