Risevest App – Amazing Way Save or Invest in Dollars from your Home

RiseVest, one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing fintech apps, was founded in 2019 to create an alternative investment platform where investors are guaranteed a return.

 In this article, you will be learning all there is to be about risevest and how this fintech app might be just the best option for you.

It started as an investment platform that helped Nigerians to invest in the US stock market.

In its first year, RiseVest recorded a whopping 23% interest returns on its stock exchange and a 17% return on real investment.

A product of risevest technologies limited, risevest is a financial technology application that allows users to save, transact, invest and even earn with its references to earn campaign.

While its transaction fees may be a little excessive, the company’s collaboration with various working systems guarantees its users guaranteed returns when investing.

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And there’s more.

Risevest even allows users to open domiciliary accounts and invest or save their naira in dollars.

With the rise of fintech apps in Nigeria, most citizens are on the lookout for applications they can use to save and invest their money for returns. Risevest stands out on this list of fintech applications with its quality feature, outstanding services, and user-friendly interface.

Here are some features of the risevest app.

To register, create an account and complete your profile.

Choose a dollar investment strategy.

By selecting an asset class that consists of US stocks, US real estate, Eurobonds, or a combination of the three.

You can, however, choose between 3,6, or 12 months.

You have the option of funding your plan with a one-time or recurring payment.

Using a Naira card or a bank account in Nigeria.

Keep an eye on how your investment grows. Rise vest has an easy-to-use wallet that allows users to add their bank and credit cards at any time to fund their plans.

 It also makes it simple to learn about investing and meet other investors by providing a free investment club where you can meet experts who will give you free money advice and how to get the best return on investment.

With the affiliate marketing feature of this useful app, you can begin earning money right away.

risevest product characteristics

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Surprisingly, the minimum investment is only $10, which can be paid once or on a monthly basis. The annual investment return is 13 percent to 15 percent, and the security is very strong and reliable.

 However, it has a simple withdrawal process; feel free to select any of the investment plans available on-demand through this app and receive your withdrawal the same day.

Risevest affiliate program

The risevest affiliate program is an opportunity for affiliate marketers who enjoy long-term affiliate programs.

 The risevest affiliate program pays its affiliates 3% of every referral who signs up and invests through your affiliate link.

 You will continue to earn this commission for a minimum of one year if the referral continues to invest in any of the risevest plans.

How to Join the Risevest Affiliate Program

Follow the instructions below to become an affiliate with Risevest.

First and foremost, you must be verified on risevest.

On a risevest plan, you must have a minimum investment of $50.

You must be familiar with the risevest and its product.

Copy your referral code and spread the word.

There are a number of things you must understand if you intend to build a recursive and sustainable income stream using this business model, from understanding what affiliate marketing is all about.

A few points to consider:

When someone signs up through your referral link or code, your commission is not immediately available to you.

The referral must invest in a plan with risevest for three months before it is available on your risevest wallet.

if your referral withdraws their money in less than three months, your commission will be forfeited.

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Final thought

Given the current state of the economy, governments are completely eliminating various subsidies, cybercrime is on the rise, and the cost of food, rent, and transportation is on the rise.

 What do you believe you are capable of doing right now? The era of paper money is drawing to a close, and you should pay close attention to the trend. RiseVest, on the other hand, is the way to go, with incredible services that allow you to save and invest money. Try it out and don’t be left in the dark.

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