Review on How to check 9mobile Data Plan

Review on How to check 9mobile Data Plan

This is an exceptional article that contains steps on how to check the 9Mobile Data plan balance for 9Mobile Users/Subscribers.

9Mobile is one of the biggest and is Nigeria’s youngest operator of networks.

The organization is proud to be one of the networks with competitive plans and rates for data.

9mobile Data Plan is steadily upgrading and 9mobile is really going well with that to be sincere.

9mobile Nigeria is a network in Nigeria that is being developed. There are 9Mobile (Etisalat) data Package Service for Android, iPhone & Laptop.

Across the 16 countries in which they work, they have over 150 million consumers. The countries of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, certainly.

9Mobile is one of Nigeria’s best and fastest networks, arguably. I know because I am using their service at the moment.

Some might claim, though, that the price of their data bundles/plans is kind of on the high side. Ok, I think good stuff doesn’t come cheap, right?

There appears to be a very good value for money service package 9mobile has, regardless of the price of their data plans.

Surprisingly, not a lot of individuals are aware of this initiative. A Whooping 1 GB of Data for Only N200 Only is given by the special data package.

How to verify the 9Mobile storage balance and 9Mobile data plan will be covered in this report.

About 9mobile

One of the telecommunications firms we have in Nigeria is 9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat.

The company also offers data for both heavy and medium data users, in addition to voice calls and SMS.

Data has become an integral part of life in modern times, especially with the growth of social media, and as such, these telecommunication firms have positioned themselves to benefit bountifully from the vast market.

The 9-mobile data plan might not be the cheapest in the world, but they have bundles that suit everyone and different usage plans.

All one has to do is find and go for a data package that fits their needs.

There is also a user-friendly prototype, and the download speed is great and appreciable plus network coverage.

With as little as # 1000, you can get 1 GB of data to browse, talk, and watch videos for an entire month on the Etisalat data plan.

How to check the 9Mobile data Plan

Dial * 228 # on your mobile device to see how to check the 9Mobile data balance.

You should get a message showing the balance of your data, your bonus details, and any deals they may like to advertise to you.

You could give BAL to 228 as well. You will also get a text message providing information about the schedules, deals, and balances you have.

So that’s how to verify the balance of 9Mobile results, you can see on 9Mobile that it’s pretty easy and straightforward.

Visit the Official Website

Use USSD to verify the balance of data

To see the balance, dial *228# on your mobile.

Hope you’ve been able to verify the data balance on your 9Mobile line with these tips?

Please share and, as below, for any issue encountered, also comment below.

Codes for 9Mobile Data Plan

Then we talked about the 9Mobile storage balance. It’s just good to see codes that you can use if you choose to subscribe to some 9Mobile Data Plan. Here are the codes and plans that are most common.

Daily 9Mobile Data Plan Codes

  • 25MB – 1 Day Plan – N50 – Code — *229*3*8#
  • 100MB – 1 Day Plan – N100 – Code – *229*3*1#
  • 650MB – 1 Day Plan – N200 – Code – *229*3*2#
  • 1GB – 1 Day Plan – N300 – Code – *229*3*3#
  • 2GB – 3 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *229*3*4#

Night/Weekend plans

  • 1GB – 1 Night Plan – N200 – Code – *229*3*11#
  • 2GB – 30 Nights Plan – N1000 – Code – *229*3*12#
  • 5GB – 30 Nights Plan – N2000 – Code – *229*3*13#

Weekly 9Mobile Data Plan Codes

  • 250MB – 7 Days Plan – N200 – Code – *229*2*10#
  • 1GB – 7 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *229*2*1#
  • 7GB – 7 Days Plan – N1500 – Code – *229*2*2#

How to Check Codes for the monthly 9Mobile Data Plan

There are broadband packages, Smartpaks, and tablet plans, and the 9mobile data package is divided into various aspects.

Starting from N500 to N8, 000, when you connect to either of these more blaze data plans, you can appreciate calls to any network with no connection charge at 20 kobos per sec.

The latest pricing of all 9 cell data bundle plans on all users is shown below.

  • 500MB-30 Days Plan-N500-Code-*229*2*12# Code-*229*2*12#
  • 1.5GB-30 Days Plan-N1000-Code-*229*2*7# Code-*229*2*7#
  • 2GB-30 Days Plan-N1200-Code-*229*2*25# code-229*2*25#
  • Plan 3GB-30 days-N1500-Code-*229*2*3#
  • 4.5GB-30 Days Plan-N2000-Code-*229*2*8# Code-*229*2*8#
  • 11GB-30 Days Schedule-N4000-Code-*229*2*36# Code-11GB-30
  • 15GB-30 Days Plan-N5000-Code-*229*2*37# Code-*229*2*37#
  • 40GB-30 Days Plan-N10000-Code-*229*4*1# Code-*229*4*1#
  • 75GB-30 Days Plan-N15000-Code-*229*2*4# Code-*229*2*4*4 #

How to search 9Mobile for your number

This code should work just fine if you want to search your mobile number on 9Mobile, maybe because you have missed or forgotten it: *248#.

Your phone number should automatically appear on the phone’s screen after dialing this code.

Do take care of the package you are agreeing to and the duration of validity.

This is crucial so that you don’t get upset if your subscription doesn’t last as long as you want it to.

Which of these data plans have you been using or are you regularly using? In the comments box, please share your thoughts.

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How to Purchase a 9-mobile Data Plan

  • Insert your SIM
  • Turn the phone on
  • Recharge your phone
  • Dial * 200 * 2 # Dial
  • Choose the data

9mobile Light Consumer Smartpaks

For light users who only use the internet to chat, the 9mobile Smartpaks is a data kit.

VideoPak, SocialPak and Chatpak are grouped into 9Mobile Smartpaks.

Chatpak 9mobile:

Get unrestricted access to all instant messaging applications on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, We-Chat, BBM. The expense is # 50 a day, and # 150 a week.

Socialpak 9mobile:

Get unrestricted access to all instant messaging applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Instagram, Eskimi. It takes a week at # 300.

Video Pak 9mobile:

Get 2 hours of videos from every app without interruption. It costs # 400 for simultaneous streaming for 2 hours.

To subscribe to 9mobile Smartpak, dial *200# and pick the data menu option 3. For SmartPaks, pick choice 3.


One thing you should remember about subscribing to any 9Mobile package is that it is set to AUTO-RENEWAL by default when you trigger either package.

That ensures it immediately renews the kit for you as soon as your validity expires.

Only if you have the equivalent amount in your account balance. You will verify the data balance by dialing *228# on the 9mobile network.

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