Roddenberry Fellowship Program For United State

The Roddenberry Fellowship Program is a $1 million investment in innovators, community leaders, and change-makers whose work has the greatest potential to protect organizations and individuals prone to societal oppression.

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This Scholarship program is established in the United State of America in year 2016.

Also, these investors are saddled with the function of reinvesting in the restructuring of the system.

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So far, there are about 58 Roddenberry Fellows across the country from different disciplines who have really put so much effort into supporting vulnerable people in the community.

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Moreover, the Roddenberry Fellowship Program has a dedicated section which is the Catalyst Fund.

This is a global small grants program focused on early-stage, unconventional ideas that have the potential for disruptive change.

The Roddenberry Fellowship Program aims at creating people with solutions providing spirit. People who see problems from different light views. 

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As you all know that every scholarship has its terms and conditions, so does Roddenberry Fellowship Program.

Fellows must be working on a project, organization, or initiative with direct impact in one of five areas:

Civil rights:

These are a few examples of the bias and institutional racism that hamper all facets of our places of work, schools, the criminal justice system, political structures, and financial systems.

Prospective Fellows applying for Roddenberry Foundation in the Civil Rights issue area will work to protect and advance the civil rights of minorities and people of color, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Supporting equality in education, healthcare, housing, voting, and social services
  • Fighting for fair and equal policing
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Leveraging litigation and the court systems to protect civil rights
  • Supporting voting rights and mitigating voter suppression
  • Dismantling or weakening alt-right, anti-black, and racist groups

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Environmental protection:

Prospective Fellows applying for Roddenberry Foundation in the Environmental Protection issue area will work to raise awareness and develop strategies.

This is intended to increase sustainability and environmental resilience, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Holding politicians and decision-makers accountable for environmental policies
  • Tackling environmental health/exposure
  • Addressing unfair land use, urban sprawl, and zoning
  • Fighting against corporate environmental damage
  • Supporting access to clean water, air, and land
  • Promoting science-based research, data collection, and reporting

Immigration and refugee rights:

Prospective Fellows applying for Roddenberry Foundation in the Immigrant & Refugee Rights issue area will work to champion the rights of all immigrants and refugees.

This is done with the purpose of increasing their possibility for success and well being, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Fighting for state and federal accountability to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees
  • Ensuring equitable access to education, healthcare, housing, and other basic services
  • Protecting migrant workers from abuse
  • Aiding refugee resettlement
  • Defending deportation and providing related legal services
  • Supporting services, programs, and the rights of DACA recipients

LGBTQIA and women’s rights:

Furthermore, prospective fellows applying for Roddenberry Foundation in the LGBTQIA & Women’s Rights issue area will work to defend the rights of women.

Also, LGBTQIA individuals’ health and well being are protected, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Supporting more women in leadership positions, including the election of women to higher office
  • Fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Supporting LGBTQIA individuals in health care, jobs, military, housing, and family rights
  • Ensuring LGBTQIA students can attend school without fear of bullying and harassment
  • Gaining better maternal and infant health care, parental leave, and child care
  • Fighting for “equal pay for equal work”

Health and wellness:

In addition, prospective Fellows applying in the Health & Wellness issue area will work on creative and novel solutions to overcome the barriers.

These barriers prevent undeserved communities from accessing the healthcare they deserve, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Affordable mental health services
  • Translation services for immigrant populations in hospitals and clinics
  • Technology friendly and remote access options to improve care
  • Easy access to testing
  • Education campaigns regarding sick-leave, child benefits, and disability

What is the prize (award) for the Roddenberry Fellowship Program?

There are a lot of awards and monetary prize successful candidates benefit from this program and will be mentioned below:

  • All Roddenberry Fellows receive a $50,000 award
  • One-on-one professional coaching and development opportunities
  • Virtual collaboration sessions to provide ongoing advisement, support, and connections
  • Two required in-person retreats (assuming state/city ordinances allow):
    • February 22-26, 2021 in Los Angeles;
    • October 7-10, 2021 in New York
  • A community of peers and allies who share resources, expertise, and support

The Step by Step Processes for the Roddenberry Fellowship Program

   Dates      Details  Information
May 19, 2020Fellowship LaunchBetween May 19 and June 26, you are invited to learn about the Fellowship and complete the Round One application.
June 26, 2020Round One DeadlineComplete registration and submit your application by 5:00 PM Pacific.
June 29–July 24, 2020Round One reviewThe Roddenberry Foundation team reviews submissions to ensure they comply with Fellowship eligibility and rules, and a panel of vetters evaluates applications using the scoring rubric.
July 27, 2020Round Two opensA select number of applications will be invited to submit an application for Round Two of the Fellowship. Only those who are invited to Round Two will remain in consideration for the 2021 Fellowship.
August 21, 2020Round Two deadlineRound Two applicants will have three weeks to submit their Round Two application. All Round Two applications are due by Friday, August 21, at 5:00 PM Pacific
August 24–October 23, 2020Round Two EvaluationThe Roddenberry Foundation team a panel of judges evaluates applications using the scoring criteria and finalizes the 2021 cohort.
November 2020Fellows AnnouncementThe 2021 Fellows will be announced on this website, The Roddenberry Foundation website, social media, and via press release.
January 2021Fellowship BeginsThe 2021 Fellowship will officially begin in January 2021 with a cohort-wide call to kick things off.

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Who can apply for the Roddenberry Fellowship Program?

By the way, the Roddenberry Foundation welcomes Prize applications from individuals, non-profits, social enterprises, and B-corps who meet all of the following:

  • Individuals who are 18 years of age or older
  • Organizations or institutions with a budget of $10mil or less

Note: given the extraordinary demands placed on communities worldwide because of COVID-19 the Foundation is lifting the $10mil organizational budget restriction. Organizations of any size may now apply.

  • Organizations whose primary focus of their work is either Education, Science, Environment, or Humanity
  • Apply using English
  • Include completed responses to all required application questions
  • Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the Prize grant program
  • Be able to legally receive grant funding

How do I apply for Roddenberry Fellowship Program?

Visit the official website here for more step by step processes to follow

If you created an account, simply sign in here,

Also, remember there is no deadline for registration. To secure your chances of getting a scholarship, register and ensure to complete the application before its deadline (round one)

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In conclusion, I hope this information settles your information hunger and I wish you good luck in all your endeavors.

Why? I believe you have got all it takes to be successful.

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