Oprah Winfrey Scholarship for African Women 2020

Oprah Winfrey scholarship for African women in public speaking is an avenue to empower and educate African women that has a passion for public speaking.

This is a guide on how to go about the application, the details, and all requirements for the 2020 entry.

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The American Known philanthropist who was fondly known as Mama Oprah in South African made it publicly known that Oprah Winfrey Foundation has launched a fully funded fellowship aimed at empowering women who are in public service.

She has the zeal to offers women from African countries the opportunity to study for free at New York University Wagner graduate school of public service, in the hope of supporting Africa-led solution to some of the world most pressing issues

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African Women Public Service Fellowship which is in partnership between Oprah Winfrey and New York University will provide full tuition, housing, travel to and from the United State with a stipend that covers books and other expenses

The major aim of the fellowship is to increase the opportunity for African women who wants to change public service in their countries.

The privilege is not open, however for those that are interested to apply and looking for funds to advance their professional certificate should check out the link


Before you must qualify for this you must meet all these criteria below

  1. Individual Must be a citizen and resident in an African country
  2. Must have a strong Academic record
  3. Applicants must prove commitment to public service in their country or around the continent

The Fellowship programs are also applicable to the following courses at Wagner:

Masters of Public Administration in Public and Non-Profit Management policy

Master’s in Public Service in Health Policy & Management

Masters of Urban Planning and Executive

Masters of Public Administration (EMPA) for Public service leaders

Applicants who receive the fellowship must commit to returning to their respective countries of origin upon the conclusion of the program.

They must be prepared to take a leadership position in Africa where they can meaningfully contribute to the challenges currently confronting Africa

Method of Application for Oprah Winfrey scholarship for African women in public speaking

For those that are ready to apply for this opportunity, must

send an essay

Submission of a minute video

Filling of Application form

The shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Skype interview with the selection committee by mid-February. The fellowship is collaborating with many other educational platforms that are supported by Mama Oprah Winfrey

Words of Oprah Winfrey at the Global Citizen Festival South Africa

According to Oprah Winfrey during the Global citizen festival: Mandela 100 events that were held in Johannesburg in Dec 2018, she said that the society can change if we all play our part irrespective of how small, in helping others.

In her words she said that “ I always thought it was because of Mandela was a Citizen of the world that he really got to see how the power of one leads to the empowering of many,” she went further to say that “ He knew when a society is wounded, we all bleed

In addition to that She said that “as Maya Angelou taught me: your legacy is not some big grand gesture that is waiting to happen, your legacy is every life you touch.

I built a school right here in South Africa to help girls become leaders of a new South Africa. Each time one of them succeeds it is my greatest reward

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