Surviving the Lockdown with a Proactive Business Strategy

Surviving the Lockdown with a Proactive Business Strategy

The world is facing a daring time with the recent pandemic (following a continued spreading of the Covid-19, but here is how to service these lockdown everywhere, with a proactive business strategy. This post is termed “The Chronicle of a proactive business strategist” in that he has given us a view of what the world may face very soon.

There is a prediction that Health, Agro Career and the IT world will take the place of both oil and politics; yet most businesses in Africa aren’t ready for the digital adjustment.

It perfectly described the future of most businesses results from implementing a marketing model from one of our proactive clients.

Mr Idris is our friend who deals on cars and general spare parts in one of the popular Lagos markets, and as a result from the lockdown to curtail the spread of the recent disease outbreak, a lot happened to his type of market. Due to these incidents, the whole world has been held standstill and until God knows when.

As a car dealer, he used to depend on a billboard, the passerby, affiliate ads and other ineffective paid media for traffic, impression and sales. And having seen that no one passes again, a new thing had to be done for the new circumstances; to salvage the business.

The Proactive Business Strategy

Door-to-door product delivery only favours those who had a means of showcasing their offering. It was left for the eCommerce sites and other few delivery sale pages. But later did he realize that the internet has been a great tool for effective reach out, at all times.

The phase of this economic lockdown in Lagos state and other parts of Nigeria forced a lot of business owners into innovative thinking and we all embraced technology and the internet.

Idris considered our previous pitching and decided to belong to our digital business tribe. Enrolling for our brief digital marketing course exposed the businessman to new possibilities and he decided to fully integrate our hardcore to his auto business.

For the past few weeks, results from our social media ads and handwritten contents around important key-phrases have always redirected genuine searched from most search engines where his webpage is indexed.

This has been able to help him make more sales than before, and upon that, a lot of people now know about his car brands; through reviews, social media outreach and other marketing hacks that may not be relevant in this page(as to be mentioned).

The Process

Jobreaders had studied his market and business lapses to decipher the right marketing funnels to embrace in promoting his well-doing business. After all, what he needed is to make more sales.


But one of the best ways we applied force to take the lead is by creating as many brand advocates as possible. These are digital marketing strategies that have always been very expensive, in that the tools are more organic than influenced.

But to help you see where to digitally touch your outlets for more virtual customers, trust and rapid sales, a business needs the following tools to survive the heat of the 21st-century demands:

  • A web page
  • Active engagement
  • Social proof and
  • Deliver

The last but not the least takes care of the continuity of the business because it harbours trust in the views of the mind of prospects and customers. Delivery, when properly harnessed, gives birth to more business brand advocates.

And there is no better way to take the organic lead like getting these folks to work for you without being paid.

Most businesses don’t deserve more offline locations than virtual presence; and the recent outbreak of Covid-19, coupled with the resultant lockdown of many cities in the world, people have no choice than to accept technology as a tool.

The myth, however, is that every business needs internet to service. Inasmuch as that may not realistic, it is also true that the internet cannot demote the output of any business effort. There is virtually nothing that worth doing that is not worth doing very well, and what the web does is promoting the beauty of any investment.

The approach assisted Mr Idris to sell more cars here in Nigeria; because a lot more people came to realize he existed. It was not just based on appearing on several social media pages, but using contents to attract ready customers where they search.

This is a confirmation of the fact that digital marketing canner is complete without content marketing. And of course, this is where we become very relevant. You can also apply this proactive business strategy to win more in time like this.

No Business, What then?

In cases where a reader is a stock to possibilities that there is no current business, we have made suggestions of some of the internet-based venture with little or no startup capitals. These are highly lucrative craft-based or investment fueled ventures that can help anyone earn a living in harder currencies. Learn a number of these online career paths, to keep going, even as you are indoors.

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