7 Sites you can Sell Project (Materials) and Make Money From

Here are 7 Sites to Sell Project (Materials) and Make Money, from anywhere. But before submitting your content, there are few clarification on our own end. And one of this is that you don’t need to own a personal blog before you can sell and make money with project materials in Nigeria, or even any other part of the world.

The truth being that most universities in Africa are yet to develop facilities that can help students go about their projects without external aids. It’s a harsh truth that must be aired. You can leverage this tactics, not to promote plagiarism, but to assist someone who may need a sample to proceed with.

What is a Project material?

You can’t learn how to sell project materials, to make money without learning what a project materials is all about.

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources.

And a project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. We are discussing academic projects and what it takes to deliver a scholar who is on any kind of research for his personal use of to pass a degree test.

On the other hands, a project material is that objects, tools or compiled information (such as already executed projects), that can aid a project research of execution.


Why Selling Project Materials ?

I don’t think the right question should be “why”

I only want you to harness this market advantage. But it must be built on assisting some folks with their work at a fraction of the real market cost.

However, it is still in alignment with my day-to-day preaching. You cannot make money anywhere without having to render some sort of value.

In this post post, I will point out many places (sites) where you can sell projects and projects materials and earn some buck without having to bother about VAT


 Money Online Selling Project Materials

This, in no way, suggests malpractices or even plagiarism.

In your free time and out of your own experience, you can assist other with their own academic researches; even without violating the examining regulations.

These virtual portals listed are known for such exchange.

And the good news is that it’s one of the things you can carryout at your own convince and with little or no startup demands.

But you must ensure that each candidate gains the right insight of the work, and be able to utilize your research in solving problems. So, don’t get fussed with the title, there is more to it than just selling project materials for students.



How to Make Money Online Selling Project Materials

There are so many websites that can help you make money online by letting you place your work on the internet for other interested candidates. You can all them the project management website. Or the websites that assist students with resources. But the ultimate goal of most of this project site is to ensure that most of the young researchers don’t get stranded.

The philosophy is that some need great project insights and materials to graduate from their schools.  And it’s a fact that no one should shy away from, specially in Nigeria.

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Some need projects as good means to gain market insight. Some depend on others for stories etc.You can make money online by assisting these students, business people and others, go about their projects. It is called virtual assistance.


But for the sake of the topic over there, here are the site for your Project Insights and materials:

#.1 Jumia

There are deals on Jumia that will allow you place projects to be sold on the internet. In fact, that is a great option for anyone that want to make money online selling project materials and assisting other scale through academically or business wise.


#2. Nigeria Project Site

Naira Project is another website in Nigeria dedicated to project sales and assistance. It is a pure aid to most students looking for project materials for their academic purposes.

And also a source of passive income for gurus that are ready and willing to help other with their projects works.

And in the area of ministry, you can make some money helping others.

Note: You must be wise. Don’t upload all before you get paid.


#.3 Edu Stores

Edu Stores is not only dedicated to Projects. It is a dynamic education websites. But currently accepts materials from fellow that feel their work are worth people pay.


It’s a site where you can sell online and make money, in that perspective.


#4. Istores


#5. UniProjects


#6. Project Extra


#7. Research Clue

Just as the name implies, Research Clue helps in varieties of works on the internet. Apart from being assisted with your projects, you can get more projects insights like topics, naming and necessary requirements.

This is why, apart from the selling stuff, some of the sites might be good for young graduating students or those in further studies. They can tap into their project insight and continue with the organic research and development.


Sell Project materials with Caution

I don’t have any affiliation with any of the sites mentioned above. They were selected based on their claims. Therefore, I have no reason to recommend any site for either students or experts who intend rendering such academic assistance.


Disclaimer: The internet is quite dynamic, and I’ll not be held responsible for any loss of project, money or other valuable associated with dealing with these sites.


My Advice: You should only upload just a little portion of your work and wait to connect with your clients. Secondly, go for the free option-sites, to avoid wasting without returns.

But the bottom line is, you can make money online selling project material, helping students and others in carrying out their academic and business researches via the internet.


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Still Looking for Where to Sell Project Materials?

I don’t think so

There are many other websites where you can sell or get people to assist you with your project works. In fact, there are thousands of freelance websites where experts are ready to see you grow.

Feel free to add other sites using the comment section below. Share your Views, and most importantly (to me), use the sharing button to make this post go viral.


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Note: If you need assistance with website project, and other related tech projects that are based of development and implementation of virtual objects, platforms and management softwares, do not hesitate to leave a comment with your emails.



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