Best Online Fashion Schools with Printable Certificates (Enroll Free)

Best Online Fashion Schools with Printable Certificates (Enroll Free)

Affordable fashion classes are hard to come by, once the quality is your taste. But these online fashion schools have skill-packed courses to transform dreams into realities and as fashion expert.

However, there is an honest fact about the scepticism that battle online Universities, online classes and virtual schools everywhere in the world.

Our guide will take you through the available online Universities for fashion students. And not only that, help you learn more about the types of certificates that one can get as a fashion expert, and through which great businesses come through.

Although Fashion was not in Quora’s list of the top 15 most lucrative markets, the fashion industry is still one among those that drive economies around the world, outside oil, agriculture and technology.

Meanwhile, before you proceed; if you are not interested in Fashion, for instance, you can also access other free or paid online Universities that can offer you free or financially earned certificates that are recognized in every corner of the world. 

What do I mean by Fashion Schools Online?

First, there is something you need to understand.

There are more honours to a person with faultless skills that someone with amazing degrees.

So in as much as we advise you to acquire degrees online for your fashion business, we also encourage dedication to trends and perfection in the craft.

Fashion Schools are hubs for creative impacts for the best of Fashion.

These are institutions that are dedicated to teaching and learning Fashion and its trends, all around the world.

Fashion schools online are those platforms that help students learn Fashion, from the comfort of their homes.

Can I get a Fashion Degree Online?

Yes. You can get a fashion degree online through various dedicated platforms and Online Universities that demand the best of students with a passion for professional fashion positions.

Also, there are top fashion schools in most developed parts of the world, but they fall into the category that we mentioned at the onset of this publication.

Below are Online Universities that can offer great fashion courses:

Lindenwood University

Through Lindenwood University, fashion students can earn their BS in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship.

The online and Offline Fashion University offers several organized modules of education to students who are interested in making their way through the fashion industry.

You can access the complete list of Universities and their courses through this external web source.

And apart from the regular course offers through their online platform, students acquire excellent skills in creating and managing successful fashion businesses.

The Centenary University

If you genuinely love pieces of cotton and their looks on humans, then Centenary University is your last bus stop to take a fashion course that will change the whole games.

As one of the leading fashion Universities, the number of students has pushed the authority to expand their online fashion schools to accommodate students from different countries in the world.

Beyond these schools, there are many other Online Fashion Schools for various students areas in Fashion.

Due to this reason, we advise students to use the dedication above, to find freer and paid online Universities that can offer printable certificates to international and online candidates.

Oxford Home Study

The Oxford home study is another recognized institution that practically depicts free Fashion Online schools with printable certificates.

Through the official web page, one can enrol for the course in the fashion category.

Types of Fashion Design Certificates 

Are you surprised that millions of people want to break into the multi-million fashion industry?

That should not entice you because only a few can commit to making its realities.

The proficiency and dedication that Fashion requires are only seen through a few passionate individuals who are ready to take their skills to the next levels.

Anyways, there are just a few types of Online fashions schools out there offering the number of certificates that we have in the list below:

  • Basic Fashion Certificates
  • Advanced Certificates 
  • Fashion Styling
  • Millinery
  • Graphics Design in Fashion and 
  • Fashion Businesses 

And in a bid to ensure those fashion students don’t get stranded in their course of choice, we have decided to shed more lights on the types of fashions certificates that one can acquire either online or offline.

Basic Fashion Certificates

When you consider the schools that offer essential fashion certificates, you see students who only seek to learn the fundamentals of fashion design.

Many of these schools will demand high-school or secondary school certificates for enrolment.

This demand is to ensure that student can obtain their full degree in Fashion and can be concluded in just two years of covering the courses below:

  • Sewing Fundamentals
  • Figure Drawing
  • Patternmaking
  • Construction 
  • Embellishments and 
  • Silhouettes

Even though these Online Fashion Schools with Printable Certificates are not very popular, there is every need to understand nature courses and certificates for fashion students.

Advanced Certificates

The Advanced Certificates courses are designed for students who already have fashion skills and or certificates.

It is ideal for fashion students who want to focus on the specialized area in online fashion schools. Some of the advanced courses include:

  1. Haute Culture 
  2. Gender-based Fashion
  3. Children or adult wears 

The duration of these courses ranges from three months to two years. But it depends on the actual scope and the needed intensity of the market demands.

Fashion Styling Certificates 

This certificate is the type of fashion degree that produces visual friendly fashion experts. They are more into styles for galleries and photographic shootings. The courses may include: 

  • Fundamentals of fit and 
  • In-depth fashion show studies


Online fashion Schools have been calling for designers and novice who have a passion for redesigning the world with their skills.

However, the schools shared above have what it takes to bring out the best of these desire from interested and ready students who genuinely want to make a meaningful living out of their fashion skills.

And bearing in mind that fashions encompass more than sowing, students will love to invest theirs all into their sector.


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