Northwestern Acceptance Rate | $200 Million Scholarship Review

This review is focusing on the Northwestern acceptance rate and the school’s admission processes with several opportunities for local and international students.

Aspiring students pay attention to this Northwestern University Acceptance rate, the tuition and several aids – including scholarships.

As an integral part of this review, the Northwestern scholarships are key to students’ interest. Northwestern University offers several scholarships for local and international students alike.

One of the most prominent for undergraduates is the primary Northwestern University Scholarship that wards up to $40,000 annually, to qualify students.

However, more critical to this review is the school’s admission processes in that without bagging the admission offer, non of the scholarships and titles will be realistic.

Results computed from the previous admission session reveal that out of 100 applications, about 7 candidates gain admission into Northwestern University.

This data suggest that the university is one of the harder one to get into, considering the selective nature of their admission at all study levels.

Before we proceed with this guide, it may interest you to learn why myriads of students still choose Northwestern, as their dream destination.

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What is Northwestern University Famous For?

Northwestern University is a public Ivy School, in the United States. Secondly, the world knows it as one of the leading research with over 90 school-based centres.

Northwestern University has over 51 research centres with numerous integral disciplines spanning through neuroscience, nanotechnology, biotechnology and drug discoveries.

At Northwestern, every aspect of life and discipline is significant. In the area of entrepreneurship, the school has 100+ innovation-based courses taught each year.

Having earned $2.6 billion in revenue from patents and intellectual property licensing, over 10 million patents have been impacted by Northwestern therapeutics alone.

Currently, there are 8,000+ undergraduate students, and over 14, 000 graduate students with a student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1, demonstrating a small class size.

Yearly, Northwestern University receives more than $923M as sponsorship funds for various research purposes. Also, more than 63% of undergraduate students receive financial aid at Northwestern.

Finally, the most recent ranking (2023) places Northwestern University as the 10th-best college in the United States. As an aspiring student aiming at gaining admission, the subsequent guides are designed to get you started.

Northwestern University Acceptance Rate

Official publications from the University admission portal and information from the Department of Education show the same figure regarding the Northwestern University Acceptance rate.

7% is Northwestern’s Acceptance rate, and what this implies is that for every 1000 applications for admission, only 70 candidates will be accepted.

Relatively, Northwestern University is highly selective, aside from the fact that it is one of the top elite schools in the world.

Now, it is evident that Northwestern is 93% hard to get into, gaining admission requires meeting their competitive requirements. As part of this review, we are including all the admission requirements for both local and international students at Northwestern University.

Admission to Northwestern University

There are more specific admission requirements for some special courses at Northwestern, and each of these course pages has full descriptions.

Here, we are reviewing the most current minimum admission criteria for all aspiring students ( including transfer students).

Types of Northwestern Admission

There are 7 basic types of admission at Northwestern and they include:

  1. First-Time Freshman Admission Criteria
  2. Non-traditional Freshmen admission criteria
  3. Transfer Admission
  4. Readmission (former undergraduate)
  5. Semester Visitor/Non-Degree Seeking
  6. Dual Enrollment/High School
  7. International Admission

Note: You can complete any of these admission processes directly via the official Northwestern admission portal, and from any part of the world.

International students whose native language is not English language will be submitting proficiency test scores from any of the following testing systems:

  • Duolingo English Test 100
  • TOEFL Paper Based 550
  • TOEFL Internet Based 79
  • IELTS 6.5

Admission Requirements

Here is a List of the top 11 Admission Requirements for local and International Students at Northwestern University:

  1. Online Application
  2. Proof of English Proficiency
  3. Official Transcript
  4. ACT/SAT Score
  5. Proof of Immunization Form
  6. Financial Statement Certification/Document
  7. Health Form
  8. Education Background Form
  9. Valid Passport
  10. Official Evaluation
  11. GRE Official Test Score

As we continue to make it clear, some of these documents are not required for all study levels, and there may be extra documents that you will need for that specific course/program.

Western University admission requirement page has the full list of all the documents and processes that will lead to your admission. Applying for Northwestern University admission, there are quite several stages, with forms and documents that you must submit.

To learn more, kindly visit:

NB: To completely submit your admission application at Northeastern University, you will be paying ($20 as a US citizen and $30 International) for the admission application fee.

Northwestern University Scholarships

For undergraduate studies only, Northwestern University awarded over 200 million US dollars and approximately, 50% of the students received NSU scholarships. Students who apply for Northwestern financial aid will automatically be considered; no additional application is needed after the admission.

Eligibility for any of these NSU scholarships depends on federal, state and internal school policies that can change, from time to time.

Available scholarships at Northwestern University

  1. Here is a list of scholarships for 3- 4 year study students:
  2. Northwestern University Scholarship
  3. Northwestern Endowed Scholarships
  4. Good Neighbor, Great University
  5. Questbridge National College Match Scholarship
  6. Chicago Star Scholarship
  7. Native American and Indigenous Studies Scholarship

To learn who is eligible and how much any of these scholarship bodies award for Northwestern Students, then visit the scholarship page to get started.

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Summary of Northwestern Acceptance Rate

This review on Northwest University Acceptance rate covers all your questions on:

  • Northwest transfer acceptance rate.
  • The acceptance rate of Northwest on early decision.
  • Northwest University Acceptance rate for undergraduates, graduate studies and other research purposes.

By implication, all applications for the various admission status at Northwest are counted in the rate at which the school offers admission.

FAQ About Northwestern Admission

Here are a number of valid answers regarding tuition, admission and the entire Northwestern Acceptance rate, based on previous and current events:

How much is Northwestern tuition for 2023-2024?

The average tuition at Northwestern University after is $33,980 for undergraduates for the 2023/2023 academic session. The total cost for students living in any of its campuses will amount to $86,330. Tuition for graduate and other studies will vary largely due to program, candidature and a number of policies

How much is Northwestern tuition for international students?

Tuition and fees (12-18 credit hours) for international students is $42,336. Other important fees include room and board (standard residence hall) $13, 840, health medical insurance (estimated for 12 months) $1,700, personal expenses and other payments that make up the average total cost that we include in this guide above.

Does Northwestern give scholarships to international students?

Yes. Northwestern University offers scholarships to both US citizens and international students. Data show that more than 50% of international students, annually, receive merit and need-based aid.

What GPA do you need to get into Northwestern University?

The minimum GPA you need to get into Northwestern University is 4.10 and above. For students who do not meet these criteria, getting higher SAT/ACT scores may stand to fill the gap.

In general, Northwestern University does not make admission decisions solely on academic performance. Societal impact with your ability to demonstrate participation in extracurricular activities could boost your chances. For this reason, creating a compelling SOP based on its significance to the admission could place your application in a more competitive edge

Does Northwestern University offer a Full scholarship?

Northwestern University offers full scholarships to both US citizens and international students. Kindly note that the offer of scholarships at Northwestern is not based on academic grounds/excellence. The school’s primary objective over scholarships is to provide support for students who would not be able to afford quality education.

Based on recent past events, Northwestern University, annually, spends over $200, 000, 000 on scholarships and other forms of financial aid to students.


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