How to Get New Graphic Design Jobs for Bigger Companies

How to Get New Graphic Design Jobs for Bigger Companies

You cannot overwrite the importance of graphic design in today’s competitive global space concerning the fact that companies with the help of graphic design professionals use graphic designs to bring ideas into reality and create the virtual impression such as taste, quantity, quality of the product, level of service, and performance rate in the minds of their potential clients or customers.

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As a rule, experts on graphic designers who understand the game have little or nothing to worry about in getting a new graphic design job for more prominent brands as long as they are in tandem with the graphical objectives of big brands.

It is unarguable that most companies only require the services of graphic designers temporarily; this is why most of the graphic designers work as freelancers, unlike in other careers.

Though there are still companies who hire designers to work continuously with them, when it comes to income generation, professional freelancers earn double or more of what employed graphic designers get in a month on average measure.

And most of the areas where they are employed are in companies that specialize in designing services, advertising, and public relations, printing and publishers of magazines, newspapers, books, and other print materials.

There are different ways to get the hit; to secure excellent graphic jobs and earn huge in every of the deal:

Social media: Some smart graphic designers are already using different social media platforms to show their potential customers their portfolios (design samples, and links to their previous graphic jobs). And there are many ways in which they can achieve this on different social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

a. Let us look at how this can be achieved using Facebook as Facebook Inc covers WhatsApp and Instagram.

Some designers who have a good fan base use their respective Facebook timeline to show their followers captivating samples of their previous jobs and leave a call to action button for the viewers to be contacted by those who found their jobs interesting.

b. More prominent brands also create Facebook business pages and post consistently on it after they might have built a good number of followers on the page and also advertise some of the posts on the page to reach out to more clients. With $1, the brand can get their ads in front screens of over 1,500 potential clients of the targeted audience.

The good thing about this medium is that it is efficient and effective; that is to say, if you know how to go around running an active social media campaign, you could reach more people, get more leads and prospects that can be made to dispense cash in your favour.

Marketing on Facebook sounds easy, but it is not as easy as “ABC.” It requires some skills in content creation, effective use of some marketing tools and basic knowledge on social media marketing.

Unfortunately, you could have the best designs and have mastered the art but if you do not understand the tactics of social media marketing you may not achieve a good result by running paid ads.

However, the good news is that if you don’t know how to go about it, there are still freelancers who specialize in social media marketing management and with a proper negotiation they will help you get your ads to their right audience and you will make huge amount of money from the campaign.

One key feature here, is that once your Facebook page linked to your Instagram business or personal account, once you run an ad on the page, it also appears on Instagram as a “Sponsored” post maintaining the same criteria of the targeted audience.

c. Apart from running paid ads and posting regularly on your timeline on Facebook,  you could join some popular “Market Group” on Facebook or create one by yourself (though it needs time to grow members) and start posting your jobs there to get more leads and prospects.

Though digital technologies are encroaching the territories of traditional means of doing things there are still some critical aspects of traditional media that one can harness to make a living; so many companies who publish books, magazines, newspapers and other print materials pay graphic designers handsomely to do their jobs for them timely and professionally.

However, just like in the business world where if you don’t say, “Here I am,” no one will know that you are there. Most often, you will need to write this company an official letter informing them of your interest in working with them and with some printed copies of your previous works attached to them.

The truth is that 60% of the time, two factors determine if you get the job or not, and these factors are interwoven.

What you Must Do

First, you must have done a thorough investigation to ascertain if the company needs a graphic designer and if there are loopholes in most of their design works that you feel you can come in and correct and make the company shoot up in their profits level.

Secondly, you must be competent and ensure that the copies you attached to your proposal letter are among the best jobs you have done in the past, and the design must also be related to the field that the companies you are applying in a deal with.

The fact is that no company employs a half-baked designer; they all want experts who will give them the best to scale their earnings.

As a yardstick, you must have acquired the needed graphic designing skills before approaching any company, and also, you must ensure that the companies require a professional designer or that you have discovered a gap that needs to be filled in terms of their already employed designers’ incompetence.

Once you’re sure of this, your inability decided whether or not you are taken or not.

There are more ways more prominent brands can get huge graphic jobs, and that will be discussed in our subsequent series.

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