List of Best Free Online Universities in South Africa

Online Universities in South Africa: Before the invention of the computer, online distant learning has been in existence through the creation of postal services in some western countries and it was practiced in countries like America, Britain, etc.

During this time some Universities like the University of Wisconsin practice online teaching through telephoning, but the whole system changed in 1990 when the computer was invented making online education accessible to everybody irrespective of your location.

Free Online Universities in South Africa

Cape Town University

In Cape Town University you have only six weeks to complete your course of study which ranges from project management, digital marketing, property development and investment, business risk management, operational management, basic financial management, occupational health and safety, data analysis, business system analysis, accounting, import and export logistics management, etc.

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Wits University

It is a very important thing that every individual will have at least basic knowledge of information technology to be able to fit into the emerging technological trend in the world, that is the reason why wits University focuses more on Digital Transformation.

One of the importance of this course is that it will make you know the impact of digital transformation in an organization and industries.

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Through this, you will also get to know the theories that lead to shifting from the information technology paradigm to the digital business technology paradigm.

The course runs for  5 weeks which you are required to put in 2-3 hours effort every week, upon the completion of your course of study you may request a certificate but you have to pay a little token.

Wits University offers system dynamics for health science, the course is a very interesting and helpful one to most medical professionals, the course trains you on how to handle an issue that has to do with health.

Other online courses offered at wits university are architecture and urban planning, activism and citizen journalism through media, Digital transformation, and information technology team, result project management, the theory of change for development, etc

Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is located in western Cape province of South Africa, the University has two options of learning which are online and on-campus learning, also their method of application is both online and manual application, Stellenbosch gives in their best to transform their students both locally and international.

The University enrollment every year starts from the 1st of March but the post-graduate studies enrollment is being decided by the faculty.

Stellenbosch University also offers courses such as technological studies, management studies, tourism and hospitality, Design studies, journalism and mass communication, humanities studies, etc.

Unisa University

Unisa is an acronym that stands for the University of South Africa and it is the largest when it comes to online learning in South Africa, where up to 45,000 students obtain their certificates, diplomas, and degrees every year.

The university’s main campus is located at peller street, muckle nick Ridge Pretoria South Africa, the Unisa application starts from the 20th of August and ends 27 September every year.

Among other courses offered at Unisa university are Accounting, Information and Communication Technology, Security management, applied psychology, etc.

NorthWest University

NorthWest University was established on January 1st. 2004 with many campuses at Mafikeng and Potchefstroom also has at Vaal Triangle Campus Gauteng.

Unisa University has eight faculties ranging from Economics and Management sciences, health sciences, humanities, law, natural and agricultural sciences, and theology.

Management College of South Africa(MACOSSA)

Management College of South Africa (MACOSSA)

Management College of South Africa was established in the year 1995, its location is in Durban South Africa.

Macossa is a private university that majored in bringing education to masters and postgraduate students who might not have the opportunity to further their postgraduate education because of one or more constraints such as fund and location.

Their courses include quality management courses, project management short courses, Microsoft office training courses, digital marketing courses, information and technology management courses, Data science and business intelligence courses, Big data analytics courses, machine learning, agile and scrum certifications.

Management college of South Africa has its vision to be the leading online learning college that their major responsibility is to evolve education and training of dynamic economies through people that are determined and opportune.

Macossa responds to changing educational demand in various fields of economies through the provision of innovative education.

South African Theological Seminary

South African University was established in in the year 1996, it is an online learning institute with the Christian spirit which was established to meet the need of seminary school.

The institute offers courses that are partly basic education and Christian teachings which prepare the students to work both in the industry and in the church environment.

The South African theological seminary has five faculties which are bachelor of theology, a higher certificate in Christian life, a higher certificate in Christian counseling, a master of theology, doctorate of philosophy in theology.

Regent Business School

Regent Business school is located in Durban South Africa which is known to be one of those places in South Africa where business takes place, recently the regent business school has been expanding its tentacles all over the world.

Their curriculum encompasses both theory and practice to make sure that their students are prepared for the world of work by contributing their quota in leadership, entrepreneur skills, and knowledge of the business industry.

It is their mission to provide easy and quality entrepreneurial business skills and management in education that has a solution to the critical need of south Africans and the African continent at large. They offer both undergraduate, postgraduate and short learning programs.

Southern Business School

Southern Business school was established in 1996 and was officially registered with the South African higher education authority in 1997, it has been their vision to be the institute where leadership and managerial skills are being developed, the institution is well known for maintaining four keywords framework which are quality, affordable, recognition, and customers service.

Southern Business school also strives to create leaders that will contribute to the African economies leading to job creation.

Courses offered are higher certificate in management, diploma in management, advanced diploma in management, bachelor of business administration, bachelor of policing practice, higher certificates in paralegal law, bachelor of commerce in law

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