Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center (What You Need to Know)

Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center is a center with a long-aged history; it was founded by Dr. John Liljenquist to specialize in internal medicine and its sub-specialty endocrinology.

At this center, deals with endocrine system disorders. The endocrine system is a complex system of hormone-secreting glands.

Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center specialize in internal medicine and its sub-specialty endocrinology, which deals with disorders of the endocrine system.

These hormones are substances that help control activities in your body such as metabolism, reproduction, growth and development, and also help to provide the proper amount of energy and nutrition the body needs to function.

So, in this page, we are culling and explain all you need to know about the center.

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Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center provides in-depth and vital patient-focused diabetes and other endocrine care to adults and children.  

About Rocky Mountain Diabetes

Rocky Mountain Diabetes and Osteoporosis centers are specialists in Internal Medicine and its sub-specialty Endocrinology, which deals with disarrangement of the endocrine system. 

Typical conditions that are estimated or cured by the Center include diabetes, osteoporosis, insulin resistance, thyroid diseases, thyroid cancer, hypertension, cholesterol (lipid) disorders, pituitary and adrenal disorders, obesity, infertility, and growth problems. 

The Center provides complete diabetes self-management education in both group and individual settings. The education course is certified by the American Diabetes Association. 

Their educators are Registered Dieticians (RD), are mostly Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), and some of them are also certified insulin pump trainers. 

The Clinical Research department conducts medical research in endocrine-related clinical trials.

They maintain high registration rates in their studies and have conducted trials for numerous pharmaceutical sponsors.

The Center includes a full-service medical laboratory that is certified through CLIA, COLA, and the American Red Cross. 

The center is affiliated with Express Lab, which provides reference laboratory services to many of the healthcare providers in Southeast Idaho.

What are the pros of Rocky Mountain Diabetes?

The staff is well-taking care of by an excellent set of managers, HR, and good supervisors. 

The pay is fair and very competitive. They are friendly and very supportive of home-life, and good health practices. 

The set of Doctors are good, well trained, and fun to be with. They aim for high professionalism while maintaining a spontaneous and are very encouraging at the place of work. 

What are their cons in Rocky Mountain Diabetes?

They are always working with sick patients and their worried families, some of which may be hard to manage. They have challenging weather during the winter.

The of Location Rocky Mountain Diabetes

3910 Washington Pkwy Ste A

Idaho Falls, ID, 83404

Tel: (208) 5231122

Official website

Education Program

Rocky Mountain Diabetes center provides good diabetes self- management education in both group and individual areas.

Their educational program is certified by the American Diabetes Association. The educators are Registered Dieticians (RD), a lot of them are certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), and some are also certified insulin pump trainers.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is a major role in the endocrine field. The Center includes a good medical laboratory that is well certified through CLIA, COLA, and the American Red Cross.

They are associated with Express Lab, which brings reference laboratory services to many of the healthcare providers in southeast Idaho.

Clinical Research

This Clinical research department carries out medical research in related clinical trials. They maintain high registration rates in their studies and have conducted several trials for numerous pharmaceutical sponsors. 

Here are some conditions that are treated by Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center they include: 



Insulin resistance



Thyroid disease and cancer


Growth problems in children 


The Rocky Mountain Diabetes center has the best and educated doctors, who specialize in the treatment of people with a different illness such as diabetes, hypertension, and growing problem in children. 

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