NNPC/Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme 2020/2021

NNPC/Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme 2020/2021: Interested and qualified Nigerian undergraduates are hereby invited to apply for NNPC/Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme 2020/2021.

You must be searching for the right scholarship opportunity that will fund your dream courses ( in your country or to study abroad).

This might not sound comprehensive, but is the right guide to tap into millions of scholarship opportunities around the world.

You need to know about these scholarships, when to apply for these scholarships and the organizers information that will help you bang the awards.

Contents here could not go without revealing the scholarships application time, the genuine portals, application requirements and deadlines for application submitting.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Frankly, scholarship opportunists are very competitive in this part of the world. But going about the application routines with a guided approach will help you leave the web very soon in search for scholarship opportunities.

These are strategies that have been applied and won with, by many students in Nigeria and some other nations around you.

To get shortlisted for scholarships with ease, you need to get these factors in good shape:

Application Time

The good old saying has landed us with the point that if you are not informed, you are deformed.

Scholarship bodies are not fair enough to understand that you did not have enough data on your phone while other where applying for scholarships.

So, you need to follow the right scholarship guides and information cycle in order to know when their is opening by any of the top scholarships bodies you don’t know.

You need to be on time, and the best approach for attaining this goal is by following the right scholarship information portal. 


There are various Social media and online communities that are dedicated to sharing scholarship information. 

Opportunities like these are also see at a Nigerian Campus (Facebook group). You may checkout the links below:

Your Qualification 

What qualifies you for most scholarships is your grades (CGPA for graduates and undergraduates and Scores and Grades for other students)

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