Princeton Acceptance Rate – Cost and Admission Processes

Princeton Acceptance Rate - Cost and Admission Processes

Princeton acceptance rate isn’t targeting admitting a large number of students but instead, it has given room for students to make it easy for the school to provide financial aid for easy learning.

Choosing which college to apply for is a huge decision for most people.

It’s a major decision that’s going to have an impact on your life for a long period of time.

That’s why I’m going to take my time to bring out the reasons why you should apply for Prince University.

Brief history

Princeton University is a privately owned educational platform founded in 1746.

Located in the town of Princeton, a jersey with an enrollment of 5,422 undergraduates.

The world has encountered the brutal outcomes of the pandemic and humans are trying everything possible to reduce or eliminate the virus from this planet.

This time is a different story because it has left many people out of school and now that people are getting the system back, everyone wants to go to a better platform to acquire knowledge.

The stretch that the world has got itself, has made man no island of knowledge.

Meaning, everyone somehow would surely depend on someone for the acquisition of information which is later converted into knowledge and processed again into wisdom.

You can learn from anyone platform but the school has always been one of the best platforms to meet and learn.

Most educated and live impacting humans you have heard of on the surface of the earth evolve their knowledge from school.

Here, I’m not trying to convince you to apply for Princeton University but don’t you think it’s somewhat important to try to check out what they got? Ok, let’s go!

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Achievements of Princeton

Princeton University outstretched every other institution at the edition of best colleges (National Universities) by taking the first position

Also, Princeton University ranked very high at the graduate programs via the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and international affairs and school of engineering and applied science.

National Universities#1
Best Undergraduate Teaching#4
Best Value Schools#2
Most Innovative Schools#22
Top Performers on Social Mobility#203
Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs#12
Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects#5
Writing in the Disciplines#4
Senior Capstone#1
Learning Communities#4
First-Year Experiences#17
Computer Science#5
Programming Languages#12
Data Analytics/Science#12
Artificial Intelligence#10
Electrical / Electronic / Communications#12

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Criteria for eligibility

Graduate applicants must provide a bachelor’s degree. If you are an international student, hold a foreign equivalent.

Applicants should take their time to access the School’s official websites to explore the different fields of study.

Master’s candidates are required to lay down online the statement of financial resources which will be considered to be part of the application.

What is the tuition for Princeton?

Tuition fees                      $53,890

Room and Board               $17,820

Total Enrollment               8,419

Application Deadline                   Jan. 1

The application fee            $70.

Acceptance rate

Princeton University admission is most selective with an acceptance rate of 6% and an early acceptance rate of 13.9%.

A partial division of the applicants admitted to Princeton University has an SAT score between 1460 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35.

Moreover, few numbers of the admitted applicants excellently scored above these levels, and others scored less than these levels.

Why Princeton Universities?

Did you know that Princeton University offers grants instead of loans? Meaning the grants given to students might not be paid back which makes it easy for students.

Also, the statistics show that 82% of recent seniors have graduated with little debt or no debt, unlike other colleges that have a high number of graduates with debts. I guess it’s getting yummy at this point.

Yes, you have to be impressed because debt is more like a pandemic students try to avoid, and having this opportunity is golden.

Specifically, financial aid is awarded majorly based on the student’s need and determined by the income of a particular individual’s families.

Do you really want to know how to apply for financial aid at Princeton University? Then visit here to follow the step by step instructions specially packaged for students.

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How do I apply for Princeton University?

So far, Princeton has given admission to just 7% of applicants. Don’t let that bother you because you still have the chance to get into this institution.

Just follow the necessary steps and stay updated with information about the school.

  • Firstly, students need to have an application and there are two types of application here which are:
  • Coalition Application
  • Common Application
  • Also, remember that Princeton doesn’t discriminate against the two applications. The institution make good use of both platforms. Student must lay down one of the applications online for the authorities to check.
  • Student will need to present their Transcript, school report, School Counselor letter and 2 teacher recommendations.
  • That shouldn’t be difficult for you to find I guess. Please kindly ensure to follow these instructions.

When you should apply for Princeton

Students must stay well-informed throughout these processes. The deadline falls on Jan 1, 2021, for the first year admission cycle.

Applications (coalition and Common)Mid-August
TOEFL, IELTS Academic or PTE Academic Test CompletedNov. 1
Application and Princeton Supplement DueJan. 1
Princeton Financial Aid Application DueFeb. 1
Decision NotificationApril 1
Candidate’s Reply DateMay 1

 Above, are essential dates you should out for

Are you a student with disabilities?

You will never be left out of the benefits! Never! The institution created a special body that offers a range of services to ascertain that Students with attributes of disabilities get equal access to the University’s academic and free curricular opportunities.

Note: In Princeton, there is no discrimination nor racism. Punishments are accorded to those who deserve it.

Summarily, Princeton is ranked one of the best institutions and I advise all applicants to take their time to look out for any information in reference to the School. I wish you good luck!

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