Apply for MTN Y’ello Star 2020 Reality TV Show (Become the Star)

The MTN Y’ello 2020 is a new reality Television Show by the leading Telecommunication Company, in Nigeria. The portal is currently open for entries.

The Reality show (MTN Y’ello 2020) is the company’s efforts to discover great musical talents, to nurture and to expose candidates to wider communities. 

In other words, the reality show is to make starts from the grassroots of musical spheres.

This guide is How to Apply for the MTN Y’ello Star 2020 (Reality TV Show), and we encourage you to submit, using the entry portal and before the application deadline for the Yellow Star show.

To showcase the opportunity, we feel it’s necessary to remind you what a reality Television Show is all about.

MTN Nigeria believes that even talent in every part of the country needs to shine. It is because of their understanding that most abilities are underdeveloped and in most cases, left to die because they were not harnessed.

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They have also discovered the fact that these young talents do not have the opportunities it deserves to thrive, and have considered its corporate social responsibility, that needs to be addressed by the MTN Y’ello Star 202o reality show.

Do you know why? The producers and promoter may not have the technical know-how and other resources necessary to travel all around the country, in search of these talents.

That becomes the prime factor of the show, to travel and to search these talents that are lying unharnessed.

When they have discovered these talents, they will be given equal opportunities in a house where the skills will be horned through guides, lectures, session and practical mentors by renowned artists and teachers who have been found worthy in the industry (which is the Reality TV Show).

Through this program, the winner and the runner-ups will be awarded funds and other supports that will foster their musical careers.

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What is a Reality Television Show?

According to the Collins Dictionary, a television reality show is a type of television event that aims to showcase how ordinary people behave in everyday life or situations. In this case, the MTN Y’ello is to expose how these talented artists go about their careers; and in a bid to discover their strengths and fund them.

The MTN Y’ello 2020 Summary

This reality TV show is not the same as the previous and most popular MTN Project Fame, which is the pillar behind many famous Nigerian artists today.

The application processes and selection methods are, in turns, different from the former auditioning that took traditional selection methods. The videos and entries made will stand the criteria for the first selection. So, we advise these young talents to submit their applications early, for consideration. But before you dive into activities that may lead to your automatic disqualification, here are the tips you must adhere to:

Yellow Star Submission Guidelines

All the videos must be live and recorded by self. Studio recording and highly edited work will not be accepted

  • One May Sing acapella or use a live instrument such as guitar (but backing tracks and instrumentals are not allowed)
  • Shoot your video in a bright environment
  • Auto-tuning is not allowed
  • Video length should not exceed 60 seconds
  • The size of the Video should not be more than 150MB
  • Avoid multiple applications for the MTN Y’ello Star 2020
  • Do not apply after the deadline
  • Submit your real identities (do not falsify any entry)
  • Don’t let your Video exceed the required length

Observing the simple rules above, and knowing that your voice and message aligns seat back and be patient enough for the judges to render the cases. But from this website, we wish you the very best. You can also subscribe to our Email News, to get the latest opportunities, reviews and notices, as we publish them.

The History of Reality TV Show in Nigeria 

The MTN Y’ello Star 2020 is not the first by MTN Nigeria, and neither is it the first reality Television Show in Nigeria. Even a child, of course, knows about the recent Big Brother Naija (which dates back to 2006, as Big Brother Nigeria), the old and ever-loving Gulder Ultimate Reality Show (the brand discontinued that), Maltina Dance All etc.

How to Apply for the MTN Y’ello Star 2020 Reality TV Show

To apply for this reality TV show (Musical talent hunt), you need to follow the procedures below, making sure that you have your 60 seconds video ready:

There are 3 ways one can register for the Y’ello Star 2020

Option One (Website Application)

  • Login to
  • Fill the online form
  • Upload the 60 seconds minute video of yourself singing
  • After these processes. Then allow the progress bar to complete. When you through, then
  • There are terms and conditions that you need to accept
  • After the acceptance, then submit your application

Option Two (Using the myMTN App)

  1. You need to navigate to the App Store, using your Android
  2. Search for the  myMTN App and download it
  3. Then, click on the Y’ello. You will see this at the homepage of the app
  4. Login and fill the online forms too
  5. Upload 60 seconds Video of yourself singing
  6. Still, tick the “accept” on the terms and conditions
  7. Then, submit the application.

You will get an email notification confirming your registration. Another Related Post: Best Online Fashion Schools with Printable Certificates (Enroll Free)

Option Three (The Social Media Application)

This one is either the use of Facebook or Twitter. But you still have to upload the 60-second video with the hashtags below: 

 #MTNYelloStar and tag @mtnng

After this, an automatic response will come from @mtnng; and you are advised to follow it up

For the use of Facebook; for the application  Click on the MTN Y’ello Star tab from the Facebook page of the MTN Nigeria. Follow the details provided for the application.

No matter any of the application methods you make use. Once you are done, copy your link for your people to vote for you. 

Deadline for Submission of MTN Yellow Star

As at the time of preparing this article, the deadline for MTN Yello Star Application has not been announced. However, you can use the comment section below, to make proper enquiries, and one of our administrators will surely get back to you.

For other ongoing reality TV shows and Contests, one can follow this page for more. We publish daily content to ensure you don’t miss out in any important opportunities around you.

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