Best Online Courses for Business Administration Students

Searches for free and premium Online Courses for Business Administration Students has increased, over the years; and this led to our continuous research and publications for the best.

There are a series of online courses and reputable schools that you might check out, but here, we are concerned with top business studies and institutions in a few parts of the world.

Before now I used to ask myself of what benefit is that someone will enrol in a business school for 2-4 years while he or she can pair with one business owner to learn a particular trade for 6 months or 1 year after which he will start his establishment. 

The notion of thought is indeed a childish and outdated one because these days there is more to going to school than learning to trade, both are actually incomparable, and in this post, you will learn a few schools that invest in Online Courses for Business Administration Students

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I discovered that there are so many students that want to study business administration but after considering so many things they get discouraged, things like tuition fees, school distance, and so on. 

Because of these constraints, I have been able to research and come up with top online courses and schools for business administration students.

As for distance do not worry because technology has made things very easy for us in the sense that you can study from the comfort of your home and still get your certificate delivered to you. 

The school below offers both for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree also there are many other courses but the ones below are just a few of them.

Undergraduate Degree Courses in Business Studies 

  1. General Business Studies
  2. Entrepreneurship studies
  3. Accounting 
  4. Business Agriculture
  5. Marketing

 Online Master Degree courses in Business Studies 

  1. Masters in Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Global business
  4. Global Executive
  5. Public accounting
  6. Project Management 

Online Undergraduate School for Business Studies

Park University- Park University offers both Undergraduate and Masters’s Online Courses and their tuition is a very low one. It is located at Parkville Missouri U.S.A. The university model of delivery is fully online.

Their master’s programs are expected to be completed within 1 year and 3 months. Park University offers financial aid to students that are not fully financially buoyant to complete their academic studies. 

Harvard Business School

Since the past few months, we have been publishing a list of Free Online Courses for Business Administration Students, from Harvard and other top globally recognized institutions.

They are more like scholarships for domestic and international students to enrol for various courses, and earn their degrees online without paying fees.

Of course, you should be informed that these free courses are means of encouraging distant education, and never to keep being free.

We, therefore, encourage you to harness their features for your career at this time. You can follow this webpage, to access all the free courses and get ready for your Business degree.

The University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is located at Springfield Illinois.  The university offers both online and on-campus program but much emphasis is laid on their online platform as students don’t even need to attend classes before bagging their degrees in business administration. 

The school offers a degree with two online courses, the students are expected to choose between the two courses which are management concentration and bachelors of business administration. 

Business administration courses include marketing, financial management, and managing organizational behavior. They expect that you must have met the school general requirement before applying to the college of business.

All online students seeking admission are to pay the same tuition fee irrespective of their location, race, and gender.

The university concentrates more on courses like management sciences, comprehensive business administration, credit requirement 120 credits, duration 2years, admission requirement 3.0 GPA, fully online program, and SAT or ACT needed.

Ragis University

Ragis University is a catholic owned university that is located at Dever USA. Their online program in business administration helps its students to be strong in the world of business.

They offer 120 credit courses that make their students to be rooted in areas such as business, finance, business law, value chain management, etc. 

Students can also choose to go for other main courses like human resources and international business. Graduates of this institution develop a good sense of thinking when it comes to managerial analysis which makes it easy for the students to get employed upon graduation.

The tuition fee is as low as $530 per year and students are required for 120 credits as a whole for the program duration of 4 years. Courses are delivered online, a minimum GPA of 2.0 is also required in addition to the SAT.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is located at Dayton Florida. The university has been known for offering quality courses in Business administration to civilians and the military. 

Their two campuses that are located in Arizona and Florida offer online learning to students that have an interest in some of the programs like aviation in business administration. 

The university impacts its students with knowledge of the aviation industry. They also go further to make sure that the students are acquainted with knowledge from other related fields like business administration, economics, finance, and accounting.

The 30 credit is only for those that are going for airline courses like an aviation information system, airport planning, and design. 

Students are presented with the compulsive elective courses in business administration and they must complete the exam in strategic management.

Admission requirement is a minimum of 2.0 GPA, the tuition fee is $429 per year, 120 credits, 4 years duration, courses are 100% online.

Trine university

Trine University is located at Fort Wayne Indiana. Trine University has been discovered to be one of the ancient universities in Indiana with main campuses in Angola and Indiana. 

The university came up with online learning to fill the educational gap between the institution and the students, also to make learning accessible for the students irrespective of their location and race. 

The university offers courses in accounting, management, and applied management.

It has been on record that about 99.7% of the university graduates secure employment or further their education to a higher degree. 

The school tuition fee is $399 per year, credit requirement is 120, 4 years of duration, and fully online delivery, admission requirement is 2.25 GPA.

Bryan College

Bryan college is situated at hilltop campus Dayton USA but they also have campuses at Bryan and Tennesse where they offer complete degree programmes for their major courses. The school offers business administration that is linked with Christian ethics.

The courses require 30 credits from the whole study. The course is structured to develop student’s competence in the area of managerial finance, management, and supervision, strategic organizational decision making. 

Faculty classes last for non-stop six weeks session, the first degree and transfer students pay the same tuition fee irrespective of their location.

Admission requirement is minimum of 2.0 GPA for master’s students, the University focuses more on courses as leadership in Business, health care management and human resource management, 4years duration and 124 credit, fully online delivery programme

Alabama University

Alabama University is located at Tuscaloosa Alabama USA. The University online studies have helped thousands of students to gain a degree in business administration. 

The 120-credit courses in commerce and business administration give the students edge over other professionals in the business administration field.

First-degree students are expected to complete 62 credits of general courses and lower-division course work before they move to upper-division courses.

The examination is centred on topics such as marketing, business finance, strategic management, and managerial accounting decisions some students choose some courses in computing technology and application. 

All students pay the same tuition fee regardless of their location meanwhile students may qualify for one of the scholarships. Admission requirement is a minimum of 2.0 GPA, 120 credit requirement, 4 years course duration 100% online delivery.

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