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2021 Best Foreign Medical Graduates in USA (& Salary)

Here are some core facts around the Best Foreign Medical Graduates in the US for this years, but we also have to shed some light on the salary structure.

There is no pint stressing the amazing benefits of working as a Medical graduate in the USA; this is one of the most paying career in the world and across the United States.

The pandemic has also set pace for medical partitional and exposed nations to health realities. There is a boom 🙂

Another seeming irrelevant topic will the the requirements. You easily know one or two qualifications that can earn you certain jobs.

If you are not sure, there is a very comprehensive recommendation for you; How Foreign Physicians Can Work as Healthcare Practitioners in the US.

You can also check out the eligibility requirements Medical Residency Programs in the United States of America.

Previously, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicated medical occupations to surge up to 18% from 2016-2026 which amounts to 2.3 million new jobs to be created.

It is also pertinent to know that medical healthcare is the largest source of jobs in the U.S which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

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List of 10 Jobs for Foreign Medical Graduates in the USA

Check out the list of 10 Jobs for foreign medical graduates in the USA to see if a career in the medical field is for you.

1. Assistant Medical Examiner

The assistant medical examiner performs difficult and specialized professional medical work in the field of forensic medicine, which requires advanced and specialized education.

With much training and experience, the assistant medical examiner works directly under the supervision of the Chief medical examiner.

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The duties of an assistant medical examiner involve the evaluation of injuries and evidence in the living and the medico-legal investigation of the dead.

This office is different from other medical specialties by specific training and experience. 

And also, the American Board of Pathology board certification in the subspecialty of forensic pathology.

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Assistant medical examiners supervise forensic autopsy technicians, medical examiner’s investigation, residents, and all that are part of the investigation and autopsy process.

Special Requirements

  • Physical efforts involving manual skill and dexterity.
  • Ability to lift dead bodies and remove them from a death scene
  • 24-hour availability to respond to scenes of sudden death or injuries
  • Ability to withstand exposure to physical, chemical, and biological health hazards.
  • Also, the ability to stand frequent exposure to unexpected violent death, unpleasant odors and condition
  • Exposure to disagreeable elements or situations inherent in this specialized field 


  • Graduation from an approved medical school and possession of a doctor of medicine or Osteopathy degree.
  • Eligibility to obtain certification from the American Board of Pathology in anatomic and clinical pathology
  • Completion of a residency program approved by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education in anatomic and clinical pathology.
  • Also an eligibility to obtain a valid license as a physician and surgeon issued by the California State Board of Medical Examiners.
  • Eligibility to sit for the examination in the subspecialty of forensic pathology issued by the American Board of Pathology (ABP)
  • Maintenance of a valid California Class C or higher driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  • Specialized training in Pediatric Pathology, Cardiac Pathology, or Neuropathology.

Salary Information

The assistant medical examiner’s annual salary information is approximately about $230,000 – $330,000 respectively.

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2. M.D., D.O. Medical Consultant-Epidemiology/Communicable Disease 

The Medical Consultant deals with the identification, diagnosis, and control of communicable diseases within the population of the State.

This position works relatively with the medical and laboratory community, institutional settings, or hospital control practitioners.

The Medical Consultant investigates and describes the determinants and distribution of disease, disability, or health outcomes.

They, however, develop the means for prevention and control of sporadic diseases that posits threats to the environment

Additionally, medical consultants research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical application, analyzing data, and presenting findings. 

Required Qualification

  • Possession of a valid license to practice medicine in the States and it must still be maintained throughout employment.
  • You should also possess a Medical Doctor(M.D) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O) degree from an accredited medical institution, and
  • The institution must be recognized or approved by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate
  • A one-year post-graduate experience that includes exposure to a wide range of medical diagnostic and treatment problems.
  • Some positions, however, may require applicants to possess additional medical certifications such as the American Board of Pathology 

Salary Information

A Medical Consultant-Epidemiology/Communicable Disease may be compensated at an additional 10% for Board Certified Specialty and 5% for relevant Sub-Specialty.

However, the salary information of the medical consultant is approximately $170,000 – $190,000 annually.


  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off

NOTE: Accommodation may be given to qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the important functions of a job, on a case basis.

3. Medical Officer – Student Health Center

The Medical Officer is to provide direct patient care to eligible personnel at the student health center to include participants in special programs.

And also, to provide clinical supervision to physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

This office supports a comprehensive primary care model which includes gynecology and also an emphasis on preventive medicine and wellness.

The Medical Officer supervises physician assistants and nurse practitioners and also provides clinical oversight to all other medical personnel on the field.

Furthermore, the medical officer provides basic life support or cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the event of life-threatening emergencies.

And also serve on assigned Health Centers and University committees as chairperson when appointed.


  • Candidate must possess an M.D degree from an accredited medical school.
  • Emergency Medicine, Adolescent, or Pediatric Medicine.
  • Completion of an approved residency program in Family Medicine, Internal or Emergency Medicine, and also Pediatric Medicine. 
  • A current unrestricted license to practice medicine in the District of Columbia.
  • Up-to-date Board certification or Eligibility
  • Current certification in Basic life support or CPR
  • A current drug enforcement administration (DEA) certification, and
  • Also, the Current District of Columbia controlled substance certificate


  • Doctoral degree
  • Pre-employment physical examination
  • Writing Skills
  • Documentation review
  • Basic life support (BLS) certification

Salary Information

The full-time annual salary of the Medical Officer is approximately estimated around $130,000 – $180,000 respectively.

4. Graduate Studies Program – Intelligence Analyst

A graduate studies intelligence analyst intern for the CIA, works on teams with the full-time intelligence analysts, studying and evaluating information from all available sources.

And also analyze it to provide timely and objective assessments to customers such as the President, National Security Council, and other U.S policymakers.

Additionally, the intelligence analyst will have the opportunity to become familiar with the agency and intelligence community by participating in a range of meetings and projects.

The graduate studies program also allows participants and the agency to assess all opportunities for permanent employment following the participant’s completion of graduate school.

Applicants must complete the following:

  • A thorough medical and psychological exam
  • Polygraph Interview
  • A comprehensive background investigation


  • Health Insurance

NOTE: The illegal use of drugs is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing. 

All candidates must be drug-free and must not have used illegal drugs within the last 12 months.

Payment Information

However, all Intelligence Analyst Graduate intern for the CIA is approximately paid $26 – $38 per hour respectively

5. Physician (Medical Officer) 

The Medical officer serves as a Physician at a Bureau of Prisons’ (bop) federal correctional facility.

And also provides professional health care services for the federal prisoners who are confined at the facility.

The medical officer also performs complete physical examinations and collects comprehensive medical and social history to include a review of all body systems.

The physician also performs physical assessment in correlation with historical findings, records preliminary objective findings.

The medical officer, however, is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the security of the institution.


  • A Doctor of medicine, or Osteopathic degree
  • Also a degree from a Foreign Medical School
  • Graduate or Post-graduate training
  • Licensure
  • A GS-14(4 years of graduate training), GS-15( five years of graduate training) working experience


  • Medical License
  • Physical examinations
  • Doctoral degree
  • Pass drug screening
  • Pre-employment physical examination


  • Health Insurance

NOTE: All applicants must electronically upload proof of current, active, full, and unrestricted license as a physician.

Salary Information

A 24% Recruitment Incentive will be paid to selected candidates who meet the criteria for Recruitment bonuses.

The salary information of a Physician (Medical Officer) however, is approximately about $110,000 – $240,000

6. General Patient Safety – (Physician)

As a General Patient Safety Physician, you will provide clinical expertise for a full range of research and implementation programmatic activities related to health services research.

Clinical research evaluation, and related disciplines and implementation of endeavors on quality measurement and improvement.

The General Patient Safety physician ensures the various safety topics to include improving diagnostic safety and quality in particular.

And also, responsible for stimulating GPS research related to quality and safety issues and specifically related to diagnostic safety.

And also quality through the planning, development, and execution of contracts that focus on the clinical as well as other aspects of the health care service system.

Requirements/Conditions of Employment 

  • Employment is subject to the successful completion of the pre-appointment process.
  • A one year probation period
  • The position is not in the bargaining unit
  • Recruitment incentives are not authorized
  • Student loan repayment is not authorized.
  • PHS Commissioned Corps applicants must submit current personnel orders.
  • ECFMG results are required with your application 
  • Doctor of Medicine degree
  • A degree from a foreign medical school
  • Graduate training with 4-5 years of training experience


  • Pharmacy residency
  • Safety plans
  • Research
  • Doctoral degree
  • Work authorization
  • Pass drug screening 


  • Health Insurance
  • Loan repayment program

Salary Information

The salary information of a General Patient Safety Physician is approximately about $140,000 – $170,000

7. Physician – Healthcare-Associated Infections

The Physician collaborates with HAI and Combating Anti-biotic Resistant Bacteria experts and the HAI team in developing a comprehensive method to prevent and reduce healthcare-associated infections.

You are expected to provide clinical expertise as a Physician for a full range of research and implementation programmatic activities.

And also everything related to healthcare services research, clinical research evaluation, and related disciplines.

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The physicians serve as a contracting officer’s representatives (COR) on large HAI and CARB quality improvement implementation projects.


They also provide research methodologies, data development and analysis, and research implementation on quality measurement and improvement and combating antibiotic resistance respectively.

  • U.S. Citizenship is required
  • Transcripts are required
  • Loan repayment incentive for the student is not authorized
  • One-year probation may be required
  • PHS Commissioned Corps applicants must submit current personnel orders. 
  • Doctor of Medicine degree in the USA
  • A degree from a foreign institution
  • Graduate training of about 4 – 5 years of training experience


  • Pharmacy residency
  • Research
  • Doctoral degree
  • Work authorization
  • Pass drug screening


  • Health Insurance
  • Loan repayment program

Salary Information

The annual salary of a Healthcare-associated infectious physician is approximately about $120,000- – $160,000

8. Clinical Affairs Specialist

A Clinical Affairs Specialist is responsible for the navigation of protocol and also managing a portfolio of clinical trials and other research studies.

And also providing regulatory support for investigators in NIAID and also facilitate early discussions among investigators.

They also collaborate with peers and other multidisciplinary team members to analyze and evaluate current systems of health care delivery.

And also to identify and implement new practice patterns, as appropriate and also consult with research nurses.

The Clinical Affairs Specialist provides regulatory guidance to clinical investigators and other clinical staffs in collaboration with the Dossier Manager and regulatory affairs director.


  • Employment is strictly subjected to the successful completion of a background investigation and verification of qualifications.
  • Applicants must meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement
  • You must qualify at the GS-13 level
  • Proof of being a U.S. National must be met by the closing date.


  • Documentation review
  • Clinical trials
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Work authorization
  • Pass drug screening 


  • Health insurance
  • Flexible schedule

Salary Information

The annual salary of a support service specialist is approximately $72,000 – $110,000 respectively. For more updates on other related support, service jobs visit this website here

9. Health Scientist (Regulatory Affairs)

The Health Scientist facilitates the development of regulatory strategies, assembles, and also submit IND applications and FDA’s. And also maintains high-quality IND applications.

However, the health scientist also evaluates the effectiveness and compliance with the relevant regulations and procedures.

They also coordinate and communicate with other DAIDS, NIAID, and NIH components to ensure the consistency of TMF and IND procedures, strategies, and also their best practices.


  • You must submit a copy of your transcript
  • Candidates must be U.S Citizens
  • Employment is subjected to the successful completion of a background verification of qualifications.
  • Submission of required documents before appointment
  • You must qualify at the GS-13 level of training


  • Clinical trials
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Work authorization
  • Pass drug screening


  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible schedule

Salary Information

The annual salary of a Health Scientist is approximately about $100,000 – $130,000 respectively. check more about

10. Support Services Specialist

The Support Service Specialist performs general support services in the areas of parking management, accountable property management, and also in the areas of the program record.

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He or she ensures that the laboratory and facility support issues and the building management services are performed timely and efficiently 

The Support service specialist also serves as a member of the Office Alternative Team and identifies and coordinates, alternative office solutions within the field.

And also assist with in-depth space studies, maintains data on office and laboratory occupancy, and further develops and verifies data via interviews and inspections  

Requirements/Employment conditions

  • Candidate must be U.S Citizen
  • Selective service registration 
  • FDA participates in e-Verify
  • Background investigation and verification of qualification 
  • Time-in-Grade requirement 
  • Certification of accuracy
  • Direct deposit with a financial institution of your choice
  • One year of training experience
  • Candidates must submit a copy of the transcript. 


  • FDA regulations
  • Communication skills
  • Doctoral degree
  • Pass drug screening
  • Work authorization


  • Health insurance
  • Loan repayment program

Salary Information

The annual salary of a support service specialist is approximately about $72,000 – $110,000 respectively. For more updates on other related support service jobs check this link

Frequently asked Questions:

Can I get a Medical Job in the USA without the USMLE?

Interestingly, the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a three-step examination for medical licensure in the United States.

It is required by some medical platforms because the USMLE assesses a physician’s ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills.


Choosing a medical career is a guarantee for a bright and lucrative future for all medical aspirants.

Although it takes a stream of educational chains to attain any medical field the good thing is that it is worth all the stress and time.

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