Nigerian Defence Academy Warns Public Against Admission Fraudsters

Nigerian Defence Academy Warns Public Against Admission Fraudsters

brief history


The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established on 5 February 1964 in response to the defence needs of independent Nigeria to train officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Before then, the institution was known as the Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC). After independence in 1960, it became known as the Nigerian Military Training College.

The role of the Academy is to provide each officer cadet with knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military, academic and character development. In essence, the NDA is an institution where selected young able-bodied men and women are groomed into well educated, courageous, virile and erudite subalterns.

The vision of the NDA is to produce officers with broad-based training in both military and academic subjects designed to serve as a foundation for the future progressive development of officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The mission of NDA is to provide each officer cadet with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military,academic and character development.

Academic Branch

The Academic Branch is responsible for the academic training of cadets and administration of the civilian staff. The Postgraduate School and the Academy Library are also under the branch. It is headed by the Academy Provost (AP) who is a professor.

The AP is assisted by the Academy Registrar who is a Brigadier General, the Academy Librarian and Deans of Faculties. The Branch discharges functions similar to those performed by conventional universities in terms of teaching, research and community services.

Its academic programme was upgraded to a degree awarding status in 1985 with a 5-year course duration for the Regular Combatant Course.

This is made up of 4 years of academic training and one year of solely military training. Similarly, the cadets go through the same rigorous intellectual training as undergraduates in other conventional universities.

The Academic Branch is responsible for running the academic degree program of the Regular Combatant Course of the NDA. It also runs post graduate programmes for both military and civilian candidates. On completion of the academic programme, cadets who are found worthy in character and learning are awarded Bachelor’s degrees in the following disciplines.

(a) Physics
(b) Chemistry
(c) Mathematics
(d) Computer Science
(e) Economics
(f) Accounting
(g) Geography
(h) History & International Studies
(i) French
(j) Arabic
(k) Biological Sciences
(l) Political Science and Defence Studies
(m) Civil Engineering
(n) Mechanical Engineering
(o) Electrical/Electronics Engineering

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has warned the general public, specifically applicants of the 72 Regular Course of the existence of a myopic syndicate that claimed to be admission officers of the Academy.

The Academy Public Relations Officer (APRF), Major Abubakar Abdullahi, in a report issued on Saturday in Kaduna, said that the gang is requesting for money and other benefits from applicants to get them into the Academy.

Mr., Abubakar furthermore, states that the syndicates also print fake admission letters and give out to candidates after collecting money.

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“The Academy strictly informs the general public to shun and disregard such letters because they were not orchestrated by the NDA.

“Therefore, the general public should adhere by the protocol that selection into NDA is not obtainable except by merit.” You can visit the official website

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