How Best to Apply for Nigerian University Scholarships and Land Awards

With several Nigerian University Scholarships, you stand great opportunities to win awards worth Fully Funded Scholarship Opportunities, cash prices and even opportunities to travel and study abroad.

But to properly harness these scholarship opportunities, it is essential that you understand the scholarship seasons, how and when to apply, the guides and what has worked best for myriads of Nigerians who have applied and secured great futures through scholarships.

In this guide, we are going to lead you through the available scholarships in Nigeria, which one can secure for an effortless future.

What are the Nigerian University Scholarships?

Scholarships come in shapes and in sizes, and in Nigeria; there are numerous opportunities for scholars at all levels (undergraduates, Master and Postdoctoral Research) to further their studies under fully funded aids.

These are scholarships for Nigerian students at various academic levels to tap into scholarship opportunities to further their studies.

These include scholarships for students with special needs, national merit scholarships, fully funded international scholarships, tuition based scholarships etc.

To apply for these scholarships, interested and qualified candidates should carefully follow their own category; ensure they meet up with the criteria for those particular scholarships and many more, before applications.

Below are the categories for Nigerian University Scholarships:


These are varieties of scholarships from oil companies, the federal republic of Nigeria, individuals and telecommunication industries, specifically for undergraduates either studying in Nigeria or living abroad.

There are over 1000 currently ongoing scholarships for undergraduate students that fall under these Nigerian University Scholarships.

You can follow this link for free online applications for these undergraduate Nigerian scholarships.

Masters Scholarships 

Most Nigerian students who via further studies do prefer opportunities to be funded in most developed countries.

But this does not erase the need to also be funded to study in Nigerian Universities.

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There are scholarships opportunities for both.

If you are a Nigerian (anywhere in the world), searching for scholarship opportunities, you can follow this link, for scholarships that can fund your dream courses from any part of the world.

Postdoctoral Scholarships 

Postdoctoral research is an academic research carried by students who have completed their doctoral studies. Postdoctoral students can retrieve some of the suitable resources in their areas of interest and will help them in building collaborative relations with miscellaneous universities.

You can start applying for scholarships opportunities under the postdoctoral levels because they also fall into the category of Nigerian University Scholarships.


Scholarship opportunities from Nigerian government or other bodies are meant for every Nigerian student (irrespective of study, level and location). This is why you must seek the right information, and be on time as you apply.

There is no doubt that most of these scholarships are very competitive, in regards to the number of candidates that hit the “APPLY” button on daily basis.

You too can benefit from these programs seen as just Nigerian University scholarships.

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