10 Physician Assistant Training School in Canada 2021

Here are the best Physician Assistant Training School in Canada for domestic and international students in Canada. This detail contain courses options, and other relevant information regarding Physician Assistant in Canada.

Canada is one of the best countries that many students aspire to study Medicine or its related field always wishes to study.

As of 2020 one of the Canadian universities is ranking 13th in the world’s best medical University, and this is one of those reasons why students always like to further their medical career in Canada.

For those of you who have this passion for treating patients and administering drugs to sick people, this is the time you consider one of the Canadian universities for further development in the field of the physician assistant. Below are the question relating to the physician assistant. 

What is a Physician Assistant?

PA is one of the essential personnel in the hospitals, and their work or function is to practised Medicine under the supervision or direction of a Physician.

Where does Physician Assistant work?

A physician assistant can work in so many places like rapid response team, hospital care, internal care, family and community medicine, surgery, women’s health, paediatrics, etc

What does the Physician Assistant do?

A physician assistant works solely with the physicians to provide diagnostic and therapeutic patient care in all the medical aspects and hospitals.

They take patients’ histories, carry out physical diagnoses, prescribe medications, and structure patients’ treatment plans.

Where does Physician Assistant currently practice?

Currently, a Physician assistant is being practised in some countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, America, and Netherland.

Where else can Physician Assistant work?

Apart from the hospital, there are other places where a physician assistant can work or fit in well, which are: 

The emergency department where you help ill and injured people during the time of their need.

Urgent Care Center, this is the first place where urgent cases are being brought then the PA will now send them to theatre or appropriate place of treatment.

Surgery centres where the physician assistant helps the Doctors in carrying out the surgery

Community health clinics-This has a similarity with the urgent centre in the sense that PA working here renders family practice service in addition to emergency care.

What is Physician Assistant Salary

Statistics show that the average Physician Assistant in 2018, which is $108,610 and the best paid was $127,220, while the lowest is $90,150.

Physician Assitant Universities In Canada

Mac Master University– Macmaster University address is at 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, On L8s, 4L8 Canada. The University was founded on 27th April 1887, Macmaster is a general research University in Ontario Canada with its main campus close to the Ainslie neighbourhood and Westdale beside Royal botanical Garden. Macmaster University has six faculties which are the School of Business, Health Sciences, Engineering, Social science, and Science. The University has trained so many Physician Assistant on how to give direct care and see the impact on the patients


You must be a permanent resident in Canada

4-semesters full time of undergraduate studies from a well-known university university

Applicants must maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.7.

 Undergraduate completed studies will be considered based on CGPA 

Preferences are given to those who:

Already have experience in treating a patient in a clinical setting.

Have paid position as a health caregiver

Have a health care experience for five years

Tuition Fees

As of 2018-2019, the fees are approximately $14,580 for a 12 months academic term, including the supplementary fee of $1000 per year. From then till now it is anticipating that the price may change.

Direct School link- https://www.mcmaster.ca/

University of Toronto– The University of Toronto is a combination of three universities which are the University of Toronto, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and Michener Institute. The University of Toronto was founded in the year 15th March 1827.

Still, the faculty of Medicine was established in 1843, which catapulted Charles Best’s and Sir Fredrick Banting’s discovery of Insulin in the year 1992.

The department of a physician assistant has linked with the department of family and community medicine, anyone student that graduates as a physician assistant gets the University of Toronto Certificate.

The first year Physician Assistant course involves mixing lecture methods where the students have to learn both on and offline.

Admission Requirement

The student must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

Minimum of 2 years Undergraduate University(10 full year courses, 20 half-year courses, or 4-semester full-time undergraduate study from recognized University 

Minimum 2.7 GPA OMSAS 4.0

Minimum 910 health care experience hours ( can be paid as part of clinical placement or voluntary

Proof of English language proficiency

Supplementary Application 

Tuition Fee

For Canadian citizen or residents– 6,590Canadian Dollar

International Students- 45,690Canadian Dollar

Address- No 27 Kings College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, Canada 

Direct School Link-https://medicine.utoronto.ca/

The University Of Manitoba- the University of Manitoba is a general university that is made up of seven faculties including their graduate program, the University was founded on 1st June 1967 as at that time the college was a charter.

The physician Assistant department at the University of Manitoba has been known for admitting not more than 15 students every year and their admission deadline is towards December.

The Physician Assistant was coming to existence when there was a need for students who wish to be exposed to clinical experiences.

Admission Requirement

Students who wish to apply for physician assistant admission in University of Manitoba must be a Canadian citizen or resident

Individual must have a four-year bachelor degree from any recognized institution

Applicants must have at least 3.0 GPA scale, full or part-time

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee covers other expenses like books, sports, health care, etc

The tuition fee is- $7,100. for Canadian citizen

International Students- $7,400- $13,800

Address- 16 Chancellors, Cir, Winnipeg, MBT, R3T 2N2 Canada

University Direct Link– http://umanitoba.ca/

Military Physician Assistant School– Canadian armed forces physician assistant is one of the best military services teams In Canada, one of their duty is to provide basic medical assistance and emergency care for Canadian armed forces members both local and international. A military physician assistant works in places like in the ship and even oversees. This is one of the programs in Canada where you are getting a job that is guaranteed for you after graduation. Another good thing about this program is that the Canadian armed forces take care of your tuition and every other cost after you have been admitted. The run six up to 6 programs ranging from college, dental school, University, and flight school


Applicant must be a Canadian Citizen

He or she must be 18 and above

Students applying for a non-commissioned officer are required to have 

Grade 10 to secondary 4

For the commission officers applicants, you need to have a B.Sc

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is taking care of by CAF Canadian armed forces included your academic material and health care.

Address– St Jeansur-Richelieu, Quebec Canada

Direct Link- https://forces.ca/en/career/physician-assistant/


A physician assistant is a helping profession like the medical doctors and nurses that care and treat patients, there no doubt that so many students wish to study Medicine but one constraint or the other might disqualify them.

So it is recommended that the said individual can apply for Physician assistant knowing fully well that their work is similar to that of medical doctors and they are well paid.

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