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NED University of Engineering and Technology | Admissions Requirements

(NED) Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw University of Engineering and Technology has emerged as a leading university in Asia. Her zeal to build professionals in Engineering and Technology has made her stand out.

Then again, Securing admission into such a University requires diligence in its process.

Before diving into details of the application, its important that you know about the University through its history, aims, and objectives to the society.

Moreover, this will help align your thoughts, helping you make a decision of whether they are the best fit for you.

Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED) University of Engineering and Technology

The university is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

The NED University of Engineering & Technology was established in March 1977 under an act of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh

However, this was after upgrading the former NED Government Engineering College, which was set up in 1921.

Furthermore, NED University of Engineering and Technology is amongst the oldest academic institution in Pakistan for teaching and producing Engineering graduates.

Initially, the original NED Engineering College was housed in four blocks of buildings and two sheds but now the university has rich and well-built faculties that can house and educate more numbers of students.

They have had a series of growth academically.

In addition, this started on August 29, 1921 College Principal C.S Shahani made a concerted effort to get Engineering Degree classes started.

Also to meet the demands of Civil Engineers on the project for completion of the Sukkur Barrage.

On the other hand, the University is blessed with lush green gardens and beautiful scenery that creates a conducive environment for learning.

However, the Vision of the University carries the ideology of “be a leader in enabling Pakistan’s economic and social transformation” which is why they set benchmarks to meet and supersede each year.

Subsequently, NED University of Engineering and Technology carries a mission which she is spreading across the nation.

That is to “acquire education and research excellence in engineering and allied disciplines to produce leadership.

Also enabling application of knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society with integrity and wisdom.”

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Facilities in the University

Some of the facilities in the university that are of attraction are

  • The Engr. Abul Kalam Library: This is a complete digital library that is well computerized and constantly updated with current information to aid research conducted by the students and lecturers in the university.

The university library has a global presence and continually works for further development of its services.

  • Top-notch Labs: The University is equipped with top-notch labs that aids with the accession of the Engineering degree.
  • Massive auditorium: They have an auditorium with a seating capacity of 600 people, important conferences, and seminars for the growth of its students and staff are held.
  • IT services: Furthermore, The University has its own Internet facility managed by its Information Technology (IT) Department. However, This has played a crucial role in developing the University’s I.T. infrastructure by providing sensible Internet facilities to its users within and outside of its campuses.
  • Virtual Conferencing: Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED) University of Engineering and Technology centrally-located Video Conferencing Facility Centre connects the students, locally and internationally for the arrangement of virtual classes, conferences, seminars, Internet meetings (video conferences) among multiple locations, as and when required
  • Training: Information Technology Department has a training facility where training, seminars, and workshops are conducted throughout the year. However for the staff, faculty, and students of the University.
  • The Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE): The CCEE has helped the lives of many. The CCEE brings University and Industry together with successful models of Industry-University partnerships. Continuing Education transfers know-how in a timely manner and to the right people.
  •  The Medical Department:  On the other hand, This department has designed itself in line with the latest technology and innovations needed for more efficient carriage of work.
  • Transportation: there is a provision of buses to convey students from one place to another.

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Programs offered by Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED) University of Engineering and Technology

Subsequently, the University offers programs to Undergraduates, Masters, and Doctorate programs.

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Admission Requirements for NED

If you are making plans to study at NED then it is necessary for you to understand its admission requirements.

Here is some things you need to focus on for your admission:

  1. The University does not accept any application without subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, equivalent to Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Pre-Engineering. So, you should have done the specified courses above needed for admission in your secondary school education phase 
  2. As a Candidate, you must also have passed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Pre-Engineering Examination with at least 60% aggregate marks.
  3. For admission to the NED University, moreover, candidates have to pass the Pre-Admission Entry Test of the University based on the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) level subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  4. The Pre-Admission Entry Test of the University includes the English Language skill test. It is necessary that you brush up on your English Language skills before writing your test.

The university gives preference to locals first before foreigners.

Foreigners and Overseas Pakistani candidates may take the SAT examination in lieu of the Pre-Admission Entry Test – he/she must score at least 800 and 1500 respectively in SAT I and SAT II in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

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Services offered in the University

The university offers services that are beneficial to many of the students studying at.

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Here are some of the services:

  1. Canteen: the canteen prepares delicious meals that can be acquired with a certain amount. Also, the paid meals have been structured in a manner that is affordable for many students.
  2. Laundry: In addition, laundry services are available to any student on the payment of the services.
  3. Medical Facilities: Similarly, the medical facility is free to the students of the university. This covers their treatments, so you don’t have to worry while studying at the University.
  4. Security: The Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED). The security University of Engineering and Technology are trained individuals. However, they secure the lives of the student present in the university ground.
  5. Housing: The university provides accommodation is on campus. However, the local students are given preference. On the other hand, this has been shown in the fee structure. The housing fee for the locals is Rs.3,000 while it is Rs.15,000 for foreigners.

Frequently asked questions    

Q: How can I get admission into Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw (NED) University of Engineering and Technology?

A: Getting admission into NED University of Engineering and Technology requires that you first perform well in your science course of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry with a good command of English.

Certainly, University Pre-Admission Entry Test will give admission if you pass through the test.

Q: Is NED a good university?

A: NED is the best engineering university in Karachi, Pakistan. However, The university has good lecturers that are professional in every area of their field

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