How to Apply for NNPC/SNEPCo University Scholarship 2020

It’s another opportunity for bright Nigerian undergraduates to enroll for the prestigious NNPC/SNEPCo University Scholarship 2020.

The Nigerian national petroleum company and shell Nigeria exploration and production company limited on an annual basis for years do sponsor Nigerian undergraduates who deservingly merit scholarship on their platform through various accredited universities within the country for some key programmes. 


As earlier stated, SNEPCo, which serves as the core provider merges with the prominent NNPC and other companies in the same sphere to give educational privileges to successful, deserving Nigerian undergraduates in universities within the country.

This scholarship takes care of the yearly monetary demand, academically of undergraduates who maintain a high academic record.

And it continues until completion of studies stemming from their aim, which is centred on improving academic excellence together with improving skills of Nigerian youth. 

The benefit of the scholarship cannot be overemphasized as it offers great relief due to the current economic situation of the country and also no estimated number of awardees is specified.


Firstly, a necessary criterion for all applicants possesses Nigerian citizenship which is paramount, being a full-time sophomore in any accredited Nigerian University.

The candidate should also maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point of 3.0 in a 5.0 grading system, not benefiting from any scholarship source, either national or international.

Most importantly, it should be noted that the scholarship grant is restricted to a list of key courses and one must cross-check before processing application to avoid heading on a futile journey;

Agricultural science

Chemical/ process engineering 


Civil Engineering


Electrical Engineering



Geosciences / Geology 

 Instrumentation Engineering

Marine Engineering

Materials / Corrosion Engineering

Mathematics / Applied Mathematics

Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

Mining Engineering

Petroleum Engineering


Physics / Applied Physics

Process Control Engineering

How to Apply for NNPC/SNEPCo University Scholarship 2020

Confirming one’s eligibility to the scholarship is paramount preceding the application which is carried out on the official website by submitting an electronic application. 

You should note that personal email application is not considered on SNEPCo scholarship award. Notwithstanding, a personal email account is valid during the application process to bridge communication for both parties.

All eligible candidate should proceed to Official Website to complete the application process. Also, it is required of all candidates to upload some scanned documents ranging from:

  1. University or JAMB (UTME or D/E) Admission Letter; UTME scores.
  2. O’ Level Result(s); and A’ Level / OND/NCE Result(s) as applicable;
  3. A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant in JPEG format and shouldn’t be more than 200 kilobytes;
  4. A Letter of identification indicating State of origin and applicant’s local government area.
  5. Academic records of the first year of the applicant.

All interested candidates are expected to visit the official website for better orientation concerning important scheduled dates and registration processes.

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