Princeton University Acceptance Rate ( $77,240 Annual Aid)

Students vying for degrees and titles consider the Princeton University acceptance rate as a huge barrier. However, in this guide, we are exploring your chances and reviewing opportunities such as financial aid for eligible students only.

As a very selective school, understanding the admission processes and what will likely make your application stand out is paramount.

However, its acceptance rate of about 4%  suggests that out of every 1000 applicants for admission into their various programs at Princeton, only about 40 candidates will be getting admission offers.

Therefore, taking into account your chances ( as an aspiring student), we are including the admission requirements and processes that may land you the dream admission email at Princeton.

Before we dive into reeling out these guides and discussing the Princeton University acceptance rate, tuition, scholarships etc., let us take a quick look at the history of the institution.

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About Princeton University

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research institution that is located in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1746, this school was founded, by Elizabeth as the College of New Jersey one of the 9 colonial colleges that existed before the American Revolution.

Consequently, Princeton is one of the fourth oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States with alumni of reputable individuals.

Princeton Alumni include Jeff Bezos, Richard Feynman, Michelle Obama Brooke Shields, and a host of others.

In the United States, Princeton University ranks #1 out of 443 National Universities, and this suggests its place in global education.

Today, as one of the leading elite schools, Princeton has continued to stand out among the best student destinations in the United States and around the world.

Princeton Admission

From this section, we will be discussing the Princeton University admission processes, requirements and what you will be needing to get started.

Princeton University Admission Processes: Admission applications for graduates and undergraduates are carried out via the admission portal.

However, the admission processing for undergraduates, graduates and that of other levels of studies, take slightly different routes.

Examples: The graduate admission decision at Princeton is made by the faculty of each proposed field.

Same way, the graduate school takes decisions on the admission requirements based on the minimum demand that they establish. It is important that you refer to the appropriate page that clearly explains specific demands based on your program of choice.

Below, is a list of core admission processes at Princeton University for all aspiring students.

4 Critical Admission Requirements at Princeton

Here are the top requirements and admission application stages at Princeton University:

1. Online Application

As an aspiring student, you must complete the online application for admission. Princeton University makes use of Common Application and its CEED code is 2672.

All applications with the exception of some documents, are carried out online, and from any part of the world.

2. Test Requirements

Depending on the level of your proposed study, you will be submitting a score from SAT or ACT.

Note: These are not mandatory for some study levels and for students who choose to submit SAT and or ACT, while registering for SAT or ACT, endeavour to make use of the following codes to ensure your scores are sent to Princeton directly. SAT code is 2672 and the ACT code is 2588.

NB: Princeton University does not demand SAT Subject Tests. However, you can as well choose to seat for these tests as it may boost your chances, especially if your application is falling short in other areas of the admission requirements.

3. English Language Test

If English is not your native language and you are attending a school where English is not used for teaching, you may take TOEFL, IELTS Academic or PTE Academic as they are the English language proficiency tests that Princeton University welcomes.

4. Recommendations

It is important to note that as you are using the online application portal, SR is not the same as Counselor Recommendation. These requirements are separate items and you must get your school counsellor or academic adviser to complete both forms.

For undergraduates, School Report is also an entirely different item that your school counsellor needs to complete for your application success.

5. Transcript

You will also need to submit your previous school transcript for admission consideration at Princeton.

6. Application Fee

Upon completing all the forms and documents that you need to submit for your application, Princeton charges an application fee of $75 for both US citizens and international students.

In a case where paying this fee is a burden to your family, you can apply for an application fee waiver as well as financial aid during the application.

7. Interview

An interview is part of the Princeton Admission process and is required as part of the application progress. This admission interview takes place after the Admission Office has reviewed your application. However, students may opt out of this interview during the application process.

If you do not opt-out, you may get an email for this interview but opting out is reported not to have any effect on your admission chances.

8. Visas

At Princeton, the Davis International Center helps international students with all demands of a Visa and its processes. If you desire to study at Princeton as an international student, you may also like to learn more about obtaining a visa via the Davis Center’s official website.

Learn More About Princeton University Admission Requirements

Having explored the general admission requirements, you may also like to explore the totality of what it demands you as either an undergraduate student or an aspiring postgraduate student.

1. For undergraduate studies at Princeton, visit this general admission page to learn more about the admission requirements.

2. For the graduate requirements and application procedures, kindly visit this review page for more information.

3. International students can also learn more about the requirements for admission from this international study section of the Princeton website.

How much is the Princeton application fee for international students?

At Princeton University, there is a flat rate for application charges and that is $75. In other words, the application fee for international students and US citizens are the same, for all programs and courses in the university.

NOTE: Students who are eligible can apply for Princeton University application fee waiver, and eligibility favours students from low-income homes.

If the application fee is a hardship for your family, and you are applying for financial aid, you can also apply for an application fee waiver.

Tuition at Princeton University

Official sources have it that the average Princeton University tuition is $56, 010.  More so, there are other important fees for resident students such as board and room that amount to $18,180.

During application, students are paying $75 as an application fee, and this payment will ensure the processing of your application.

Note: The tuition above is a mere projection and could be higher or lesser, depending on the program of choice. Also, there is quite a number of additional fees that will make up the total cost of study at Princeton University ( as we share here).

FAQ About Princeton Acceptance Rate

Here is applicable feedback on what most aspiring students need to know about Princeton:

Does Princeton University offer Financial Aid to International students?

Financial need of all admitted international students at Princeton is the same as it is for US students.

Financial aid provision is based on your family’s ability to afford your education and it is worthy of note that it does not take into account during admission consideration.

Princeton financial aid programs are based on need and do not offer other aid such as academic and athletic grounds.

Summary of Princeton University Admission

Key factors that most domestic and international students consider vital are but are not limited to:

  1. The Princeton acceptance rate
  2. Tuition and Fees
  3. Princeton University admission processes
  4. Requirements for admission at Princeton
  5. Financial aid (including scholarships at Princeton)

These factors/topics make up the content of this guide, and we include the official links to the school’s various pages. Our goal here at is to keep global citizens fed with the right skills and career information. It is our school of thought that together, we can build a more productive ecosystem in which everyone will be glad to dwell.


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