List of Nursing Scholarships for 2020/2021 (with Free Online Application)

While enrolling for nursing school, there are lots of questions to answer with regards to funding. But the list of Nursing Scholarships (for 2020/2021 session) will surely go a long way to assisting your educational expenses.

Here at Jobreaders, our primary goal is to ensure your academic and career success, through any legitimate aid.

In other words, you should not be bothered so much about how to finance your education, if you are truly outstanding and ready to take up available scholarship opportunities for nursing students.

In this article, we are going to explore many Nursing scholarships for 2020-2021; that you can apply for.

But before you get the list proceed with the applications; there are few important messages that must interest you to take home from this guide.

What are the Nursing Scholarships Meant for?

Just like every career opportunity, Nursing scholarships for 2020/2021 are educational finance programmes designed by either institutions or individuals to assist Nursing Students who want to go for their Master, Undergraduates and postdoctoral studies in various Nursing fields.

If you are a Nurse or a prospective candidate who is enthusiastic about the numerous Nursing disciplines, you should pay rapt attention to how these scholarships work.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Nursing Scholarships for 2020?

Every Nursing Student is eligible to apply.

But the broad eligibility criteria are determined by the scholarship scheme.

From the list of nursing scholarship opportunities listed below, you will notice that requirements vary with the location, organization and level of study for which the scholarship is designed.

The opportunities below are nursing scholarships that one can apply for 2020 session.

Sunshine Behavioral Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship 2020

This scheme is a Nursing Scholarship that offers about $500 Opioid Awareness funding for Nursing students.

Note: This scholarship is only open for students from across the United States.

The Nursing scholarship award program is open to students who are pursuing a health-related degree program in a medical field from a state-accredited college or university and have the plan to continue their enrollment.

How to Apply for Sunshine Health Opioid Scholarship

Interested and qualified candidates are required to submit an essay focused on the Opioid epidemic in the United States.

Upon completion of this scholarship essay, do submit via

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The Friends of Mary Seacole funding for International Students 2019-2020

This Nursing opportunity is only available for attracting the UK, EU, and International candidates for undertaking an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program at the College of Nursing, Midwifery, and Healthcare, UWL. And is expected to take care of almost all your study expenses in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship worth: £3,500

Who is Eligible to Apply for this Nursing Scholarship? 

Students from the UK, EU, and Overseas are eligible to join

Admissible Criteria

An applicant must maintain good academic standing and attendance record throughout your course.

How to Apply for Friends of Mary Seacole funding

The interested students are requested to take admission in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the university.

Upon acceptance into the school, they can complete the award application form and send it to or by post to-

Office of Development and Alumni Relations

University of West London

St Mary’s Road

Ealing, London

W5 5RF

More Scholarship Opportunities for Nursing Students 

For 2020 academic session, we will keep updating this content with the latest scholarship opportunities for nursing student all over the world.

You can bookmark this page for the complete list of nursing scholarships for 2020/2021, as we make updates, but you can also access more scholarship opportunities for nurses.

Ways you can Lose your Scholarships ( to be Avoided): This information does not just apply to scholarships Nursing in 2020; there are standard ways you can lose scholarship opportunities, and we encourage you to avoid them:

1. Academic Reasons

A good number of scholarship opportunities require you to have a certain minimum GPA to apply to the scholarship. This point is especially true with merit scholarships. Just, for instance, some scholarships are only open for candidates who have scored GPA from 3.5 and above.

If your GPA is below the required grade, it means that you have automatically lost the scholarship, irrespective of how qualified you have been.

Your solution may be to go through these Top Secrets of attaining very high CGPA in schools.

2. Dishonesty during Application

Scholarship bodies dislike irregularities from applying candidates. This can emanate from lying about some of your information ( such as age) in order to attract the opportunity through deception.

But once they find out, you are dismissed from the programme.

When taken into consideration, many scholarship failures emanated from these types of dishonesty. So, while applying for any of these Nursing scholarships for 2020, remain careful with these facts.

3. Lifestyle Matters

Scholarship providers look closely into your ways of life, and once they find it less than you claim, it may result in the termination of your scholarship; for they have the right to.

Some of these organizations will likely find out about any of your serious wrongdoing which ranges from underage drinking, substance abuse, plagiarism, and other trouble with the law.

Do not forget that scholarship because the provider believes in your career and in your passion for the discipline.

Getting caught doing something not called for or immoral could end up costing you your space in the scheme.

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