Sales Pages with Elementor – Make an Attention-grabbing Page in Minutes

Whether you are a blogger, business owner or developer, you need a sales page with Elemenor, to drive more sales with an attention-grabbing sales page in for your funnel.

With a sales page, you will give your audience a clear picture of whatever you are selling, and also be able to reach out to myriads of users online, without stress.

In other words, if you care to make more sales there is no way you can achieve such goals without sales automation. You can read more here if you want to understand sales automation, and how it can change your business.

Now, to begin with, a sales page is also called a landing page and this is what your prospects get to see when they click on your ads or links to your products.

This sales page is designed to be very brief, attention-grabbing and detailed enough to show all the features of your products or services before they can decide to buy.

From this landing page, potential customers and clients can then go on with signing up with your emails, downloading your products or paying for what you sell – it all depends on your intention for creating the sales page.

That being said, let us dive into some of the basics that will guide you as you journey into making huge sales – even as you sleep this time.

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You may also like to know that there are several other alternatives to Elementor as a WordPress page builder or a landing page plugin.

However, there are reasons you may love to invest in the plugin.

Why Sales Pages with Elementor?

Elementor is one of those powerful page builders, with hundreds of widgets, and robust building blocks that make designing web pages very easy.

With this plugin, you don’t need to touch a line of code and the reasons Elementor is loved over many alternatives include but are not limited to the following:

  • The flexibility with customization
  • Easy-to-use Visual backend
  • Realtime Preview of your design and
  • Usability within a website.

What is a Sales Page or a Landing Page?

A sales page is a single page on your website that is designed to showcase and also sell a single product. A sales page may not be completely seen as a Landing page but being that it is designed to sell a single product, it can fit into the category.

However, we are more concerned with what you can achieve with this single page. When visitors land on this page – they need to have complete knowledge of what you intend to give or sell.

Explaining the products or services well enough will help these visitors know what they are paying for – and in turn hand the power to keep advertising and converting viewers clients and customers.

What are the Prerequisites?

These are things you must have before you can start creating sales pages for your products with Elementor or any of the platforms that you’ll be learning from this course.

Some of these basic requirements include:

WordPress Website

Having a website is mandatory if you desire to create astonishing landing pages that will convert your visitors into paying customers and clients.

Previously, we compiled detailed step-by-step guides that will help you set up your website or blog in just a few minutes.

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Elementor and Elementor Pro

Elementor is a free parent web page builder for WordPress and the Elementor Pro is the premium version that will grant you the freedom to build and customize your pages to match any business need.

So having your WordPress website/blog the next thing needed is to Install these plugins on your website and start building pages.

The complete Elementor installation comes into two phases – one is to install the Elementor Plugin and the second stage is to purchase the Elemetor Pro plugin from the Elementor marketplace and also install it as the second-layer plugin.

Email Marketing Software

Another important account you should have been the email marketing software – examples include Getrespose, Constant Contact etc. and what this software does for you is that when one signs up to your email listing through the sales pages – you will be able to keep sending transactional and marketing emails to these prospects.

The essence of sending these emails is that they can remember your products and services and also buy through the already designed sales funnel. These are all simple and you are about to learn every bit of the processes here.

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How to Install Elementor on your Website

Before you can create a sales page with Elementor, you need to install the plugin on your website.

However, by now it is assumed that you now have a website – so this is very simple.

First, from your WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins

Now select ‘Add New’

A search field will appear and what you need to do is to enter Elementor and choose Elementor.

Install and Activate the Plugin.

However, just as has been explained from the onset of this guide, the free version of Elementor that you just installed may not give you access to all the features you need.

After successfully installing the Free Elementor, you need to proceed with installing the Elemento Pro.

How to Install Elementor Pro

Every online sales method starts in a single place, and that is where a quality sales page with Elementor Pro comes into play.

This page shares every proof answers to questions that prospects could possibly raise, a clear picture or video illustration of the product or service, who you are and what you have done etc.

It is from this page that the processes of automating sales begin – and by now you ought to have known what sales automation is and how it can boost your sales.

To Install and Activate this plugin you need to Purchase a copy of your Elementor Pro Here.

Do not forget that this Plugin is an extension of Elementor – so you must have Elementor installed as you can see from the first stage.

Use this official Elementor Marketplace link to purchase the Pro version. Once you are done, head to

Login with the details you received in the email after purchase

After the login, you will reach the ‘My Account page.

Click on the Download Plugin button in the upper right of the ‘My Account’ section and download the .zip file to your desktop.

Download Elementor After Purchase

Now you can head over to your WordPress dashboard to install the Plugin. Select ‘Add New’ and then choose the zip file you just downloaded.

Upload Elementor After Purchase

Now it’s time to install and active the plugin. Right on top of your WordPress dashboard, a message that will ask for activation exists. Copy the licence code from the Elementor account and you are good to go.

How to Create Sales Page with Elementor

Since you are done with the installation, let us head over to the Dashboard and create a sales page for your products or services. In this case, I will be creating a sales page that will sell my eBook ( Blog to Bank).

From your Dashboard, navigate to Templates and Select ‘Landing Page’

How to Add New Landing Page with Elementor

From this section, head up and select ‘Add New’ from the button.

From here you can insert and start editing your sales page. This time, you are writing and adding resources (links, images, videos) based on what you intent to sell.

Final Thoughts

Creating a sales page with Elementor WordPress Plugin is simplified to help anyone – I mean anyone, and be able to create an attractive sales page that can sell anything.

As a developer, content creator, business owner, small and medium scale producer who desire to make massive sales via the internet, the use of converting sales funnel is all you need.

To help visitors to these landing pages understand the content of your offering, you will need to invest in a great plugin like Elementor.

The only constraint is that you need to have an existing WordPress blog or business website to be able to create sales pages with ELementor.

This led to the creation of the Complete Step-by-Step procedures that will help you set up your blog or business website in just a few minutes.

These are guides carefully selected from two of the best Hosting companies in the world with pocket-friendly pricing for small and medium scale businesses.

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