New London Adult Education: Courses, Cost and Amazing features

New London Adult Education: Courses, Cost and Amazing features

Are you above 20 years thinking of education? Then, the New London Adult Education is specifically for you. Not to worry, I have compiled a few detailed information that will help you in getting so close to achieving the program.

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It is a complete guide or curriculum for as many individuals who want to solidify their educational background.

Thereby, taking the necessary steps in their lives by ensuring that they finish a high school education or breaking every language barrier.

Based on the assumptions that adults are willing to learn, adult education reflects a detailed philosophy about teaching and learning.

Knowing fully well that they are ready to assume learning responsibility and also responding to their needs.

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Adult learning is categorically affected by demographics, globalization, and technology due to the needs and wants to learn.

New London Adult Education is different from the way children are been educated.

Given the fact that adults have work experience, at the same time accumulated knowledge which has become an additional learning experience to them.

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What is New London Adult Education?

The new London adult education is a fully packaged program that has been made available to everyone.

The essence is to satisfy your lifelong learning goals. All courses are held by experts who are well-recognized authors.

London has a good quality, approachable, and energetic adult education community learning services and workers who are known for the delivery of programs that lead to work.

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Thereby, enhancing the chances of life, improving wellbeing, and better social interrelation.

Adult education is an educational system that is targeted at students who are matured enough.

As mature students, learning gives you the opportunity or privilege to attain new skills and the ability to expand your knowledge.

Note, it is meant for those mature students that have already taken part in the workforce.

The London Government has evaluated Adult Community Learning (ACL) that is delivered by the local authority services.

The evaluation provides the necessary recommendations on the future strategic direction.

New London Adult Education and learning in the community is dynamic and also proactive.

Adult education covers a whole lot of subjects including proficiency and reading ability.

A lot of mature aged students study languages, sciences, and a range of other important subjects.

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Things to consider when selecting an adult education program

  • A comprehensive variety of adult education programs are obtainable, thereby making it imperative to select a high-quality program that brings into line with your goals. 
  • Good London adult education programs should focus on equipping and teaching students the most important and valuable skills.
  • The key facets of an adult education program to look for comprising a focus on teaching specialized skills. 
  • Such skills can be put into application in the workplace and content that can easily be understood by students.


  • All students must be resident in New London, Montville, Groton, Waterford, or Lyme-old Lyme.
  • Those at the age of 18 must present a withdrawal document with a parental guardian signature.
  • You must be at least 17 years of age and formally withdrawn from school.

How to Register for the New London Adult Education

All registration for classes is done by appointment only. So for more information, contact the guidance and counselor at;

(860)437-2385 or Visit the Official Website 

The Number of Credits Required

Credits are awarded for documented work, military experiences, occupational, and volunteer.

These are the prerequisite for the completion of classes.

Mathematics – 3 credits: it covers a wide range of multi-level mathematics class that includes basic arithmetic via algebra.

  • Time: 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020.

English – 4 credits: it is designed to cover high school credits, including grammar, speaking, writing, and literature. 

  • Time: Wednesday, 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education 
  • Date: September 2020.

Vocational Education, Art, and Technology – 2 credits

Science – 3 credits: the class is also design for high school, and it also covers lectures and experiments that deal with the basics.

Such as Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science.

  • Time: Thursday, 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020

Social Studies – 3 credits

U.S History – 1 credit: this very topic covers a wide range of important areas from the Colonial Period in U.S History to modern-day issues.

  • Time: Wednesday, 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020

Government – 1 credits: this topic covers the foundations of the U.S government, the constitution, and all the branches of government.

  • Time: Monday, 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020

Computer Skills – this particular course is designed to introduce or review the basic computer programs such as;

MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.

  • Time: Monday, 6-9 pm 
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020

Film Study – it has its circumference within the circle of the cinema. Here, students view an array of genres, content, and edit comprehensive critiques.

  • Time: Tuesday 6-9 pm
  • New London Adult Education
  • Date: September 2020
  • Electives – 6 credits

What are the Features/Advantages of Adult Education?

We have been able to outline the various rewards of adult education. 

After secondary school, learning as an aged matured student permits adults to expand their valuable skills to increase career forecasts and as well as to enlarge their professional knowledge.

Gaining mastery and expertise skills in adulthood also grants individuals a better capacity to touch their full potential. 

Therefore, many adult students gain extra assurance in their academic skills after following adult education.

Finally, the New London Adult Education imparts on students valuable skills that can be put into action in an extensive series of conditions. 

Therefore, the buoyancy and capacity attained with adult education are valuable both in and out of the workplace.

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What are the Challenges of Adult Education?

In as much as the positive significance of adult education is enormous, there are also a variety of challenges that adult beginners may face. 

All this includes the toil of harmonizing education and a full-time career, which is logically problematic for people in full-time employment.

Many adult students end up struggling to find the right time to trail education together with their responsibilities at work and home.

Other mutual challenges include the exertion of returning to a classroom background after staying years in the workplace. 

Adult education learning can be categorized into three contexts:

Formal – this category deals with a structured typical learning environment usually with a set curriculum.

Non-formal – is an organized educational institution. All these opportunities may be provided in the workplace and via the activities of civil society organizations and groups.

Informal education – learning that results from daily life activities that are related to work, family, and community.

Cost | Tuition Fee

The cost for the New London Adult Education Varies.

Objectives for New London Adult Education

One of the primary purposes of adult education is to avail a second chance to as many that might have lost access to education.

Therefore, adult education is usually a social policy of the government.

A continues education can help adults to maintain fulfill job requirements, certifications, and to stay up to date on other developments in their field.

Another objective is to help adult learners fulfil their personal needs and accomplish their professional goals.

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Therefore, a vital goal could be to achieve human fulfillment. Achieving institutional needs might be the objective as well.

The Benefits of New London Adult Education

This is an educational system that has many educational benefits to personal well-being, good health, and social inclusion.

It can support the function of democratic systems and provide the best opportunity for discovering better employment.

Adult education unveils opportunities for both personal growth, socialization, and goal-oriented.

The improvement of social networks and sustenance was found to be a fundamental motivation of adult learners.

Adult education affords these older adults the opportunities to socialize.

A lot of professionals ascertained that adult education has a long-term influence on the economy. 

Therefore, there is a correlation between innovation and learning in the workplace.

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