Programs at CCI Drexel – Admission, Cost, and Eligibility

Programs at CCI Drexel – Admission, Cost, and Eligibility

Due to the explosion of technology in today’s society, programs at CCI Drexel is highly needed in every industry as it is affected by information and technology.

However, Drexel University’s college of computing and informatics (CCI) does not just focus on the limitations of technology.

Rather, Drexel University’s college of computing and informatics focuses on the possibilities of the future.

Amongst other institutions in the U.S, Drexel is one that encompasses both the breadth and depth of computing and informatics.

And also the important relationship between those fields under a single roof.

Most importantly, Programs at CCI Drexel is uniquely dignified to meet the changing needs of society.

With a crosscutting, and interdisciplinary curriculum and to also strengthen the transformational roles of information & technology.

The programs at CCI Drexel are designed to support band prepare the next generation of innovators & problem solver.

The college of computing informatics is setting up the speed for invention in computing and information science education.

To aid research for the 21st-century economy. Students in the CCI are ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative, and actively engaged.

About the College Computing Informatics (CCI)

CCI has contributed to theory and training along with the dimensions that include humans, organization, technical, policy, and societal concern.

The society has become more dependent on information technology due to the multi-disciplinary problems that are increasing.

The college is among the founding member of the iSchools Caucus of about 29 noticeable colleges.

These colleges are dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the information field in the 21st century.

At the art uCity Square building 3675 Market Street, the administrative offices, including all the labs and the majority of CCI classrooms are located.

The CCI was able to bring together students, faculty, and professional staff under a single roof for the first time ever in college history.

The History of the College Computing Informatics (CCI)

The college computing informatics was founded in the year 2013 as a result of the response to the fast growing role of computing & informatics in all the sector of the economy.

Consistent academic programs contribute highly to the development of the local innovation community.

While, links are strengthening to industries within the region, and not for profit bodies.

The formation of the College has joined the fortes and assets of many graduates, undergraduates, and professional computing informatics programs.

Specifically, the College also was able to unite the former College of Information Science & Technology (the School). The Department of Computer Science (from the College of Engineering).

And the Computing and Security Technology program (formerly housed in the Goodwin College School of Technology and Professional Studies).

How long does Drexel take to make a decision?

Once an application file is complete, it may take two to four weeks for a decision to be rendered once a review for that term has begun.

Does Drexel give full scholarships?

Students with various associations and merit-based are qualified for the undergraduate scholarships of Drexel University.

Whereas, most scholarships are awarded when students begin full-time enrollment as a Drexel student. 

What are the requirements for Drexel University?

A high school grade of about an average of 3.6 GPA, gives you an edge of being admitted. Drexel University has an acceptance rate of 77%.

Tuition Fee for Drexel University?

$54,516 for (2020 – 2021)

How to Apply for Programs at CCI Drexel

For interested candidates who wants to apply for the programs at CCI Drexel, you can;

Visit the Official Website

  1. You click on create an account
  2. Set your password
  3. Start a new application
  4. Then select fall 2019- Summer 2020
  5. You can now click on Create Application
  6. Afterward, you select Computing and Informatics under programs

Admission at Drexel College of Computing & Informatics CCI

The college of computing and informatics has made available programs that are designed to fit your ambitions and lifestyle.

Regardless of your personal choices on whether you are prepared to start your undergraduate career after high school.

It also moves towards enlightening your information and technology knowledge with either a master’s or doctoral degree.

Throughout your application process, some group of intellectual recruitment team has been made available to assist you:

Matt Lechtenberg – The Director of Recruitment / [email protected]

Einas Hassan – Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist/[email protected]

Amanda Tessler – Graduate Recruitment Specialist/ [email protected]

Admission into the college of computing and informatics is available only in the fall term of any given academic section.

However, for transfer student admission, it is only available in the fall term too except for those in the BS in computing and security technology (CST).

The requirement for Admissions into the Master’s, Ph.D., and Certificate Programs

Many students who are applying to the following masters and other professional programs should attentively read and follow the necessary requirements.

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Health Informatics
  • Digital Content Management
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Library and Information Science
  • Information Systems
  • Software Engineering

PhD Degree Programs

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Ph.D. in Information Science

Certificate Programs

  • The Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • The Graduate Certificate in Computational Data Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Computer Science
  • A Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics
  • Advanced Certificate in Information Studies and Technology

Students Loans / Aids

It is expected that all the Federal need-based aid programs should please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Ensure you list the Drexel school code – 003256

You can as well visit the Drexel Central website for more and detailed information.

Regarding, how to apply for financial aid, loans, etc. there is a minimum of two classes enrollment to enhance your qualification for the aid.

Discount for Partners Organization

The Drexel pro is an educational partnership program that enables students in a master’s program or graduate-level certificate programs at CCI Drexel to qualify for a discount.

Your membership to any partner organization might attract to you a benefit of a tuition reduction. Which would be off the usual Drexel University tuition rate.

Additional Incentives

There is no level of application required for this very review. However, all programs at CCI Drexel master’s level applicants would be reviewed for the Dean Fellowships.

The Fellowship award is available to full-time master’s students on campus. Strictly based on merits.


The following programs at CCI Drexel are offered only online:

  • Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science
  • MS in Health Informatics
  • Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics
  • Advanced Certificate in Information Studies and Technology

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