NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2021/2022 for young Nigerians (Apply Now)

2021 Ongoing NNPC/Total Scholarships [Start Application]

The NNPC/Total scholarships are open for undergraduates, Masters and other Students in Nigeria to be funded locally or internationally. You’re invited to access the scholarship options and commence application.

The application dates and times are suggested based on either the previous programmes or current invitations, and we encourage you to proceed with the official websites as described on this page.

NNPC/Total International Master’s Degree Scholarship

Eligible students who aspire for their Master Degrees Abroad can aply for any of the NNPC/Total International scholarships. These scholarships are tenable in a number of selected countries.

NNPC/Total Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in 2021

You are officially invited to apply for the NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2021/2022. This financial aid is one of the ongoing scholarship opportunities for young Nigerian Undergraduates. Application is annual and the scholarship award remains valid till graduation.

This is in line with the guides and descriptions that as contained on this page.

The management of the NNPC is pleased to announce the 2021 TOTAL/NNPC Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates.

Those students who are eligible and fall into the selected disciplines should follow the official notification and details of the application.

This scholarship provides free education funds for undergraduates in various Nigerian, Universities,

For those that are able to meet up to requirements designed by the sponsor

You can also check out this List of Ongoing Scholarships for Students in Nigeria 

Scholarship Chances  

While searching for funding opportunities, schools abroad, and other educational grants,

one needs to consider the essential examinations and certificates that are required in order to push through any category.

At any academic or education class, there is a mark of honor that certifies candidates. And at this category of study opportunities, what we consider include the West African Certificate Examination, the early grades in pursuance of the degrees, and other additional bonuses.

But in terms of the scope of this content, we are going to explain how they can be related to helping you achieve your scholarship aims.

Who is Eligible to Apply for NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2020?

The scholarship is for selected categories of Nigerian students and as such is not open for every young Nigerian.

For students who are not eligible to apply for this NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship, you can check for other scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students, here to access other local and international scholarship opportunities that are designed to fund your dream courses.

Meanwhile, to qualify for this scholarship, the candidate must:

  1. Be a Nigerian undergraduate student in a recognized tertiary institution.
  2. Be a 200 Level or 100 Level student of the institution.
  3. You must show proof of SSCE or Equivalent Certificate.
  4. Show proof of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) score.
  5. Evidence of Admission letter from the University and Matriculation Number
  6. Show proof of A-level or Equivalent Certificate (for direct entry students)

Please Note: that these categories of students are not eligible to apply

  • Students with less than 200 score in UTME
  • If your CGPA is less than 2.50 CGPA of 5-point scale or equivalent
  • 300 level students and above need not apply
  • Current beneficiaries of similar awards from any other Company or Government Agency need not apply

How can I apply?

For you to apply for the NNPC Total Scholarship, students are advised to visit this official website, to start their free online entry.

For more information such as the total requirements and eligible groups, one can also visit this page. Share this post to reach eligible Nigerian students, leave a comment for more clarifications.

Why NNPC/Total Merit Scholarship 2021?

Even though at the time of this current entry, the schools seem to have not fully resumed in Nigeria.

The scholarship scheme has been a yearly program that is designed to fund students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

These are students who are eligible, as stated in the NNPC/Total scholarship eligibility.

The scholarship awards a sum that covers tuition fees for, at least public tertiary institutions in Nigeria,

and is recursive throughout the study duration so far the student maintains the minimum CGPA.

Can I Apply for Ongoing Scholarships?

Yearly, scholarships are awarded to eligible undergraduates and other students in Nigeria. To ensure you do not miss these updates, we have put the list of ongoing scholarships.

Access the application details such as requirements, time and application deadlines for each of the academic years.

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