New York Theater Award: When and How to [Updated]

New York Theater Award: When and How to [Updated]

This article chronologically outlines all the information you need to know about the New York Theater Award and also when and how to access the award and other Awards that will interest, and certify your curiosity.

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In March, the fight against coronavirus resulted in the closing down of the New York theatres.

Therefore, We will keep updating you as more decisions and other needed information are announced.

What is a theater award called?

The theater award is called the televised awards ceremony.

It was established by the American theater wing in the year 1947.

Originally, it was named after Antoinette Perry, who happens to be an actress, producer, and director.

Antoinette Perry is also the co-founder of the American theater wing.

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What is the highest award given in theater?

The highest award given in theater is the Tony Award also known as the Tonys.

This award annually honors outstanding work on Broadway.

In which, the major categories include the best musical, best play, best revival of a play, and best revival of a musical.

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What are the Canadian Theatre awards called?

This very award is particularly known as the Herbert Whittaker/CTCA Award.

Here, the entire membership of the Canadian Theater Critics Association does the nominations.

In other words, the entire framed certificate and honorarium including the award are given out every two years

What is a Stage Award?

The stage award is known as the theater award created by the stage to give recognition and to celebrate theatrical achievements.

The last Friday of January at the Theater Royal Drury Lane, London. The awards ceremony is held annually.

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The List of Some New York Theater Awards are been mentioned below:

The Tony Awards

The Tony Award is one of the reputable New York Theater Awards. 

This establishment was done by the American Theater Wing in 1947, named after Antoinette Perry who happens to be a producer, director, and actress.

The co-founder of the American Theater Wing. In honour of her death, the award was named after her.

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Annually, the Tony Awards honor work on Broadway, and the only awards ceremony broadcast on network television.

Since the year 1956, the Tony Awards has maintained their prominence over time.

In 2014, the two sound award categories were eliminated and were restored in 2018 out of 26 competitive categories.

The Regional Theater Award is among the special awards for each year. 

Thou, it is selected based on a viable recommendation by the members of the American Theater Critics Association.

Now, the competitive nominees are randomly selected by a rotating group of 50 theater professionals who will meet after the Tony eligibility deadline.

Since the inception of the Tony awards, the New York Theater has grown and spread way beyond Broadway.

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The Drama Desk Awards

The Drama Desk Award is another special New York Theater Award.

In 1955, the Drama Desk Award came to the limelight, and almost all theater Critics and even journalists were members of the Drama Desk Award.

The Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway show together in the same competitive categories are awarded only the Drama Desk Awards considers.

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It has the advantage of giving attention to regular-obscure nominees.

An event took place in 2013, where Daniel Everidge was one of the nominees that were recognized as an outstanding Actor.

In a Play, He acted as a young man with autism in the Off-Broadway play, falling—right up there with Tom Hanks, and Nathan Lane, and Tracy Letts.

You see the challenge: Those inevitably winners are the better-known (Broadway) competitors.

For further promotional opportunities, the Drama Desk has affiliated with other commercial sponsors.

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The Outer Critics Circle Awards

For this very year, the Outer Critics Award had more honorees than nominees.

It was founded in 1950 and was originally established as an alternative to Drama Critics Circle.

Theater critics and journalist makes up the Outer Critics Circle. It recognizes both Broadway and Off-Broadway.

But, the consideration is on separate categories for outstanding play and musical.

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Theatre World Awards

This theater award was formally scheduled 0n 20 June but has been shifted to the “Fall Period” date not determined.

The Theatre World Awards has honored 12 performances (6 men, and 6 women) for making their New York stage appearance yearly since 1945.

This is one of the sweetest of the awards that has the famous alumni of what it used to be then.

Note, an expert is always chosen each year for the John Willis Award for lifetime goals.

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Lucille Lortel Theater Awards

Lucille Lortel Award was founded in 1985 by the Off-Broadway League, which was named after a prominent actor and also a benefactor.

Hence, its focus is exclusively on the achievement of Off-Broadway.

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The Off-Broadway Alliance Theater Awards

The Off-Broadway Alliance Awards usually offers seven competitive categories.

Categorically, Which includes Best New Musical, Best Musical Revival, Best New Play, Best Play Revival, Best Unique Theatrical Experience, Best Solo Performance, and Best Family Show.

This award as an upcoming gets lesser attention than the similar but older ones.

It was founded in 2011.

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Drama League Theater Awards

Their date of origin was fudged as they claimed it was first presented in 1922 and was formalized in 1935.

The Drama League Awards selects five (5) winners in five competitive categories and also render special awards.

There is just a single performing category; the distinguished performance.

Therefore, With about 60 nominees, one winner will emerge, and the voters are those who mortar out the money to join the Drama League. 

Here, no expertise or needed experience.

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New York Theater Award |The Obie Awards

After the rescheduled date 4th June, they were postponed in honor of “Black Lives Matter”.

It was the Village Voice Cultural Editor that founded the Obie Awards in 1955.

Moreover, it’s the most freewheeling among the major awards.

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They are now presented by the American Theater Wing since the voice was shuttered.

Note, there are no nominees for the Obie awards, but only winners and it’s according to their press release.

Because creativity is not competitive, the judges select exceptional artists.

The Obie Awards usually honor the Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway shows and individuals involved.

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New York Theater Award | Drama Critics Circle Awards

What makes up the New York Drama Critics Circle is the combination of twenty critics from what is formally known as Major New York Publications.

It was originally established in 1935 as an alternative to the Pulitzers.

Their meetings are yearly, which is to determine and announce the best play and even foreign play.

Transparency has been their distinguishing factor, which has made critics vote for the number of rounds it takes to get a census.

The organization press release no longer identifies the outlets of the members as been done in the past.

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