Rice University Admission Requirement, Acceptance Rate, and Cost

Are you looking for admission as a student and are you tired of staying at home? Then here is good news for you about the university of rice that will help you achieve your goals.

This blog article contains all the relevant details you need to know about the qualifications for admission to Rice University, acceptance rate, and tuition cost.

Over a set period, the Rice University admission requirement board has offered admission to more than 964 undergraduate students.

To study different courses, including natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, architecture, engineering, and music. 

Applicants should be able to specify in the order of admission criteria for Rice University which of the six academic schools is their key intended area of study.

The Rice University admission requirement is a unique procedure that has distinguished them over time from other universities in the world. 

Here, all applicants are advised to decide about three ( 3) unique academic fields of interest to you, including majors, minors, and even pre-professional tracks.

Rice University has academic schools that are at the lookout for unique, and structural strengths, potentials, abilities, assets, and qualities in applicants.

The essence is for the applicant to choose that exact school that reflects their envisioned interest. 

About Rice University

Rice University has been an exceptional research university and also an extraordinary community.

The pride of the University is on their contributions to the world and the brilliance of their creativity, teachings, scholarship, and research as well. 

The Rice University raise a distinctive and supportive culture, which has changed the university insignificant features, including their commitment to different communities across the globe. 

Rice University has categorically built the best creation models and ambitions.

This is eight years into the second century, a marvelous and incredible amount since the participation in the first matriculation in the early fall of 1912. 

What is the acceptance rate for Rice University?

The acceptance rate for Rice University is 11.1% (2019)

What is the average tuition for Rice University?

The average tuition fee for Rice University is about $49,112 (2019 – 2020).

How do I get admitted to Rice University?

Rice University admission requirement has a standard, which is the Main Academic Excellence.

Applicant must score at least 1490 on the SAT and probably 100 on the ACT and also maintain a GPA of at least 3.96.

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Is Rice University worth the cost?

The quality of Rice University within the axis of Texas is considered to be of a high standard and also affordable. 

How hard is it to get into Rice University?

It’s about 0.5%, even as a qualified applicant. In the last cycle, about 20,923 candidates applied and only a rough estimate of about 2,328 applicants was giving admission.

These have given Rice University an admission rate of 11%. Rice University is among the ranked university nationwide.

Is Rice University offering free tuition?

There is a financial aid plan that helps to secure free tuition scholarship for students that has no financial capacity of Rice University. 

What grades do you need to get into Rice University?

As applicants, the expectation of Rice University is for your grades to be distinctive.

Averagely, the GPA of candidates admitted at Rice University was 3.96 on the scale of 4.0 which proves that A – students are acknowledged. 

The highest average GPA ranking scale of Rice University in Texas is # 1.

Does Rice University give merit aid?

For every admitted undergraduate student at Rice University, you are inevitably qualified for the Merit-based aid. 

What Rice University is known for?

Rice University is widely known for its research activities, which has captured about $156 million in sponsored research funding in the year 2019. 

The Rice University has another notable specialty for applied science programs in artificial heart research, signal processing, nanotechnology, structural chemical analysis, space science. 

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Rice University Admission

After a thorough evaluation appraisal, Rice University tends to evaluate the scope of students’ needs, benefits, and profound influences on their various communities within the perspective of their life experiences. 

Rice University also considers some eligible factors that include the meticulousness of a student’s coursework, essays, extracurricular activities and achievements, academic performance, and as well demonstrated interest. 

In Rice University admission requirements, emphases are not made, most especially on single academic metrics; such as class rank, grade point average, or test scores. 

Evaluation is also done based on the exposure and opportunities that each student has encountered. 

The extremely selective dimension of Rising admission is with an acceptance rate of 11%.

All students that are admitted into Rice University have an average SAT score of 1450 – 1560 or an average ACT score of 33 – 35. 

The application deadline for Rice is always January 1st. Interested candidates should make an early decision. Because Rice University’s early decision deadline is November 1st.

Rice University Admission Policies

The Rice University admission policies are to fetch intelligent and capable students to the university from other backgrounds, socioeconomic, cultural, and geographical areas

The University also put into consideration the applicant’s race or ethnicity as an aspect in the admission process.

With the belief or intentions that racial and ethnic multiplicity is an important element of overall educational diversity. 

Rice University has a premium platform for the recruitment of students, notwithstanding their races or ethnicities.

Those who have eminently positioned themselves via creativities that construct bridges between different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. 

Categorically, the University has struggled to build a residential community that nurtures creativity, intercultural relations among students, and a place where biases of all sorts are antagonized squarely and dispersed. 

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Domestic Applicant

The Rise University also put these things into consideration, most especially the Domestic applicants who are classified as those who hold one of the following citizenship or residency statuses: 

United State Citizenship

Permanent Residency

DACA: those that are not documented or who do not hold DACA status but have resided in the United State for a lengthy period.

Rice University Application Fee

The required application fee for Rice University is $75 and is a non-refundable application fee.

There is also a scheme called Application Fee Waiver, saddled with the responsibility for waiving tuition fees for a student who promptly responds, provided in the Coalition Application. 

For as many students participating in the Quest Bridge program, they automatically qualify for application fee waivers from Rice University. 

Note: The fee waivers are only but available for domestic applicants only.

High School Requirements

An Official Transcript is an essential requirement to be provided by the applicant when applying to Rice University.

It includes grades from 9th – 11th as well as courses taken in the 12th grade.

Applicants who have taken early decision are advised to hastily submit the first marking period grades when they are available.

While those who are regular decision applicants are also required to also submit mid-year grades from 12th grade when they are available 

English Language Proficiency

For as many applicants whose first language is not English are mandated to demonstrate English proficiency in two ways:

To complete two years of full-time study in an English language curriculum before the time of applying.

To also submit one of the following official test scores: 

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System 

For it to be considered official, all test scores must be forwarded straight from the testing organization. Rice University’s test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) code is 6609.

Letters of Recommendation

Rice University has laid down principles in this regard.

Candidates are advised to submit letters of recommendation from their guidance counselor and two teachers.

Counselor Letter of Recommendation

This letter of recommendation should contain the achievement of a student within the period of high school.

The letter must come from either the college counselor, principal, headmaster, or an applicant’s assigned school counselor. 

Teacher Letters of Recommendation

The recommendation of the two teachers is to give an accurate reference to the applicant’s academic prowess and contributions in the classroom. 

Teachers to be considered are those with core academic subjects, then the recommendation should relate to the intended area of study of the applicants.


An interview is recommended for applicants, though it’s not compulsory but optional and also not guaranteed.

It’s another way of demonstrating your interest as an applicant in Rica University. 

It comes with an excellent prospect as a platform for academic and personal successes while learning more about the campus experience.

Financial Aid and Scholarship for Rice University

The place of scholarship into Rice University cannot be underemphasized, here are some financial aid available for applicants: 

Need-Based Financial Aid for Domestic Students

When determining the right school, one of the things that come to mind as an applicant is affordability as it has become a major factor to consider.

Talent deserves opportunity, and Rice University offers need-blind admission to domestic students. 

It’s an indication that finances are not put into consideration when application status is reviewed.

All most 100% of demonstrated need without loans are being met by Rice University. 

Merit-Based Scholarships

This is a form of scholarship that is been offered by the Merit-based scholarship to incoming students.

Those who have proven and distinguish themselves academically and individually within the competitive group of selected students. 

The scholarship is based purely on merit, which makes financial need not to be taken into consideration.

The committee in charge of admission automatically considers all students admitted both domestic and international.

It is strictly based on the student’s application for admission. A separate application or interview is not necessary. 

The Merit-based Scholarship offers about 20% of admitted student’s scholarships each year and would be notified at the time of admission.

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