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20+ Scholarships for College Students in 2021 | Global Opportunities

Scholarships for College Students in 2021 are scholarship awards in a monetary form to students globally to assist them further their education at colleges, universities, and other higher institutions of learning.

College scholarships are awarded on so many criteria which may be academic merits, diversity, inclusions, athletic skill, and financial need.

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The college scholarship award is to assist the beneficiary to meet up with his/her financial needs in school. Hang on as we discuss different types of scholarships for college students.

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HBCU Scholarship(HBCU)

The historical black college university(HBCU) has recently announced its minority scholarship program for HBCU students.

The scholarship program covers 1,000 dollars for minority students that wish to, or already enrolled in historically black college university and the fund can be for tuition or books where it will be received 3 weeks after submission.

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Students who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll HBCU withing the 6 months of the deadline are eligible to apply for this scholarship

Amount: $15000

Deadline: June 15, 2021

visit the official website here for more detail

The Largest Foundation Graduate Scholarship

Largest foundation scholarship targets to increase the number of minority students currently working in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relation.

Individuals who wish to apply for this scholarship must be a minority student pursuing a master’s degree in one of the mentioned courses.


An applicant must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident

You must be an Origin of African American/Black, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino or Native American/Alaskan Native

Must be a full-time student studying at an accredited University or Institution in the U.S, accumulating 9 units or more per semester.

Have a minimum G.P.A 3.0

Amount : $ 3,750

Deadline: Friday, February 26, 2021 5:00 p.m. PST

Link Application

Korean American Scholarship Foundation

This particular scholarship is for Korean students, who are currently studying in America full time or children of those who served during the Korean war are eligible to apply for this program and it is given based on region


The student must be a Korean who is studying in America

Applicants must enroll full time during the scholarship year

Maintain a minimum of 3.0 G.P.A

Amount: Varies

Here is the official website for application details Application

American Sociological Association Minority Fellowship Program

This scholarship is basically for graduate students who are pursuing a degree in the field of sociology and show or exhibit strong mental research.

This grant is one of the most predicted Scholarships for College Students in 2021 because it has been consistent for a while.

The scholarship will be awarded based on the intent on research and development in mental health, academic achievement, and financial need


Applicants must have enrolled or completed one full academic year in a program that grants P.h.D in the field of sociology before applying for this scholarship.

Applicant must come from one of these origins Black/African American, Latinos such as Mexican American, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans, Americans Indians or Alaskan Native and Asian, Pacific Islanders.

Applicant must be admitted to the U.S for permanent residence or be eligible under DACA

Amount    $18,000

Visit the official website here

Application deadline:2021-01-31:

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Program. Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program, is orgnized to recorganise that distinguished themselves in autonomous graduate-level research, which is basically for the female and minority students.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s aim is closely related to the science of oceanography, marine biology and maritime archaeology, engineering, and resource management of ocean and coastal areas.

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Selection is based on academic excellence, letter of recommendations, research, career goal, and financial need.

Amount  $ 42,000

Visit the official website here for Application details.

Freedom from Religious Foundation Catherine Fahringer Memorial Award

This award is open to atheist, agnostic, humanist, and secular students that are the first child in their family to attend college. There will be a preference for the students from the foster family, undocumented, and homeless.


There will be a preference for those that are the first to attend college in their family.

Applicants must have a record of service and participation in school or community based on organizations.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must provide a letter of recommendation from an advisor or teacher and complete two paragraph essay

Students must get an admission letter for a 2 or 4-year college

Amount: $5,000

Visit the official website here for application details

Sharon and Ivan Fong Scholarship

Sharon and Ivan Fong scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to students that will be in their 200 level by 2020 fall semester but it does not mean that 100 level students will not apply.

They are also eligible to apply for the scholarship award so far they show professional promise and leadership potentials.

Eligibility/ Requirement

Students will be tested for academic excellence in their undergraduate school years and first year of law school.

This is to test their leadership experience, volunteer or service in the public interest.

Moreover their ability to know the social and cultural issues of anyone  in the Asian American Pacific Islander(AAPI), Community or commitment to make a visible impact on issues affecting AAPI communities

Amount:  $ 5,000


June 30 2021Application Deadline

Visit the official website here for application detail

JASC-Nielson STEM Scholarship

JASC Scholarship is part of the effort to promote Japanese heritage and to advance the commitment to community service, the JASC gives out an annual scholarship program to support members of the Japanese American community to pursue education beyond high school.

JASC scholarships aim at providing financial assistance to talented students that demonstrate both academic excellence and service to Japanese.


Students of high school seniors, high school graduate planning, or already enrolled in a college or university program are eligible to apply.

High school students who wish to apply for this program must come from a current JASC family where preference will be given to applicants who show participation in JASC or other Japanese American community events programs and projects.

Submit a current transcript from your school

Length of involvement in extracurricular activities such as leadership and accomplishment.

The applicant must write a one-page essay on the following topics which are 1)how can JASC be important to applicants’ life. 2) also write on how JASC has contributed to applicants’ sense of self and individual sense of growth.

A reference letter from teacher and professor which will be obtained from applicants school

Amount: $ 1,000

Deadline: April 29, 2021, 5:00 PM

Link Application

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Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme at University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is calling on students that are academically sound, that are classified as overseas students, who wish to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney.

To apply for the Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship Award program.

The scholarship award support high performing international students to further their course work, studies at the University of Sydney.

So the scholarship is available in both Bachelors and Masters degrees in any subject offered in the university

Students who receive this scholarship award may be invited to promote the program in which they are enrolled, as well as the University of Sydney. during the student’s orientation, marketing event, and corporate networking events.


Students must be an international student.

Individuals who have applied for the scholarship but not yet started a commonwealth registered institute and course for overseas ( CRICOS) bachelor  or masters degree course work that is delivered face to face in Australia may apply

Students receive an unconditional offer of admission and important dates like a closing date.

Applicants who are going for their second degree at the University of Sydney may apply provided that they have not benefitted from the Vice-Chancellor scholarship before.

Applicants for this scholarship will be assessed based on academic merit

Amount: $40,000

Visit the official website here for application details

University of New South Wales International Scholarships(UNSW)

UNSW offers a variety of scholarship programs to support international undergraduate and postgraduate students that are starting their course work full-time at the University of New South wales.


Applicant must be an international student

Must be ready to commence full-time studies

Students who wish to apply for this award must secure admission and be ready to start study in any UNSW undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree by Friday, 31 July 2020.

Amount: $ 20,000 per annum

Deadline: 31 July 2020


WAAW Foundation Scholarship For Female African Students

This scholarship program is typically meant for female African students that are looking forward to furthering a STEM-focused undergraduate program in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at recognized African universities.

The Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation awards annual scholarships to individuals who shows their need and confirmed to be a full-time student in STEM-related course in an African University.

The Students who benefitted from this program are expected to create STEM outreach chapter in their various university of studies


Applicant must be a female student of African Origin, residing and studying in Africa.

Applicant must currently be enrolled in an undergraduate B.S degree program and studying STEM-related degree courses in any university or college in Africa.

Individuals must show Financial need and excellent academic record before qualifying for the scholarship. She must possess a strong Academic record and age below 32 years

Amount: $ 500

Deadline: 15 November 2020

Link Application

Indian Global Leadership Scholarship

The Indian Global leadership Scholarship is an appealing opportunity for high performing students from India to continue their academic studies at the University of Queensland Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law.

One of the purposes of this scholarship is to challenge the students to develop skills in a continually changing and competitive business environment.


This scholarship is meant for citizens of India that are not taking any studies in Australia except those studying English language course in Australia

Applicants of this scholarship are entitled to only one scholarship at a time

The scholarship opportunity is not opened for students that have already gotten admission into undergraduate or postgraduate course work programs at the University of Queensland.

Students who are currently studying, studying abroad or exchange programs are not eligible.

The scholarships are awarded on the basics of academic excellence, also high achieving students are encouraged to apply.

Students will be required to take an English Language course(IELTS or TOEFL) to prepare them to enter university degree programs.

The English program may be taken to improve a particular academic skill like reading, writing, or grammar.

Amount: $5,000-20,000 tuition scholarship

Deadline: 1st Semester Closes 30 November, while 2nd Semester Closes 30th May

Link: Application

University of Toronto Scholarship Program

University of Toronto scholarship award provides recognition to the university’s outstanding students during admission.

There are up to 700 admission programs which their value is up to $7,500, the best performing local and international students are considered for this scholarship based on their average at the time of admission.

Students who have attended post-secondary institutions are not eligible for the University of Toronto scholarship Consideration.

Eligibility/ Requirement

The scholarship is to be awarded to the most outstanding secondary school students on admission.

The applicant may be for first-year or direct entry admission

Amount:    $7,500

Deadline:  1st November 2020

Link:  Application

Universitat Hamburg Degree Completion Grant 2020 For International Students

The Universitat Hamburg in Germany is currently organizing a scholarship fee-based program for students in any course of their choice for the 2020 academic session.

Degree completion grants are usually awarded for six months but the monthly amount of funding is between 200 and 720 Euro where the individual funding amount is calculated according to respective income.


To qualify for this scholarship applicants must not be a German citizen

Students must not be eligible for BAfoG(federal students scheme)

Applicant must be preparing or be in their final year of studies

Must not have any financial support during this period of scholarship as he or she will be required to provide proof.

Amount: 200 to 720 Euro

Deadline:  1st June/ 1st December

Link   1 June,   December 1

Documents to be submitted


Reason for your application

Schedule details of different levels leading to your final examination

You will present the result of your final thesis from your supervisor

All documents must be uploaded to the online portal

You can download the form here

America University Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students in Bulgaria for the year 2020

American University Bulgaria is currently calling upon the eligible and outstanding students for their fully funded scholarship for international students residing in Bulgaria.

The American University of Bulgaria is a privately funded not-for-profit institution. 

Some of the institutional activities like tuition fees, donations, grants, finance its educational programs which were initiated in the year September 1991 with first-year students that are up to 208 in number and 16 full-time faculty members.


For applicants to be eligible for this scholarship they must meet up with the following requirements

  • The applicant who wishes to obtain this scholarship must be international students
  • Students must hold a degree certificate with a good academic performance
  • The scholarship award is available for undergraduate courses offered at the university
  • Students have to provide the standardized TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge ESOL CPE scores sent directly from the respective testing agency to AUBG Admission Office and meet up with other language requirements of the university

Documents Required

TOEFL Scores

School grades

Application form


Letter of Recommendation


English Proficiency


SAT/ACT Result(optional,

Application for financial assistance(optional)

Amount:  Scholarship worth $ 4.8 Million Annually   

Visit the official web site Here for application details

Changzhou University International Scholarship

Changzhou University has recently announced the opening of its undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students who wish to be admitted to study in the institution for the 2020/2021 academic session.

The scholarship will be awarded based on the academic performance of the students.

All the students who apply for the scholarship will be automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarship on students academic achievement, participation in the community, and other activities involved

Eligibility/ Requirement

Students must be an international student

The scholarship is available for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses offered at the university.

Applicant must have been admitted to study full time Undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. courses offered in Changzhou University, China

Evidence of English language proficiency according to the institution requirement will be needed

Amount: Scholarship worth 30,000 CNY a year

Deadline: June 2020

Link: Apply here

Documents Required

Pre-qualification degree

Copies of academic transcripts and award

Certificate of English proficiency

A statement and copy of passport

University of Waikato Turanga Campus International Scholarship

The University of Waikato Tauranga campus New Zealand has commenced its annual scholarship/ bursary award for eligible and outstanding international students for the 2020/2021 academic session.

The scholarship award is highly competitive and basically for students with a good academic record and moral character.

The university scholarship/bursary program was established to offer international students who have applied and gotten admission offer to study at university campus Tauranga.

There is no application for this as it will be automatically applied to tuition fees only and not transferable


Applicant must be a resident or international student

The scholarship award is available for an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program in all subjects offered in the university

The student must enroll full time to study in the Waikato Tauranga campus in the first year of the program.

Applicant must apply or visit the university on his or her own, not through the third party or exchange program

Students going for this application are required to meet up with the English proficiency requirement of the university

Amount:  $10,000

Deadline:  June 26, 2020

Link: Entry requirement   Direct Application

Documents Required

Applicant must upload CV

Academic Records or Certificates

Transcript with application

International Students Scholarship for Academic Excellence at the University of Canada West

The university of Canada west is pleased to release their 2020 scholarship for academic excellence for international and domestic students that wants to enroll in full time postgraduate and undergraduate degree program.

The scholarship is aimed at international and resident students that have excellent academic grades that want to advance in their selected area of study and work.

The university is one of the universities that initially offers a wide range of career-focused courses including undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

The university is known to be business inclined and intensive teaching, also help to shape the future of their students for greater relevance in an ever-changing world.


An applicant is to submit their scholarship and award application at the time of applying for admission to the University of Canada West.

Anyone who wishes to apply for this scholarship must have obtained good grades from high school that will enable them to be admitted to study undergraduate courses at the University of Canada West

If you are going for the postgraduate study must have obtained a valid bachelors degree from a recognized university

You must show a strong academic and leadership potential

Students applying for this scholarship  may be domestic or international students

Amount: $10,000

Deadline: May 31-June 15th  2020

Link Apply here

Subject Eligibility

Commerce, Business Communication, Associate Art

Aston University Women in Engineering Scholarship for Undergraduate and Graduate

Aston University has currently opened scholarship applications for international female students in the field of Engineering for the year 2020 to study undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The scholarships aim at attracting and supporting the best female students from around the world to study at Aston University.

However, the scholarship is a £6,000 discount on tuition fee given to a successful applicant, and it also provides them with the opportunity to be mentored and supported throughout their course. In addition to the privilege to network with business and industry


Students applying for this scholarship must be an international female student from outside the European Union.

Applicant must demonstrate a strong commitment to education and leadership through past academic and leadership achievement

Applicant must display a strong commitment to engineering which could also be shown by achievement in academic, work experience, volunteer and extracurricular projects and activities

Students must be devoted to showing their enthusiasm, pride and ability to represent Aston University and also share the experience with others

Amount: £6,000

Deadline: 19th June 2020

How to apply/Links

Before applying for this scholarship, you must have secured admission to the university through this link: undergraduate or postgraduate.

After you must have secured admission and receive your portal login details then you will proceed to the scholarship portal My Aston Portal then you continue with the scholarship application.

Disclaimer: We are not offering these Scholarships for College Students in 2021. The whole content of this post is for information purposes.

Required Documents

You must provide previous academic achievement or grades such as AVCEs, BTEC National, Access, non-science GCE A level, GSCE mathematics, English language, and grade C science or above.

Therefore an applicant that doesn’t have a standard academic background may be invited for an informal interview by the admission tutor also other suitable applicants are invited to attend a UCAS open day

Students who applied for the university engineering standard courses but haven’t studied the basic subjects may be considered for entry into foundation year.

If you are not eligible for this scholarship for the college student in 2021, you can visit our web address at jobreaders.org for more scholarship opportunities that may favour you

Undergraduate Scholarship at Medical University Of Malaysia

The international medical University of Malaysia has just started its yearly scholarship and bursary offered to outstanding international and domestic students for the year 2020/2021 academic session in Malaysia.

The scholarship award is in two phases which are tuition fees for the full duration of the program and partial tuition fees for the full duration of the program.

The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and leadership qualities.

The International Medical University of Malaysia is an institution known as excellent practice and teaching of medicine and its related courses.


Students must have gotten a relevant high school score, grades or its equivalent

Individuals who wish to apply for this scholarship must have a verifiable academic track record or extracurricular activities and must prove outstanding academic excellence and leadership qualities

The student must be able to interact and communicate effectively in the English language as it may be the official means of communication

Students applying for this scholarship must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations governing the conducts of students at the university

Moreover, students are expected to complete an online application for their courses of choice before they will be invited to apply for  the scholarship through email

Required Document

SPM/O Level certificate

Pre-U Transcript


A co-curriculum certificate with CGPA and personal statement

Amount: Full tuition fee waiver

Deadline: 14th August 2020

Link: Apply for your choice of course here

Subject Eligibility

Medicine, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine Psychology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Biotechnology, Dietetics with Nutrition, Nutrition

Note: These are not the only available Scholarships for College Students in 2021. However, We are still making findings to contain scholarships for all students around the world.

You can also use this page, to access other currently ongoing scholarships in your country.

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