Mpumalanga Department of Education -2021 Bursaries for Students

The Mpumalanga Department of Education 2021 Bursaries for Students invites students and trainees who need financial support to apply for bursaries.

This opportunity is recommended for students who are from South Africa and are promoting studies in vital and scarce abilities regardless.

In order to further their studies in vital and scarce skills, the Provincial Government of Mpumalanga proposes to grant bursary opportunities to eligible students and unemployed youth residing in the province.

What is a Bursary?

A bursary is an institution’s monetary reward to individuals or groups of individuals who cannot afford to pay full fees.

The person is generally obliged to be employed at the institution for the duration of the bursary in exchange for the bursary.

A bursary, according to The Good Schools Guide, is “usually to assist the poor yet worthy and those who fall on hard times.” 

However, many independent schools have bursary capabilities, namely grants from the school to help cover tuition fees, according to The Hobson’s UK Boarding Schools Guide.

These are commonly awarded after a “means test” of family income and are not inherently based on the results of the exam, although some academic skills may be taken into account.

In addition to scholarships where financial need is shown and the prospective student may otherwise be unable to attend the school, bursaries may be awarded.

Nevertheless, it is common for parents to be asked by the school’s bursar to fill in an application form.

In order to receive such a bursary, including descriptions of their financial conditions, backed by documentary evidence, including capital assets.

However, in compliance with its bursary scheme, the application will be considered by the school.

Sometimes, the award will only remain in effect until the student has taken the next appropriate public test.

To ensure that the rationale for an award exists, most schools may revisit bursaries periodically nonetheless.

Any award made before GCSE in Britain will not necessarily progress to the A-level point. 

Bursaries are similar to performance-based “scholarships” or “prizes.” In the exams preceding university or college admission nonetheless.

However, these awards are normally granted for good results in which the student earns grades above the standard entry.

Nevertheless, these may be awarded by universities or, rarely, by businesses.

Steps to Consider before Applying for a Bursary

Many students are typically confused when it comes to applying for scholarships or bursaries.

When the most difficult question of where to start is answered, then the other step becomes effortlessly simple for them.

Basically, that’s why we decided to include this post to allow you to successfully apply for scholarships.

In order to support your academic cause, particularly for this year relatively.

Before applying for a bursary, the following are the main items to remember.

1. Most bursaries will request your school’s properly signed Latest Academic Record.

Your ID paper, tertiary application proof, and, most importantly, an authentication that you have been admitted.

Similarly, certain grants would enable you to have other evidence of income and residence of guardians or parent’s source of income.

After these documents have been sorted out successfully, the next move is to ensure that the documents are checked.

Simply visit any commissioner of oath at a post office, bank, or police station if you don’t know how to.

2. Integrity, they say, shows the truth. There’s more to honesty than not lying. It is truth-telling, saying the truth, living the truth, and loving the truth.

You must also ensure that any data you have is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Fill all blank spaces with accurate details. No legacy is as abundant as integrity. 

3. Without having any references at all, a whole lot of students apply for bursaries and have references that cannot be achieved in other situations. /

This is most frequently the first step to not earning the bursary you have applied for.

Then go ahead and find references with valid email addresses if you need the bursary you are applying for and you want it.

4. Many students also do not have adequate writing skills to win their coveted bursary, which in the long run can prove to be a stone in the neck.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you write a highly persuasive and motivating cover letter that will make anyone who accesses it believe that before he even starts reading it.

Things such as why you think the bursary should be awarded more than the other several thousand applicants.

How you will contribute to society after you have completed your school program, and particularly how having the bursary would be a step towards fulfilling your goals and improving your future for good.

5. When you apply for a bursary, make sure that your emails and mobile text messages are reviewed routinely and accurately.

Nevertheless, to ensure that you have not sent or received a response from anyone considering your application. 

6. Eventually, make sure that you always look for deadlines for bursaries or closing dates so that you can know exactly when to apply. 

Bursaries are awarded by the Government of the Province of Mpumalanga to unemployed students who wish to further their studies in one of the country’s poorly skilled sectors.


Prior to applying, applicants must meet the following minimum entry criteria.

However, you should note that failure to fulfill all the requirements would result in your application not being considered):

  • A resident of South Africa
  • Actually in Matric or Matric completed, 
  • Studying or intending to study in one of the above fields of study at present, 
  • Staying in the province of Mpumalanga, 
  • Proven economic need, 
  • Engineering qualification students: in Mathematics, Physical Science and English, obtained a minimum of 60 & (or level 5-7), 
  • It allows female students and also people with disabilities to apply.

Students from previously marginalized families, as well as those from rural areas, will be given priority.

How to Apply for the Bursary

Send valid copies of the following supporting documentation along with your completed application form.

However, you should keep in mind that submission of these documents is mandatory; your request will be disregarded if any things are missing):

  • ID (certified copy) paper, 
  • Proof of income for parents/ guardians (certified copy of payslips/affidavit if unemployed/ death certificates if deceased), 
  • If disabled: proof of disability from a licensed physician/clinic/hospital, 
  • Previous qualifications in academia (certified copies), 
  • Proof of Mpumalanga residence (utility bill-certified copy), 
  • Residents of CRDP municipalities: the CRDP coordinator of the local municipality’s stamped proof of residence address, 
  • Present students of Matrics must add:
  • Results from June (certified copy), 
  • Final results of the Matric shall be submitted if available (in January of the following year), 
  • Proof of acceptance / temporary acceptance/registration by a tertiary institution (to be submitted no later than 18 December), 
  • Matric final examination results statement (to be sent as soon as they become available in January,
  • Present postgraduate students must add: 
  • Matric (certified copy) certificate, 
  • Latest academic results for tertiary education, 
  • Final results for the end of the year must be provided when available (in November or December),

It is appropriate to submit applications in one of the following ways: 

1) Mail: 

The Unit of The Bursary 

Education Department of Mpumalanga 

X 113411 Private Bag 

Nelspruit Nelspruit 


2) Delivery by hand: 

The Education Department (Provincial Office) 

The complex building of the Government of Riverside 

5 Top Floor of the Ground 




However, it is pertinent to note that, applications for email and fax will not be approved nor recognized.

The provincial bursary system targets students, people with disabilities, and the financially needy.

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